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How Does SEO and Social Media Work Together?

There are many ways to apply SEO strategies to improve web positioning but, normally, we always tend to the basics by performing the classic tasks of optimizing and obtaining links

We tend to be uncreative and sometimes it is necessary to get out of our point of view and interact with other areas.

In this sense, by expanding our social relationships, we will learn new things and see relationships between our knowledge of SEO, and knowledge about this new area.

This view would be the starting point to use SEO as a way of life. 

SEO and Social Media have never been so close!!!

With Google+ and Twitter and Facebook becoming increasingly valuable to Google’s Algorithm online marketing has become 1 entity.


In this article I am not going to talk about social SEO, rather I am going to try to show how we can apply strategies to improve SEO in other areas of our day to day. And how this ends up returning to our favour by working constantly.

Most experts agree, though, that rankings aren’t directly affected by social signals. (And that’s what ex-Googler Matt Cutts said on the subject a few years ago, too.)

Content is King, you are the content

People will see us as experts in a sector if we position ourselves as such in this sector. That is why it is quite important to spend time learning and teaching others what we learn so that they can also learn.

Our learning will help us create more and more quality content and, in turn, those who are at a lower level than ours, will talk about us and follow us, generating a “chain of growth”.

The problem lies mainly, in that the further you go, the knowledge is increasingly scarce and complex. 

In addition, developing high-quality content without repeating it is usually much more difficult. 

It is at this point where we can consider other types of strategies and demonstrations: how to review our old content and enhance it while we perform tests that require time.

Go Further with Social Networks

If we get more people to know us, it will be much easier for them to end up talking about us and end up linking to us and improving web rankings. 

For this, the help of social networks is always good to try to reach more people and that they end up knowing us.

The main difficulty of this is that users interact with this type of publication.

So it is good to have people to help you interact with these publications if it is difficult for you to do so.

We can do this easily by talking with the people closest to us and, this same strategy, we will use it again to get links.

Another strategy to enhance the reach of social networks is to block the most interesting part of our content and force the user to perform an action if he wants to see the information.

Blogging and YouTube are both crazy-good opportunities, and there’s plenty of reasons why you might be interested in getting started yourself!

However, they both take a fair amount of work, so it’s tough to do both, at least initially. That means a tough decision must be made: Blog or YouTube channel?


Applying marketing strategies with influencers can be part of the strategy to get to know and reach many users quickly. 

The problem may be how to detect these influencers and how useful they can be.

Many times, looking at these influencers we can see the profile of followers. 

But not only that, social networks offer us a large number of relevant data such as the age of the public, gender, tastes, etc.

Sometimes it is necessary to go further and detect what their followers are talking about and if, in turn, they are also followed by other people. 

That is the level of influence of each depending on what they speak.

The following are what to consider when choosing an influencer:

  • The number of followers that a person has.
  • Interactions in their latest publications.
  • If you use a designated keyword in some of your posts, descriptions or comments.
  • Repeat the process for your followers.
  • Repeat the process for the followers of the followers and so even a chain of 2 or 3 is enough.

To collect this data, in the case of Twitter it can be done with the API connection( Seotools for Excel , offers the possibility of extracting the information without programming knowledge).

Get links from your contacts

Many times we forget that we know or have had a lot of contacts that have websites and can be very useful as a starting point from which to participate and get some links with which to improve web positioning.

With WhatsApp, email, Facebook or other means, we can send a mass message to everyone and ask them what website they have and if they would be willing to publish content that we create with their website in exchange for a link.

If we try to do this with people close to us, they shouldn’t have much trouble knowing us. 

Generally, they may even be glad that you do something in conjunction with them.

They may not be on the subject but even so, they can help us improve the SEO of our website in two main ways:

  • Give us a little boost when we start if we lack investment.
  • We can try to make exchanges with them if there is enough trust.

The later comes if they ask us to do the same, insert a link on our website. 

If they are few, nothing should happen, but it is convenient that what they write is very long, quality and oriented to your subject.

In case they are many, you can try to offer other portals for people close to you. You can create other websites where you can publish content. 

Anyway, it is always good to have a couple of websites from which to make exchanges from time to time.

