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2020 Tips for Realtors Advertising on Social Media

Today we are talking about real estate social media marketing and giving you two significant outcomes, so you know exactly how to execute.

I’m going to talk about one of the questions I get asked all the time, and that is Jimmy, okay, I know I’ve got to do social media.

Nevertheless, can you give me some insight some strategy and some tactics so I can take this thing on and ultimately do it right?

Yes. The question I get all the time is what I should be doing on social. Therefore, I wrote down.

I have two different outcomes for you, and I had to write it down because there are so many tactics I want to give you.

I had to write it all down, why? Because Facebook changed their algorithm.

Best Social Media Strategies for Real Estate

First thing, I want to do is I want to talk to you about what is hot in social media for real estate.

Things you should be paying attention to and then I am going to go into some content strategies around what is hot so you can immediately kind of fill up your content calendar and start thinking about what you want to put out for people.

The second thing is to help people get the expectation around time. Because I know, you know for me, and I am just going to go right out this early on.

I remember when I first started I would be in my home office and my wife would walk in and go you have been on that Facebook thing for like 11 hours, what are you doing?

Moreover, my response was this is the easiest way for me to engage with tens of thousands of my clients and soon-to-be clients all over the world.

Therefore, for me it was a total no-brainer, now the good news is that was like five years ago. Today there is way better strategies for realtors on Facebook to create engagement to connect and ultimately get it done fast and efficient.

I want to talk to you about that as well. Let us start with what is hot.

The mistake that I see so many people making is I am not going to say this person’s name but they were just in my office recently. In addition, they said, hey can you look at my social strategy and give me some heads up.

I go to Instagram using the two obvious platforms. For their Instagram strategy, here is what it was. Photos of houses like, here is our listings photo.

social media marketing

It was literally because there were good agents pages and pages of photos of the housing.

They are like look no engagement. Oh, look no hearts, oh look no comments, and like this ladies is an absolute waste of time. Same thing on Facebook.

Why am I bringing this up? The bottom line is whatever you are posting has to be stopped worthy. Hashtag that halts worthy, like it has to punch me in the face.

It has to be like BAM. Like, oh my God, I am looking at all this stuff, and suddenly I am going to stop on your stuff. Therefore, you have to ask yourself like am I taking exciting photos. Am I taking provocative photos singing about?

A friend of mine who ran a campaign, he is the chief revenue officer for 3-day blinds. Therefore, you are walking through a house, and you are like, wow look at me, look at these drapes.

I think that is what they are called. Then you take a photo of the drapes. Right then you scour the internet, and you find an actor who had a dress remotely close to what that drape looked like.

You cut it in half on one of those fun little apps. Moreover, across the top, you wrote down who wore it best. You with me? Like all of a sudden now I am like, drapes actor who wore it best?

Then they look at the drapes and the fabric. They look at the dress like oh my god it is Lupita Nyong’o. However, I think that is a simple example.

You have to create content that punches people in the face. That gets them to stop and recognize. Ask yourself, is that another dumb listing photo. The answer is no! Is it a spectacular bathroom? Is it a stunning kitchen?

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Even that my friends, if that is your only strategy is going to fall light on people, and eventually you are just out of their radar.

Therefore, I wrote down a couple of things for social media marketing.

The photo curtains idea, I love that right. Who wore it, best super fun? Think about your customers, what creates emotion.

Which Social Media Sites are Best For Real Estate Marketing?

We are going to talk about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube in a sec.

What creates emotion? Does everyone eat every day, so exciting locations of food, right? Creating engagement around.

Have you had these fish tacos? A place where I go and I bring my friends. I am as if these people have the most insane tacos in Nairobi and no one even knows about it. I would take a photo of that and share it.

People were like, ‘Oh I’ve been by that place like a hundred times. I never really have good fish tacos.’ Now you might be saying, Jimmy who cares that you know about fish tacos.

It is not about the fish tacos people; it is about people that are reading this. That they are seeing this, asking me a question, and engaging with me by the wayside.

Note if you ever liked one of my photos on Instagram, notice I do nothing. But if you make a comment, what do I do yes that’s me responding every time in the middle of all the stuff I’m doing.

