Are you thinking of setting up e-commerce in Kenya? Then you need this 8-step guide to set up an online store in Kenya totally from 0.

Are you thinking of creating an e-commerce shop in Kenya? Do you have a good idea but do not know where to start?

Have you started to set up your virtual store?

However, the colossal task has surpassed you when you realize that you don’t have much idea of ​​how to bring this store to fruition?

Then you urgently need to read this article from beginning to end.

And this article could also have been titled « start your e-commerce shop in Kenya in 8 simple steps « … Because that is precisely what you will find below.

Choose your name (and your domain)

You would be scared to know the chilling number of companies that have been spoiled due to wrong naming.

So dedicate the necessary time to the search for the best-perfect name for your e-commerce in Kenya: a name that, if possible, makes your business identity very clear in the minimum possible letters.

Think of how that name will be in your web domain (and you certify that the domain is free).

Also make sure that that domain includes some keyword for your business, better than better.

Choose a hosting

Do not be scratchy: an e-commerce shop must be built on a robust and solvent hosting service.

If you bet on an inexpensive and unstable option, the most significant harm will be yourself.

Especially when this bad service prevents you from making all the sales that you could formalize if your hosting works at full power.

Hire a drop shipper

The drop shippers are the great salvation of first-time e-commerce.

They are wholesalers who will send directly to our customers the products they have purchased on our website.

Without distinctive drop shipper itself, with our invoice and best of all: freeing space in our warehouses (and even wholly demolishing the concept of the warehouse).

Implement a CMS

A CMS is, as its acronym indicates, a ” content management system.” In other words: the tool that will allow you to manage all the content of your e-commerce at the level of text and photos and purchases and everything you can think of.

There are CMS specialized in virtual stores that are free.

But payment options such as Shopify or Prestashop are the ones that offer the best performance and stability.

Select your payment methods

The more, the better. Because what you cannot afford is to lose a sale because your payment methods do not include a potential customer’s favorite.

Consider payment by credit card, payment gateways such as Pay-Pal, cash on delivery, and any other option that comes to mind or that your customers claim.

In Kenya, you should be looking to using Mpesa payment providers too.

Create your legal framework

You know: legally speaking, you cannot sell products if you are not a freelancer or company.

The most advisable, however, is to establish yourself as (limited company) to shield everything related to civil liability.

The best thing in this regard, however, is not to try to do it yourself: put yourself in the hands of an expert manager.

In the long run, you will appreciate it.

Hire advertising

Your e-commerce is already mounted but nobody comes to it. Why?

It may be for multiple reasons, but the fastest way to attract potential customers is to hire advertising.

Online advertising since this will be the most suitable for someone who is already browsing to go to your online store.

Ah! And even a complex system, do not underestimate the Adwords of Google, because they can end up becoming your best ally.

Stick to marketing

Do not be confused: advertising and marketing are not the same.

And, even if you have advertising covered, you will also need to establish specific marketing strategies.

These will make your e-commerce store a more desirable destination for your potential customers.

Offer special offers, use social networks, organize contests, get in touch with the press.

The possibilities are endless, but marketing is your ultimate ally when positioning your virtual store.

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