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Seo in South Africa: Rank on Google, Bing & Yahoo in 7 Steps

Ranking on the first page of Google through SEO in South Africa is the dream of every business. You will get tones and tones of free leads for your business. We all know that most of the people click on the first result whenever they conduct a search.

In fact, only 30% of the people click on search ads. That is a whooping 70% who still trust organic results.

That is one of the many reasons you should have your business appearing on the first page of Google and other search engine. That is why you need our seo services in South Africa.

Getting to the first position of Google through search engine optimization can be very difficult. Still, it can be easy if you do things the right way. So in this article I will be showing you how to get some of your keywords appearing on the first page and even the number one position.

1. Google Ranking Factors

Google uses a number of signals on its algorithm to determine which web page to take the first position on SERPs.

Some websites such as banklinko.com have gone ahead to publish 200 signals used by Google. Google alone knows what it takes to rank on search engines. They intend to give a fairground for competition. ( Makes sense, right?)

In summary what Google is looking to see is;

  • whether your site is crawlable,
  • has great content,
  • authority
  • and answers the searchers intent.

Instead of going through the over 200 signals available on the internet, I teach you what is important so that you do not get caught up in ‘guru’ techniques.

What’s important in Seo in South Africa is to get to understand how google works and what you can do to be on the good side of Google. It is a Google World and we just live in it!

2. Well- Structured Website

If Google is not crawling and indexing your site, then you will never rank anywhere. That is an important part of our SEO service. So I insist that you must have a well built site with great navigation features.

What do I mean by this? Make sure your site appears well on mobile and desktop
Is Google able to tell what your site is about? Is it able to find the about us, contact us page?  These are the important page that should appear on every website.

Clearly place the call to action buttons that appear on the pages. You should have a structure that leads people to continue navigating your pages. I cannot emphasize enough why you need a great design.

You should be willing to spend time and resources with a great designer and developer so that you have a website that will perform well on search engines.

3. Page Speed

It’s 2021 and the internet is all about speed. If someone clicks on your site, and the page takes more than 7 second to load, then you are out. Most users use their mobile phones to search for things online. That means apart from having a responsive design, you need to look at the speed.

Make sure that you are hosting your South African site on a great server. That means you need to choose your hosting company carefully.
Do not be tempted to use a cheap hosting company because you will surely get what you pay for.

Another great way to speed up your site is to use a content delivery network (CDN).

How is using a CDN going to speed my site?

Remember your website pages are stored in a part of the world where your server is located. That means, if your server is in London, and you want to access it in Nairobi, it will take a little bit longer.

So what the CDN does is to store your pages in several parts of the world for easier and faster access. You get the sense.

There are so many other things SEOs in South Africa do to increase page speeds such as;

  • Enable compression of pages
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Reduce redirects in the web pages.
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript.
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Improve server response time.
  • Use a content distribution network.
  • Optimize images.

Go Here to test your site speed and see what you can do about it.

4. Great Readable Content

I would have put this in front of the list but it best placed at this position. The very reason google accepts websites is to give people content that they need.

That means, if at all, Google should consider to rank your site, must have a lot to do with the content on the pages. Having frequent, original content will increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Where most people go wrong, is producing low quality content for the sake of ranking for keywords. Lets take for example, this blog post.

My goal is to rank for the keyword ‘How To Rank Number One on google.’ In fact that is  my title up there.

What if I could have just listed the points and publish an 80 word document, would that have satisfied your intent?

No, you want something that will get into the topic and give value. That is the business I am in.

In as much as I an online marketer and I am really hoping that people who read this blog end up becoming my customers, I am also concerned about helping them for free.

It takes time creating awesome content, but in the end of the day it will pay off.

I really feel great when I get comments or shares. That is how I get to know if I am writing content for search engines or for real people.

So have content ideas in mind when thinking of ranking on Google Page one.

5. Do Keyword Research

Yes, without proper keyword research then it will be every difficult to come any close to a page one ranking.

I would advise to start with low competition keywords then take on the highly competitive ones later on.
There are many free tools to do keywords research.

My favourite one if Google Keyword planner. Am not ruling against the other tools, but if you want to rank in Google, you would want to use a tool from Google to do research.

I am not saying that it is perfect, but  most of these tools are exaggerated. You would want to however use a couple of them to get a great insight.

That is how you will get great content ideas to blog about.

If You have a keyword, try getting variations and synonyms of the same. This will help you to rank for more related words. Avoid creating several pages with similar keywords.

Google will be confused on which page is most relevant and end up denying you the ability to rank high.

Be careful to have the keywords appearing in the heading tags and content. Let them come out naturally so that you are not penalised for over optimization.

6. Build Site Authority

How powerful is your site as compared to the rest of the internet?

You will get this authority by having other relevant sites linking to your page content. Usually Google would want this to be done naturally.

Most natural links will come when your website is ranking in the first page for relevant keywords. And you will get a lot of reward from them.

But how do you get natural links when you have a new site? You will have to be creative with this.

I know an easier option is to buy links. However you should be careful about these links because they are usually a part of spammy network that can disappear from the internet anytime.

Okay let’s understand how backlinks and ranking works.

Search engines understand the internet in terms of links and anchors. So is there is and anchor text on a link leading to your site, that is a good thing.

What does this tell google? ‘Hey follow this link to get more information about ‘anchor text’.

So if Google follows the link and find that indeed that page is about the ‘anchor text’, and the site referring it is an authority, then you get rewarded about the subject and rank better.

It is therefore a good thing to have more of these links. However, not all links are the same. Thus the quantity of the links do not translate to increase in rankings, but quality.

So where can you get your first links?

  1. Business Listing Sites
  2. Social Media Profiles
  3. Blogging On Social Platforms
  4. Comment on Relevant Sites
  5. Participating in Niche Forums

As you build your first links ensure that you are keen on the anchor texts on the links. You do not want to go spamming the internet with your keywords.

So what you want to do is use a mixture of the following

  • Brand name
  • Exact url
  • Generic anchors as (go here, click this, website link, our homepage etc)

By doing this you will have a natural link profile which will result to higher rankings without penalising you.

When building backlinks, you people to click at them and got to your site. So if no one is visiting those page where you have built backlinks, then that is a dangerous sign.

So it makes sense to only build backlinks to sites with real related traffic. That is if you want to rank on position one and remain there. You can see that link building is not an easy job, yet very important.

7. Social Media Signals

What is assumed by most website owners is the influence of social media on serps. Google is not very clear on this.

However, what I understand about the social factor is that it is a great way to achieve prominence.

Social media is a great place to have people talking about your business. If your brand is well known, you are likely to have better ranking.

For example, if people know and interact with Getsales on social media, they will go typing it on Google to find out more.

Having people searching for your brand name tells Google that people are aware of your brand. That’s a good thing.

Anothing is having hashtags related to your brand trending of social media. That is a huge source of social signals.

Its no secret that brands with a great social media following also rank high on search engines.

Make sure that you are building the right social signals. Avoid those people claiming to sell social signals at all cost. For this one, you have to go the hard way.

You can even promote content on social media to get brand awareness campaign going.

That’s about what you need to ranking on Google position One. It’s all about having a crawlable site, right web optimization, great content and quality links.

You need to do this constantly until you get the desired result. I have done this over and over, and 97 of the sites are currently ranking on position one.

However, you should do your keyword research right. It will be a waste of time to go for a keyword with a lot of competition from sites with a lot of authority.

So instead of going for a keyword like ‘online marketing’ go for ‘online marketing Kenya’. Get the sense?

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