Like, hey thanks so much, keep up the good work. In addition, you know I am busy if all of my responses are just in emojis. You went beyond this I am trying to create engagement.

You have to ask yourself what evokes emotion for my customers. Is it food, is it children, is its beautiful landscapes, is it fantastic sunset, is it that magnificent buildings, is it things that are historic in your marketplace.

You have to start looking at yourself like wait a minute. Everything around me is an opportunity to evoke emotion, both pain and pleasure.

By the way, it does not always have to be heartfelt pain and pleasure that gets people to stop when they are busy scrolling on their phone.

That is the first thing I broke down. I also wrote down the value of poles especially we talk about Instagram stories, but you can do this everywhere now on Facebook.

facebook advertising for real estate

You go, and you ask a question. When you ready you take a photo of a house as an example as lame as that sounds. However, if you use their polling function where you say, ‘Do you believe this home will sell for 600k, 625k, 650k, and 675k and then you boost it to everybody.

You boost it because it is not going to be seen otherwise. You promote it to everybody you know, and you let them select a price. Now you might say well gosh Jimmy as if you know it was not going to make my seller mad.

Maybe it is a property you already sold, and you say guess what this sold for?

The point is you have to create engagement and things that people are interested in looking at. In addition, they can interact with you; you know what is happening right now on Facebook? They changed their algorithm almost nine months ago.

Where if you are just doing text, no one sees it. If you are doing photos of listings taking them off Facebook, I think Facebook hides those they hide those. Moreover, if you just do a photo right that is not captivating, that does not create engagement no one sees it.

Unless you put your credit card in and hit boost now, you will disappear in the algorithm change.

Research content from the customer perspective

I am going to talk about the secret weapon in a minute as we get into the hot stuff. However, let me go back to my notes here.

Regarding content, I am convinced, and you should do this with a whiteboard. You should ask yourself okay I want to create conversations with my customers both future right past and like right now customers.

What is on the minds of people housing? How is the market? What is going on, but you should go beyond because many people are doing that.

We did something in January, and I actually did it again. Last October in Nairobi with a couple of hundreds of our clients, where I said let us have a brainstorming discussion.

Let us ask ourselves what are the fears, worries and doubts about first-time homebuyers. If you just stop, right there and said;

  • what are the fears
  • what are the concerns
  • and what are the doubts of a first-time homebuyer

Then you list it out from their perspective, not your perspective.

You have me on this, and you listed out five, six, or seven things. Then you said; well what is the fear;

  • of the move-up buyer,
  • of the move down buyer,
  • of the move lateral buyer
  • of the job transfer buyer

Then you started taking the categories of customers you work with most often. In addition, you thought about what scares them, what keeps them up at night when they are trying to select a house, or engaging with a realtor, or trying to figure out their loan or which community should we live in.

If you break down all those fears and you start to create answers to all of those you want to talk about.

Engagement, its bananas if you speak into their fears. Now of a sudden, you are like a lot of agents talk about you. You have to have your property sold currently on the market before you can buy the next one.

You do not want to accept that contingency offer. What could you imagine, if you add one of your buyers, who happened to be one of your sellers, also who was on the market to sell.

In addition, it was not sold, but they were writing an offer on another property, that you were able to get the deal done.

You spoke to that where maybe, even the client said, ‘we don’t know what to do. We had talked to other agents. They said we had to be closed with the money ready to go in order to get the next deal. Or no agent in their right mind would accept the offer.’

Then boom, it flashes to you talking about how you even navigated because of your agent relationships.

A piece of content like that, you know what, it may not get 7,000 views. It may only get 162 views, but the 162 views it received were views that mattered.

Does that make sense; think about what I just said there for real estate marketing.

I want you to create a list of all the problems that buyers and sellers face in your marketplace. In addition, you know what, they all you got to do is walk around the agents in your office. Moreover, say what is wrong with your buyers today.

What are they struggling with, what your seller is concerned about? Why is everything selling but our home still on the market, right?

You start looking at that and from a Content perspective. In addition, whether it is a photo, and you discuss it, or it is a little snippet video, and you share the answer.