Networking and Events to Improve SEO

Being present at major events, either as a speaker or as a spectator, always gives the opportunity to meet other people who have some relevance and knowledge in the sector.

Creating ties with them, can make you apply the previous point for your benefit or tell them about some content that you are preparing or have created and end up linking. 

From these ties, collaborations can also arise that can lead to joint marketing actions. Some of these joint actions may be:

  • Create special content and disseminate among the participating companies: several companies in the tourist rental sector share their data to conduct a study.
  • Creation of own event: the union of several companies creates a fair to reinforce work activity in a specific place and position that geolocation as a point of reference for said work activity. This would generate repercussions in the press easily, especially in local media.
  • Make known among followers of both: through a newsletter or making publications on social media you can quickly expand to other related users who know you and get to name you in the content they create.

Actually, it is not necessary to mount your head too much to an event. There are applications and websites where you can create your event and these websites are responsible for moving it, such as Meetup or Eventbrite

It should not be something complex, with something simple enough, like going for a drink on a Friday and meeting people in the sector as a hobby.


Events of different types can be created and a way of making ourselves known can also be offering us to give lectures in different groups that may have an interest in ours.

For example, by giving a lecture at an institute or university, we can obtain a link from these portals that, normally, are usually quite good and are usually more complex to achieve.

We can rely on nearby people to ask if they belong to a group and may be interested in carrying out some type of activity related to your sector in exchange for a link on their website. 

In addition, it will also help you get to know and expand your network of contacts.

Centralize and Coordinate with Sector Groups

Being always aware of what is happening in the sector is important. Have a relationship with other people dedicated to it and create a community to strengthen relationships.

We can do this through Facebook, for example. The tools mentioned above to create events, Linkedin, slack, etc. 

Gifts and details

Gifts can be an opportunity for others to talk about you, or get closer to them and remember more about you, and with it, improve the positioning of your website.

Many times we meet lots of people and it is hard for us to maintain the relationship with them due to distance or, simply because meeting many people makes it quite complex to have an active relationship with everyone.

One way to achieve this approach or remind us can be to make a small detail or contact them in a closer way. 

For example, if you have premium content, offer them a discount or give it to them.


Hold a contest if it is done well, it helps to spread and make recruitment. 

Obviously, the winner must have a prize and the participants also get something in exchange for just participating.

To do this, you have to rely on social networks and, if you link with some positive activity, it can have an impact on media and links. Objectives that can help us achieve this can be some theme that is trending.

Performing a positive and influential act can generate a positive effect at the social level and capture this attention to achieve virality.

Help others “selflessly”

As we have spoken at the beginning, we are the most important part of everything and in turn, it depends on us. 

By teaching others our knowledge we have already said that it can help us, but there are also other methods that can help others and at the same time, achieve reciprocity, such as detecting improvements or helping them to improve.

In my particular case, I am an SEO, and I can detect small page failures to indicate SEO improvements and give advice on possible improvements to other content pages, or to detect a problem at a technical level, among others.

Then it is to talk with them, gain their trust a little and ask for some kind of collaboration with links to improve SEO.

 You can also get to the point and make the offer, but this will not help much to the relationship with that person and relationships should try to take care of them.

Conclusions on how to Improve Search Rankings

When it comes to improving SEO we always look at the on-page part and, on the off-page part.

We almost always base it on the same: links. 

But many times we forget that to get and facilitate the acquisition of these links, you can do many more things and not just buy them or send emails. 

These actions are cold and belong to the past.

If we want to improve web rankings, we must do other types of actions. 

If we want to be referents, we must do other types of activities that are consistent with our daily life and create our own lifestyle.

Enjoying our work every day and being in continuous growth is what makes us bigger, as well as getting referential links in the sector. 

Getting referent contacts in the sector will also make our impact much larger.

Improving our knowledge and working it is a simile to what Google wants us to do with our content: that we update it and work it to offer quality. 

This quality is what will reflect who we are.

Finally, we must not forget to strengthen and work our social activity, not only in social networks but also in real life. 

Socializing is one of the most important parts of our life and is the part that makes it easier for us to create that closeness and improve relationships. 

We must work it day by day to strengthen it and carry out activities that help us.

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