One way to increase traffic for startups is to top search engines. Ranking on Google’s first page for targeted keywords is an awesome way to receive traffic from people who would be potential buyers.

It is, however, difficult to achieve such rankings especially if there is a lot of competition. There is an alternative to SEO, which is using PPC for startups campaigns. This is what we will discuss in this article.


Pay Per Click Startups

There are two major ways of conducting PPC campaigns online. One is running Ads on Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). The other one is running Search engine Ads (Google AdWords and Bing).

The major difference between the two types of Ads is that when you run Social Media Ads, you target a specific demographic with outlined interests. On the other hand, search engine ads are based on keyword search terms.

The choice of the Ad types while surely depend on the kind of business you are engaged in. Of course, the objective of the campaign is also important. If you looking to build brand awareness, Facebook Ads can come in handy. In addition, if your interest were to be found for specific keywords, then Google AdWords would do you good.

I have discovered that Facebook Ads have quite a lot of benefits as they can be very useful in driving in more traffic to your site and specific landing page. You are able to get engagement on your pages from a specific audience at a certain part of the country.

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Google search engine results are designed to return local results.  That is why you should optimize your site for local keywords to achieve better SEO rankings. This will be an added advantage to someone using AdWords for that keyword.

Recently Facebook ads run on their platform, Instagram and all around the web through the Facebook pixel tool. This has shown great results especially if you are intending to bring traffic and conversions to an external website.

Pay Per Click Startups Cost

The cost for ads is an important factor. For new businesses, it is important to start small. You can begin with a small budget of about $10 a day. The first instances of running ads is focused towards generating data that will be used for analysis.

From the data campaigns collected in the first few weeks, one is able to get a clear picture of what to expect in the future. It is through such successful campaigns that one can expand their reach to increase more conversions.

Google AdWords have quite a similar approach to their cost. However, terms that are more competitive attract a higher cost. Seek the help of an AdWords expert so that you do not throw all your money away.

Pay Per Click Startups

Most of the success that is attributed to Google AdWords is conducting a thorough keyword analysis. With all other factors constant, having the right keyword will put you ahead of your competition in a matter of a few days of running ads.

The key to making money through paid ads is re-targeting. This is the technique whereby you will follow your targets around the web.

Once someone has clicked on your ad but has not made the purchase or conversion intended, you would be able to continue showing them ads as they browse the web. Many people do not purchase in the first instance and may leave your site to seek more information elsewhere.

You need to continue showing them your product and help them make a decision later, whether it is after a day or two. Retargeting, therefore, is a single most powerful technique that will increase your conversions by 70% without having to pay more money.

This technique is available for both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

The major problem that faces most startups is the question of who knows that you exist. Today you can build your brand awareness very fast with a small budget.

Facebook Ads will allow you to segment a population and only show your ads to people that matter.

Most people will hesitate to buy from those that they are not aware of. With the rise in cyber-crimes, it will be a good idea to make your brand visible through PPC.


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Ready to begin your Pay Per Click Startups plan?

What I love about pay per click startups strategy is that you do not need a lot to start. All you need is your marketing plan and product.

It is however not clever to dive into intensive pay per click without having the knowledge and well laid out plan for it. This can cost you a lot of money with zero to minimal results to show.

Hire a specialist!

What is the risk of paying a specialist to do all the hard work for you as you focus on building your business?

A specialist will draw the strategies that you need to win big in pay per click startups strategy instead of going through the learning journey the hard way.

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