Alternatively, it is just even typed out like this is the situation, this is what happened, and this is what we did about it.

We solve problems for a profit, my friends, if you speak life into problems, you connect with that customer on an emotional level, and then you share your unique solution or a solution that is good content in this environment.

Go Live! Create Videos for Social Media

All right so enough on kind of what is hot on that side of real estate advertising. Let me go to the next part of what is hot. I have been talking about this for a while matter of fact in seminars.

I will say to people, hey friend grab your phone fast and go to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or YouTube, I do not care.

Then I say, do me a favour right now. In addition, find the little button that says live.

Moreover, a whole bunch of people goes. Then they look up, and they start laughing.

They go, ‘Oh you mean live.’

I go right, so a couple of weeks ago we were on Facebook at their campus, and had a fantastic meeting.

I had known about this before because it was earlier on Facebook live video.

They basically said like don’t tell anybody we’re going to change the algorithm like we want to be all video kind of like RenRen is in China.

I am like, oh yeah I get it. They literally said we are going to be a hundred per cent video.

Now if you are reading this and you are saying to yourself, tell me I am not comfortable on video, no one cares.

Your friends know what you look like it is okay. I actually did a post, a couple of weeks ago. You should go back on my Instagram, where I said, listen to me you have to be true to your brand.

You have to be comfortable with who you are. Not everybody is going to like you, who cares. However, the ones that like you, because you are solving problems and you are doing it in your way; they are going to love you.

They are going to refer your business, and they are going to choose you as their agent.

Therefore, the single hottest thing right now is going live on Facebook live, on Instagram live, on YouTube live, on Twitter live, and on snapchat.

Create Facebook and Instagram stories

I would say what is equally hot is stories. Let me give you a heads up. I was talking to a client a couple of weeks ago about this. He is like so I’m watching you, I do like you know 15-18 posts every day on stories.

I am going to get to the time management side of this in a minute, and he is like why are you doing that.

I said well primarily because Facebook told me the more stuff you do, you get higher up in the ranks.

You go like that’s the way it works, the more it makes sense. So if you do like one insta story at 8 o’clock in the morning, at Starbucks, that is the only thing you do, and somebody clicks on it.

They go wow that person went to Starbucks for the day. Out of sight, out of mind. However, if I get a day in the life of your experience. Better yet, you hand it to someone on your team and say it is team Tuesday.

Where they take over the phone, and they are taking photos all day long of you;

  • behind the scenes on the phone negotiating with a client,
  • meeting a customer going to lunch being at your office
  • meeting pitching a listing
  • going and meeting your daughter and or your son at school
  • and showing the human side as well
  • and then back on your waiting for an appointment
  • High-five
  • and somebody walking in with a sold sign
  • putting up a sold sign

When they see that, they are like. Wow, I get him, I get her, and I understand what they are all about. Moreover, can you be strategic about your stories?

What do you think? Yes, you can do so much there. So what is hot?

  1. Creating eye-catching, stop-me-in-my-tracks-stories right.
  2. Video photo that is the first thing. Content that is meaningful and matters to the customers.
  3. The next thing, go live. You need to be doing one, two, or three Facebook live. You may be thinking, insta life but Jimmy nobody’s following me. Who cares, you know what you do.

This is what I did. Earlier, I call my mom. I tell the entire office; hey I’m going live on Facebook today. Moreover, it would be nice if like somebody hit the heart button a couple of times or a couple of thumbs.

And you know what happened, I thought back to now two years ago, it was January, and I actually emailed all of my customers and said I’m going to do a Facebook live at this time.

Because you the same, could you email your entire database and say I’m doing a Facebook live covering the three trends that will impact real estate in our marketplace in 2020.

You could do that, I said I am going to talk about how to get yourself ready for the New Year.

What is great about Facebook is because people were hitting the heart, and giving a thumb up and they were making comments.

By the end of the week, over 500,000 views took place. Do you want to know why, because Facebook said, look at all those hearts, look at all those thumbs up, and look at all those comments? Let us spread the love.

That my friends, I started with nothing and I built it up. It just takes a little bit of time, and here is the deal for real estate social media marketing. You got the chops, you know the problems, and you know what people want to hear about.

