Video Marketing Definition

Currently, video is the most powerful tool in the world when it comes to marketing.

It has the potential to reach the customers quickly and effectively.

The most effective videos that should be considered a key part of any marketing campaign should depict human emotions and tell a story.

It has helped in the evolving of content video marketing.

Content marketing plays a major role in strategizing an increase of brand awareness and also in helping the targeting and acquisition of new customers.

Most businesses that adopted video marketing in 2020 realized an increase in success compared to the previous year 2019.

This made other businesses that earlier ignored video marketing strategies to employ this upcoming trend.

Video marketing strategies incorporate the use of videos into sale processes, this provides the customers with a self –service and on-demand experience.

This reduces the workload of salespersons in passing the information to customers at the right time.

Another upcoming trend is the invasion of live-streaming which has rapidly been adopted by many industries.

Why use video marketing?

Video marketing is becoming more rapidly accepted due to its transparency in nature as it gives the customers a front-row seat to witness the making of the brand as it builds their trust.

Most customers engage more with videos that are more memorable and less intrusive.

Most businesses that have not employed online video marketing since most of them find it overwhelming medium to get around.

It also has a complex nature and requires ongoing optimization across different platforms.

Thus it is important for such a business to hire a video marketing team to help in the production of high-quality and relevant content to the market on a consistent basis.

Video plays a huge role in video marketing strategies in increasing the value of the content.

Video Marketing Tips that you should know

A good marketing strategy has the potential to fulfill the business’ objectives and propel the social media forward.

The objective of a business should never rely on going viral as a video marketing strategy.

Some of the video marketing tips to be employed include:

  • A story centered video content

Most brands currently are of an annoying nature which tends to repel customers away from various products and services offered by businesses.  

The main idea should be to center around a story customer can relate to rather than being fixated on sales.

The value being provided to the customers should be included.

The video should be able to cater to the customer’s needs and also their hidden desires.

  • Making it short and precise.

It should be short in order to make the customers have time to view the video, and also in the short span of time, it should impart the main idea to the customer.

The business can also employ the use of trivia questions in order to spark the attention and curiosity of the customers.

The video should contain the value of the video and it should answer the main questions that may be in the customer’s mind.

It should be informative, inspiring and funny at the same time.

  • Imparting humor.
  • Even though the main idea of the video is purely marketing, most customers are more interested in the add-on features that a video entails. A full video that only displays the marketing strategy of a business is likely to be passed as boring by many audiences who would probably not view the video again.

Most customers like to be humored and enlightened as they are driven into another world apart from their realities.

Video creators are urged to take an active role in video creating and in taking risks.

They should not emulate what most businesses have been creating, it should not be stiff and scripted but funny and engaging.

  • Informative

The main idea behind video marketing is to educate the audience who are visual learners.

The video can include a tutorial showing customers on how to use the product and service.

It can also show the benefits of the product and service in their every-day life.

It can also depict the knowledge, the position of the brand on various emerging issues and adding value to the consumers’ lives in the process.

The business can use this chance to build on its customers’ trust by showing case studies.

In the case study, It can focus on a customer’s life before using the product and service and then later it can show the change it brought to their lives after using it.

This is important since customer testimonials have the most effective to the audience when it comes to video marketing.

  • Optimization of search.

The business should adopt various tactics in order to make it easier for their customers to access their products and services.

 It is important to host the video on the business’ own domain before uploading it to other sharing sites.

Embedding of the video also enables the likelihood of receiving marketing links to the business.

The content of the video should be understandable in the description that is tagged with relevant keywords so as to increase the ranking in the search engines.

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Video Marketing in 2020

2020 has realized the true meaning and importance of video marketing, it has changed its perspective as most businesses viewed it as an extra optional cost.

It has led to the rise of video marketers who create tonnes of videos regularly for both social and digital channels.

Audience response to the video is measured in terms of performance and engagement.

2020 Video Marketing Trends

  • Sound on feature.

This is becoming widely accepted especially by many users on Instagram, thus a video experience is more wanted by these users.

Brands should capitalize on this feature in 2020 as a wider audience is growing.

They should also enhance their touch and display on video telling for such a medium.

  • Overuse of GIFs and memes.

Overuse of GIFs and memes have become a popular trend in 2020 and has been used tremendously by many businesses.

