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Real Estate Online Marketing

Today, home seekers use the internet to find a home, but as a real estate professional, you know that your work is not reduced to opening doors, but that the accompaniment you give to your clients is your differential factor when it comes to finding the perfect home.

The advice you give them along the way determines the success of their real estate operations. Make your online marketing say that for you and get more customers. 

We offer you 5 key points that will help you to achieve it because we know that you have the commitment to meet the needs of different types of profiles: young couples, marriages with children, young people who become independent and each niche requires specific strategies, take note: 

1. Social networks:

These play an important role in the lives of tenants and homebuyers, especially the youngest. According to Internet World Stats, 87% of the Kenyan population are active users of social networks and 64% use them through mobile devices. 

Facebook and YouTube are the most popular in the country and Instagram is ideal for your real estate business because attractive visual content will favor your listings. 

The condition is that your presence in networks is constant and of quality. Dare to be in front of the reflectors and publish your own videos, the best ally for a brand is to have a face with which to generate empathy.

Do not lose sight of the fact that cell phones are a great showcase, make sure that your website and social networks offer a good user experience, that your website is suitable for smartphones and, if possible, consider the development of an app. 

Remember that a personal or business website that takes too long to open is enough to lose the attention you had gained with a post or tweet.

2. Online recommendations:

Ask your clients to write recommendations for your website and social networks.

Give them incentives to send friends in their own way. 

The more you encourage them to give you a positive boost in the community, the easier it will be to find new tenants for your properties. 

. Sell ​​the community, not a property: 

Different target audiences appreciate different amenities, but everyone values ​​the concept of community. 

That means different things depending on demography: for young families, the community means excellent schools and safe environments; for singles, it can mean recreation centers, good connection with public transport or downtown areas. 

Be sure to market the area, not just the building or the property and use that in all your digital communication.

4. Support other professionals: 

Consider developing content for your website or blog, as well as infographics and videos that you can send in email campaigns

A professional editor will take care of you for your communication to be effective and a designer will develop high quality videos that will help you establish your brand and give it personality.

5. Establish strong foundations: 

The number one strategy that you can use to succeed as a real estate agent is to identify your target market, which will let you know what that market is looking for, what risks are involved and, above all, where that audience is heading to Short and long term. 

With that knowledge, you will know how to direct your actions.

We also suggest you determine a budget and stick to it. There are many ways to spend on marketing, but every channel you use to grow your brand should be based on your target audience, which will be your guide for not wasting resources.

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