Just share that, does that make sense. By the way, could not you also do a poll and say what your predictions about real estate in 2019 are.

Let people comment on that, right. Do a poll, think it is going to go up, and it is going to be flapping. It is going to go down I think the world’s going to fall apart.

You know what, that is newsworthy.

Does that make sense, so enough on content?

Video Stories for Real Estate Marketing

I cannot stress enough, video stories. Now let us talk about the time it takes.

This is the major part. Number two, in the beginning, I used to think, oh my goodness I have got to do all this myself.

You know what, I did. There was a time when I took a flip video camera, and I set it in front of me.

I reached across and hit start. Welcome to GETSALES, and I like by design, and I would do my video, and you know what, we evolved from there.

Nevertheless, you may be in the same situation I was at the back then, where you could not hire a team of people.

Therefore, I want to talk to you about the real deal. What I recommend, and the time it is going to take for real estate social media marketing.

The first thing you got to know is you got to know what’s primetime viewing hours for each of the channels you want to pay attention to.

When should you post on Social Media Channels?

What are the primetime viewing hours for each of the channels?

So that you are not doing everything, all at once or five in a row.

Nevertheless, you are spacing it out throughout the day. If you really want to create maximum engagement, the first one obviously Facebook with two billion views or two billion people.

Think about this; you do it during work hours. I do not know what it is about Facebook, but people go to it while in the office.

They say that the average employee is only engaged about thirty per cent of the time. Clearly, a hundred per cent of the time, they are engaged on Facebook during work hours.

So should you be live during work hours? When should you be posting on Facebook, during work hours? LinkedIn and Instagram interestingly enough, before work and after work.

For LinkedIn, if you are posting photos or videos. Alternatively, you know, some kind of blog, you want to think before they get to the office and after they get to the office 9:00 to 6:00, 8:00 to 5:00 you know the rhythm of your marketplace.

What I think is interesting about Instagram, is when you post after work, right kind of like the before might be your gym workout it might be you know your selfie in the car and we all see these things. That is okay.

Off for a busy day, wishing you a happy Monday. That is okay, and then end of the day go to the gym doing this. On an appointment, this is what is happening.

That is when people are checking in at the highest level. Therefore, you want to pay attention. Like that’s what it means, so it’s not a shocker that it’s before work and afterwards.

I was a little shocked when we debit in on the data around Instagram. Nevertheless, it is the same Twitter, no shocker at all, noon and after work. If you think about Twitter today, it is really about the news right.

We go to Twitter to find out what is happening in the world. Like they are sort of trending topics are really like they’re fast punching. You know exactly what is happening in the world instantaneously.

Twitter’s noon, so when should you be posting probably not at 12:15 and not at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. Because the reality is by the time, you post it, nine 8-bazillion things better than it have already been posted.

So you want to think strategically; 12 o’clock, 12:05 may be the same thing, even 12:15 the same thing. The same post on Twitter three times and guess what people will catch it.

Check out the following stats from Stepps.

How to manage Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Let me give you people three options regarding how to manage it all in the beginning. This is what I did.

I literally went into my schedule, and I was like Instagram at this time, repeat seven days a week for the rest of my life. So I would literally say Instagram post 7:30 every day for the rest of my life Monday through Sunday.

There are no weekends off here.

Then I would go Facebook go live or post something at 9 o’clock in the morning. People are at their office they finally had their coffee. They have walked around and like you know, chewed the stories and now they are like okay let me check Facebook before I check my email again.

Like that is work right. I literally would go through and schedule everything. That is when I would stop and boom and take the photo, do a video and shoot something.

That is how I did it right. I wrote down as an alternative to that when I finally figured out that there were Solutions like Hoot Suite.

Then I could take time on Sunday. Take all my photos all my videos. All my clips, all my posts and place them exactly on which platform I wanted them to go out and when; and you know what, all of a sudden it’s just happening.

Now, what is great today is you can do a combination of both.

I now do the more organic stuff. The first part where I was like scheduling it every day, instead now I use Hoot Suite for like the basics.

All those additional times is when I am thinking live, and I am thinking stories.