Although it is popular, it does not speak volume on value compared to a video.  

It becomes annoying to customers when they pop up unexpectedly in the customer’s newsfeed.

Therefore, it is trivial for a business to retain its originality that promotes the brand specifically.

  • Power and value of original shooting of the video.

Most businesses view this as a cost-cutting expense to publishers.

However, it is a worthwhile investment especially when it is original content.

A business should try and find cost-effective mediums of handling this.  

Currently, video shooting expenses have decreased tremendously since the introduction of modern digital SLR kits used in landscape filming with an emphasis on quality content.

  • Resisting 9:16 vertical videos.

Although it has been determined to shape the way people viewed videos on Facebook, the format didn’t sit well with many people who failed to adopt it.

The feature-limited the capability of people in reading the comments while viewing the content.

  • Embracing fragmentation.

Different sites are unique and come with different viewing habits.

It is therefore important for brands to desist from publishing T.V ads and 16:9 videos across all social media platforms and on their site.

How to Develop a video marketing strategy

  • Facebook reach.

Most people are hooked on Facebook as it has the most subscribers in the world.

Facebook Live videos are a great way to introduce an audience to the products and services of a business.

It also has the potential to provide the best service to its users in the form of charging content at a premium cost-per-click.

Through engaging video content, the click rates tend to be higher in comparison to when there are no engaging videos posted first.

  • Landing page videos.

This is a great strategy employed by businesses that want to set themselves apart from other competitors.

A landing page appears first when a user visits the business’ website.

It creates a chance for users to view the site at a glance.

Hence the business should capitalize on this chance, they should promote their business in the given time limit.

The business can show off their premises, the workers and the condition of the workplace.

Also, it should showcase the products and services offered.

  • Optimization of YouTube content.

YouTube dominates all forms of video content generated by businesses.

Many customers visit the site for pleasure or when in search of something.

With advancements made on the site, a business can optimize a YouTube page for SEO purposes.

Optimizing a web’s own pages increases the ranking of the business on the search engine.

Through uploading of video with an optimized description filled with targeted keywords, the content on the video could appear on the first page for a term competing to rank.

A call to action draws users back to the business’ website.

  • Teaser campaigns through videos.

Creating curiosity by showcasing behind the scenes, inside scoops and short trailers build the anticipation of a product or service launch by customers.  

The short trailers can be shared across social media platforms backed with hashtags, call to action and first trials that make people intrigued to discover what all the hype is about.

The teaser campaign creates mystery while focusing on the impact of the product or service being launched later.

The buzz created could trigger e-mail action which can be utilized to offer exclusive content.

  • Videos in PR efforts.

Press releases give the chance for the founder of the business to address the journalists directly.

Many users rely on what they see on television as the Bible truth.

This creates a chance to show the uniqueness of the product and service being offered. It is often short and precise to save time.

  • Investment in User-Generated Video Content.

Through this, customers can leave reviews and case studies on the site.

This improves the relationship between the business and the customers.

It also helps build trust in the customers towards the brand of the business.

The business should also notice the reviews of the customers whether positive or negative.

Customers tend to rely on the testimonies of other customers regarding the products and services other than from the business itself.

An offer could be made to those who send video reviews to the business.

The satisfied customer’s videos can be posted on social media or on the business’ website.

Youtube Video Marketing Strategies

YouTube remains to be one of the most prominent networks where a business can cultivate audience communities to provide value in its video content.

Being a powerful search engine and content platform, influencers know best on how to optimize videos.

The knowledge gained here can be used to showcase product reviews and even the launching of new products.

Business, therefore, need to know the type, duration, quality, and content of a video before putting it out there for the masses.

Most people don’t view long-form videos since its costing and sometimes they can be boring.

The advantage of a long-form video is that they give enough time to take customers on a journey.

It expands the focus beyond just the product and service as it enters into the people’s culture, lifestyle and point of view that make the business unique from other competitors.  

The business is able to demonstrate their expertise in their field of products and services.

It gives customer’s reassurance that they have made the smart option.

To make the most out of YouTube, a business should employ clever captions that capture the mind of a viewer and optimize the video’s title with keywords.

There can also be an input on the description to improve the ability of customers to understand what the video is all about.

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