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What to sell online in Kenya

After so many years online, GETSALES has gone through several business models. 

For most of the time, it has sold digital information products, but it has not been the only thing. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a question that has often reached the mail to be: “What to sell on the Internet in Kenya?”

Entrepreneurs eager to find the “gold” that was hidden in that new Wild West that was the network wanted to know the answer to the question in our experience.

The reality is that today, that Wild West has already been tamed, and the internet is not a land of pioneers and small explorers. 

The big brands have taken their place and it’s huge. 

But that market maturity also allows, when considering what to sell on the Internet, one has more options than ever.

Therefore, in my first-hand experience, this is my answer to the question.


Basically, there is no ideal product that will give us a guaranteed success. We can arrive in different ways, so an online business model can be based on 5 main options:

  1. Sell services online or offline.
  2. Sell digital products.
  3. Sell physical products.
  4. Sell advertising, or technically, visibility before an audience.
  5. Sell the product of others in exchange for a commission.

Let’s look at these 5 options in more detail, as well as the keys to success in each one.


If we know how to do something that the market demands, we can offer our services, both online and offline.

In the first case, the web is our sales and distribution channel for the service. 

They can be sessions by Skype, remote advice of any kind (from traditional to business, to all that new batch of coaches of all kinds that has invaded the internet with dubious knowledge).

In the second case, the web is the sales channel, but we perform the service in the real world, as it has always been done. 

For example, we are a digital marketing company and part of our clients arrive via the web because we are well positioned or our ads work.

Basically, if you know how to do something, you can sell that knowledge and expert skill.


There are some general keys to success when it comes to selling on the Internet and it works. We will see them at the end because they are common to the 5 options we have.

In this section, I am going to refer to the specific keys of each type of product that you can sell on the Internet and that helps us to be more likely to achieve it.

In the case of services, the challenge is to show that you are the best option. 

Unlike digital products, for example, they cannot download a sample of our services, which tend to have an intangible nature.

Therefore, if we are starting, it will be necessary to have;

  1. A strong guarantee.
  2. An offer of “mini” free service if possible, so that the customer experiences first hand that we are able to give results and not words.
  3. A good pricing policy, because nothing is more common than working too much for little money in the services sector

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In this case, it is your art or your knowledge (which you can sell on the Internet directly as in the previous point) but “packaged” in a way in which customers can acquire them and use them for themselves.

Examples? Books, courses, videos, seminars, songs, works of art … Basically, your services adapted so that your knowledge is applied by the client, instead of applying it yourself.

The advantages of digital products are obvious:

  1. No need to keep inventories.
  2. Once the initial investment is made, they can be profitable for a long time.
  3. You can expand the catalog and make profitable those good customers who already bought you another product and obtained value with it.


Demonstration, demonstration, demonstration.

We have to offer a sample of that digital product that you can easily and safely test, and include in it our best silver bullet.

Because that bullet will be what, probably, the customer decides to buy, in order to obtain more of that value that has left him with his mouth open in the demonstration.


In this case, the web is one more sales channel to get our products further.

It may be the only one if we only sell online, or it may complement other channels, such as a physical store or the distribution of the product to other stores for final sale.


The key here is logistics.  Especially when we are competing with platforms that have that perfectly oiled part, like Amazon, for example.

Before, the Internet was the same at a low price, but that route is very crowded and, in general, it is always inadvisable to compete on prices.

 If that is our competitive advantage, we better have a radical cost advantage, because if not, we are just lighting the wick of a bomb that we ourselves have put under the chair.

For some time now, the Internet is the place to find specialization, which is not found elsewhere. 

If we sell something that others do not and connect with the niche that you want through content marketing, we will be more likely to dominate and sell.

In addition to that, the usability of the store, a return and guarantee system that inspires confidence, a good opinion system and customer loyalty are traits of companies that succeed in selling physical products on the Internet.


This mode of life of many media, Youtubers, etc. 

Our service is to give visibility to other companies before people in their target audience.

Whether sponsoring something in your videos or inserting advertising in your web content, it is one of the first options that many entrepreneurs consider when deciding what to sell on the Internet.


A huge audience is the key. 

And to achieve it, excellent content is a necessary condition.

Taking into account that it has to be excellent for the audience we are targeting. 

It does not matter if those who are not part of that audience think that what we do is worthless.

Many people underestimate the gigantic traffic that is necessary to get a decent salary.

With less than 10,000 visits per month, in Kenya, you do not even consider that this can be our main source of income when it comes to what to sell on the Internet.

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Or what is usually called ” Affiliate Marketing .” 

In this case, you don’t have to be aware of product inventory, product design, and bug fixes. All of that is the responsibility of the product’s creator. In this case, you are a mere commission agent.

Some affiliate models get good performance, especially since Amazon and other stores have started affiliate programs.


The key to success is similar to the previous option of what to sell on the Internet: generate a lot of audiences and superior content quality.

Product reviews, for example, tend to be a good part of the content included in this class of websites. If that is the case, they must be reliable, honest and more in-depth than the rest.

In the end, users and Google will reward and make visible that quality content, both in this option of what to sell on the Internet as in the previous one.

When I have been asked how to make money with a blog, or what profitable products to sell on the Internet, this has been my answer. 

What happens is that, perhaps, we are not asking the right question.


Success will not come because we choose one of these 5 things. 

The chances of success will not really be determined by what we sell on the Internet, but by how you sell that on the Internet.

Therefore, success will depend on:

  • Choosing a market whose demand is booming. I always repeat: Ā«market, market, marketĀ». As an entrepreneur friend says: “If the market I am going to enter does not have a feverish demand and does not crave what I am going to do like water in the desert, I do not even bother.”
  • Do something truly groundbreaking. Because there are already a thousand people doing the same. Especially when it comes to selling on the Internet, it is more crowded than ever.
  • Be aware that the Internet is not the land of milk and honey . Especially now, which is a mature environment, whose niches are dominated, on many occasions, by companies with twice as many resources as you have.
  • Be willing to run a long-term game. Because if you want fast money, forget about the Internet . Especially Google is going to bury you in the deepest if you are starting and you are not going to consider giving visibility to your results in at least one year, even if they are very good. Keep in mind that, being the search engines (Google) the gateway, if you are not there, you do not exist, and at first you will not be.
  • Understand that the main thing is not what to sell on the Internet, but marketing to make it visible. If the search engines (Google) are not even considering you at the beginning, you will have to compensate in some other way and make a marketing plan that gives you that visibility that Google will deny you at the beginning.

Google algorithm has really advanced and it will take time to start selling online. 10 years ago, you could set up a website and appear in the first position without doing a lot of work.

Today you have to do search engine optimization for your site to appear in search engines. Better yet you need a great online marketing strategy to be able to generate leads online.

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