Does that make sense?

more traffic

I would be curious in the comments, how many of you are already using Hoot Suite. As a simple way to organize your social calendar.

I would be curious in the comments below, how many of you, by the way, are doing everything on your own versus the last option.

Option 3 is you hire someone that does this for you. It’s been fun to ask clients all the time like hey do you have somebody that helps you out with social media?

Let me give you a heads up. Somebody that is good at creating brochures and designing direct mail is horrible at social media.

Somebody that is good at social and font and pretty and the right text and everything else is horrible at Direct Mail.

If you are thinking that one person you have is going to do both. Guess what is going to happen, they are going to fail it. Both of them, which means they are failing at your brand.

Yes, you might want to be thinking of to find a part-time person that just handles your social calendar caveat. Not all the comments and engagement, that is on you.

Before you say, wait a minute you mean I have to respond to all these people, are you kidding me?

That is what we want to be doing. We want to be engaging with people and having conversations and moving them from online to offline.

You with me on this?

‘Hey, this is great we should talk more about it. You want to see this house.’

If I told you, the number of people that I follow today. I’m not going to say, some of your names that a beautiful photo with a great listing and people go in there and say this house is amazing how much is it.

No response?

That is the cardinal sin, are we on the same page? So again, options you do it yourself.

You put it in your calendar, seven days a week for real estate social media marketing. Each one of the platforms, you know exactly when you are running through your day; you stop ding your counter goes off do an NC, boom.

Did I just instinct you do an Instagram photo right. You do a YouTube, something like that is okay. Alternatively, you create all your content.

Automate your content with Hoot Suite

You put it in Hoot Suite, and you kind of set it and forget it. That works as well for the primary stuff, not the live stuff, and not your stories and of course.

Once you are logged in, you can connect all the social media platforms you want and create content.

You can always have somebody that you hire, or you outsource that becomes your social person in the office. Make no bones and the environment we are in today.

We are brand matters, and we are all looking for ways to separate ourselves from the competition to rise above everybody else and become the obvious choice.

That my friends is a wise investment for real estate social media marketing.

All right kind of a couple of thoughts as I wrap up I know there is a lot of ground.

For live make no bones Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoons; this is some of my best times that when I’m out doing a Facebook live.

By the way, sometimes it is not in a suit like I’m in a hat, I have sunglasses on, I’m in the back of a car. I am walking down the street, and I just have this thought that I want to share and you know what people, eat it up.

This is not a Monday through Friday, 9 to 6 game my friends. You are building your brand and your identity to stand out, and to be the recognizable agent.

Make no bones you want to double down on the weekends. Now the last thing I wrote down beyond the obvious, tell stories, give great advice, solve people’s problems.

You know all that, just remember this, it is still early. Look around your marketplace, how many agents in your opinion are doing it right. I really pay attention to this stuff.

The answer is very few people are doing it right. Many people are trying to figure out is my heroine right. They are caught up, and that is that versus just speaking to the person as if you like really genuinely care and you’re sharing.

You want to give a good advice; you want to show them cool things. You want to show them about town like this is where we live.

This is why it is beautiful, and this is what is cool. This is all; I solve problems. Doing that in your style with your tone with your tempo with your hair.

Does that make sense for real estate social media marketing?

It is still early, and the people that do it, that is who is going to win.

One last thing is a little heads up. Instagram is getting older which means the people that are on snap are getting older and if you are not paying attention there, you are going to miss an opportunity.

Now you are saying then, kind of Instagram, I did not like it.

You have to just go with the flow of all the different platforms that are getting hot, and just spread your wings.

Then lean in a little bit, have some fun with it makes sense. By the way, my Instagram handle is @getsaleskenya. So follow me on Instagram, and I will follow you back, and we will learn all this fun stuff together alright.

A lot of ground covered, read the blog. I cannot wait to see the comments. I love you, thank you so much for reading. You can share this with your social friends, your social strategists, and people not inside the real estate business that are just rockstars.

Remember always your strategy matters. Now more than ever your social brand, that is what rules.

Hey, you are the kind of person like me, who is always looking for great stuff, new ideas, innovation and ways to improve my life in my business check out this link, because I have many things for you.

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