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Search Marketing: Increase Website Traffic by 300% in 90 Days

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How to increase your web traffic by 300% in 90 days

What do we do here at Getsales search marketing company is to increase your traffic incredibly in a very short time? So what do we do here is search marketing. Let’s go to Google and find out what Search marketing is about.

Basically the most used search engine in Kenya and in Africa is Google, that is known all over. So if you just go and search, let’s say ‘most visited websites in Kenya’

Alexa is a good tool and you can see this is a data tool from Amazon so you can see which one is the best Online Marketing platform here.

Which are the Top Online Marketing Platforms

Showing most visited sites in Kenya

We can see the top websites by country of the most visited websites in Kenya so easily it’s Google. The daily time spent by Kenyans online is at least a minimum of 16 minutes on Google and Youtube another 18 minutes. Meaning more time so probably people are consuming more video content.

Next you can see part of spending more time on media sites which is obvious because that cuts across the demographic. Then the next after this are some news sites. Next we have Facebook which is a very good platform to do your online marketing. Then you can see Wikipedia’s information site, Yahoo search, then Netflix people are spending time watching movies and other sites follow. You can see Twitter and  Instagram is down here at 21.

From here you can know what kind of platforms you will use to do your online marketing. So you can decide that Google is the best one to go to because we can see most people spending time there.

Search Marketing

We explore search marketing strategy because Google is a search engine. So let’s go to Google and see what Google can do for us.

People already are spending time on Google doing searches. So on top here we will be looking at the keyword and this other side will be showing us the monthly searches.

In this picture above  I’m using a tool by Neil Patel called Ubersuggest giving me results of the kind of keywords and other related things that people are looking for. So you can just go and maybe download and install this free tool, which we will use to get a lot of data for keyword research and just identifying the best strategy for your online business.

Case Study

Yeah, now if you go back to search marketing examples. I have a client of mine that I want to use as an example of a case study. They’re called Newmatic Kitchens, their business is dealing in hoods, ovens, and maybe any other kind of kitchen appliance that you want for your home.

newmatic kitchen sink

One of their most important keywords that they really need to appear is ‘kitchen sinks’. You can see here they have some awesome double sinks and stuff that they have displayed in their local business.

'kitchen sinks' search results

Let’s do a search for ‘kitchen sinks.’ If you just get this result you will see the number of searches that people are using as the competition is about 125 million results already. It’s a very highly competitive keyword and on  the right side you can see the search volumes.

You can see these are very highly searched terms, the volume here is 135 000 and the cost per click $1.33 ( the average cost per click if you wanted to pay google to be seen as an ad in Google search results). 

The type of search marketing strategy would depend on the budget  and time available. There are two kinds of results on serps, the free ones and the ones that you pay google to appear. For example for this search term you can see there are no ads appearing on top.

Maybe let me just scroll down. I may find some ads. So no one is running ads currently for this at this time. Maybe at other times you may see a different result because maybe I’m doing this at night.

Also could be guys have decided maybe the ads should run during the day when they are available to pick up the calls. 

You can see that average cost per click is 1.3. If you are exploring paid search marketing decide to run Google Ads and get that maximum volume of let’s say a hundred thousand. Multiplied by that, you will say you’ll be spending almost a hundred thousand dollars on search ads monthly just for the word ‘kitchen sinks’ and this is a keyword that you can get these clicks for free.

Local Search Marketing

If you look at the search result you’ll see that Google is deciding what kind of results it’s showing so the first part here is Google maps. Telling you that location is quite an important search signal for a local business.

kitchen sinks Google maps results

You can see my client is appearing here on the first position yeah. Yes because I optimized their website and Google My Business pages for that. That is the power of our local search marketing service.

For the mobile phones, this is very important because they’ll be having a call button and most people call on this mark box.

If you appear here on the map as a local business, this will be a very important thing. Have a presence locally and make sure that your local presence is appearing here. See this article of How to Rank on Google Maps

Image Marketing

The next thing we’re gonna see here is the images. Sometimes you can see that since we’re dealing with a product that is physical, displaying our photos is very important.

Like for our client, you can see in this section here, we already have two of the images from that web page appearing. As this is an important term for them, it sends a lot of traffic to them.

kitchen sinks images search results

Image marketing is the most important part of Ecommerce marketing. Infact, with the Page Experience update of 2021, Image optimization will come in handy to be on the safe side of Google.

showing page experience search signals

The internet needs to load fast and having a slow page would be a bad signal to Google. Check out how to optimize your Images for search.

Organic Ranking

Apart from the images, when you scroll down there you can see the rest of the webpage organic result. It’s still my clients’ website that is appearing. This sends too much traffic to them and obviously they’ll convert this freely to their business. 

The competition is also appearing there but my client is dominating them for this search term. There are very many things that you can do to appear on the first page and you can see their consistency.

Let me just click these other keywords ‘kitchen sinks in Nairobi’. You can see they are still on top here for the maps they are still appearing on top and they get a lot of traffic and leads for that.

But now for the organic result they are now at number three.But this will be very competitive because they are still really visible 

Blogging For Business

The next thing here you can see down here is the ‘people also ask’ section. They’re giving you other ideas of what your clients are looking for related to your search term. This one is a very good idea to start for blogging. 

I always emphasize that every business must have a blogging strategy. This one will help you to drive other related traffic to your site, which will later on result in a purchase of your business products or services.

This is one of the most important ways of getting search traffic from google and this is something that can be implemented within a period of zero to three or six months. You’ll be having a lot of traffic and this can be done for each and every other keyword even those that are not directly related to your business products or services.

For example, you can go for general terms like ‘kitchen designers’ like ‘Kitchen designs in kenya’ because these are other terms that are very broad and will fit in a larger group of people to your business.

So you can see for this result images are very important. You have to really rank your images up here. Then you can see locally also you must be really visible in your local maps and also appear organically.

You can see also my client is appearing here again on the organic results. This is another page having awesome kitchen designs and again another page appearing on the second result there is on cabinet ideas. Still related to kitchen ideas yeah, and you can see you can go on.

Ready to Begin?

Search marketing is usually the best, so you can approach it in two ways. One of the ways is Through Google Ads (ppc search marketing) where you pay Google to appear  on top. The other approach is free marketing through Search Engine Optimization where you optimize your business websites to appear on top and that is what we do here at GETSALES search marketing agency.  

Kindly give us a call or just fill in your document below and let us look into your business and give you the best strategy that you could use to maybe get more sales for your business and drive more traffic for your business within a period of two three months.  

Thank you so much for reading this article. Subscribe and share and if you have comments just put them in the comment section below I will be able to tackle them for you. Goodbye.

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