Currently, nobody asks what e-commerce is, because it has become a daily activity for brands and users. 

The e-commerce market has grown on a large scale in recent years, and more and more small and large companies are making some profit from it.

Of course, if you have a virtual store and you are dedicated to online sales, knowing what are the essential trends in e-commerce for this year will be of great help.

And that is why we have come to tell you about five of them.

If you do not know where to start, you can consult us about the possibilities of your e-commerce with specialists in the sector.

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What are the five main trends in e-commerce?

Knowing the main trends in e-commerce will allow you to plan a strategy according to what the market demands, your brand, and, above all, consumers.

1- Customization 

One of the main trends in e-commerce for 2019 is the urgency of personalizing the global user experience.

The main reason is to provide a dynamic shopping experience, which is adapted to the consumer in real-time. 

In this way, the user can access unique content, focused on their profile, taking into account factors such as;

  • the recommendations of products based on their preferences,
  • their demographic group,
  • their geographical location,
  • past purchases and
  • previous interactions with the brand, among other details.

2- Remarketing  

Remarketing is one of the most exciting trends of recent times concerning e-commerce. It is a way of impacting the user in a particular way. 

That consumer who has visited your virtual store but does not make the purchase will be exposed in the different pages he visits, to the product that he consulted in your store. 

This trend allows that user to be brought back, keeping your brand close until the moment it is decided to buy.

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3- Big Data 

Big Data has arrived to stay in the business world and in particular, e-commerce can benefit a lot from it. 

Because with the collection and analysis of data, you can optimize a virtual store based on the experience, objectives, and demand of consumers. 

Besides, it is possible to predict contingencies and even improve prices.

4- Shipping options 

In e-commerce, nothing is as relevant to the user as the shipping options. 

Some want the product for next week and those who want it instantly. 

For this reason, offering different shipping options and even having our services in this regard, competing with the courier companies, is a bet that many brands in e-commerce are trying.

5- Chatbots 

Finally, the fifth trend in e-commerce that you should pay attention to in 2019 comes from the chatbots, through Artificial Intelligence. 

With the use of this tool, users entering your virtual store can have their first interactions with fully automated online sales agents.

Chatbots can provide immediate responses through a chat.

This will enable the process of interaction between brands to be streamlined and consumers 

In summary, knowing your sector, you can achieve substantial changes in your own e-commerce business.

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