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How do Top Marketing Companies in Kenya Work

Today we are going to be a little self-centered … Yes, as you read.

Because today we have to talk about us! We will delve into the functions that an online marketing agency plays.

But first, let’s solve a fairly widespread confusion.


The advertising agency is dedicated to promoting a particular product or brand through the media, positioning the product in the minds of customers.

On the contrary, the marketing agency is responsible for the entire process since a project is born. In a way that includes market research, competition, pricing, evaluation of customer satisfaction or a study of sales trends.


At Getsales, as an online marketing agency in Nairobi, that is, Kenya! We like to be clear, our main task is to make you connect with your customers through the internet and it is derived from it, the generation of sales, brand, etc. Our main function is to launch your company on the internet.

We take care of;

  • creating strategies,
  • spreading messages,
  • managing content and synchronizing business objectives,
  • creating content on social networks that generate interaction and stimulation between brand and the public.

But always take into account the ROI (return on investment)

So … What services does an online marketing agency in East Africa have?

No matter if you are from the south or the north, the services are more or less the same.

What changes is how you use common sense to make a brand succeed on the internet.

Consulting and web design. 

The web environment is crucial for a company to progress, be known and deliver the product to its target audience. 

To achieve this, it is necessary to create a web page that suits your needs, create content and know-how to manage it. 

In addition to helping you create a planned and projected marketing strategy.

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Content marketing. 

Internet feeds on content created and shared by users. 

That is why it is important to create valuable content that is included within the company’s own blog or on its social networks. 

All this results in an increase in web traffic, attracting potential customers to our page.

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If you want to leave your mark on the internet it is imperative to have a consistent, attractive and clear brand image. 

From the development of a graphic representation that allows us to work the design beyond a logo, to elaborate graphic pieces according to the identity and the product offered.

SEO Rankings. 

Any Kenyan brand that likes to appear in the first results of Google when it searches for something about its sector.

 That is why search engine optimization is so important. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that your website and its structure, content, links, images, and code be understood by search engines, resulting in an increase in your notoriety and visibility in search engines.

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SEM Rankings.

 If we are looking for a more powerful and immediate search engine optimization, we will go to the SEM or pay per click, which in exchange for an investment in advertising will allow us to position ourselves from the beginning of the campaign in the top positions. 

Pay per click is an online marketing model that, through platforms such as Adwords on the web or Facebook Ads on social networks, allows us to spin more finely by demographically segmenting the campaign, obtaining constant measurements and thus making changes on the fly.

Digital analytics. 

Last but not least, we constantly analyze if the web traffic is of quality, we monitor the results in order to achieve an optimal return on investment and guide these results to increase branding and brand image.


Nowadays there are already many companies that turn to an agency because their hiring is more profitable than having an internal digital marketing team in the company. 

Not to mention the specialization of the agency, its experience and creativity, and the way of working on digital strategy planning.

Because at Getsales we like to breathe our spirit, heart, and soul into everything we do. 

We want our customers to grind and split the corduroy on the internet, accompanying them from their first steps to guide them through the cyber jungle. 

You will be our little Mowgli, we will help you discover your strengths and exploit them to reach a new level.

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