Identity is the distinctive factor of an individual, and a relationship gained through psychology.

The social construction of identity thereby involves the development of sameness of character and interpersonal relationship of an individual through interaction with other influences and people.

Social identity characteristics can be eminent via personality and perspectives. An individual’s role in society usually affects how they behave and react.

Mobile media, including online information and communication technologies like gaming and email technologies, therefore, greatly affect an individual’s social construction of identity. 

 A synchronicity in Social networks redefines the effectiveness of communication for individuals and hence interpersonal communication as a whole.

Mobile Media has influenced Social Identity

Mobile Media is efficient and reliable

Online chatting and email technology allow people to respond even after a long time.

This allows them time to carefully construct their messages and create whichever perception they desire to form the other parties these are termed as presentation messages.

Individuals get to learn communication etiquette rules and etiquette.

They can also learn how to apply effective registers and genres in language. Social networks allow individuals to build connects with others to create friendships by sharing personal information.

Influence of Social media in communication

Social media provides Individuals, especially youth, a platform for exploring their identities and personal relationships. This is especially effective for otherwise shy individuals who are fond of divulging their personal information.

In chat rooms and discussion boards, individuals have the choice of adopting different personae and identity ques.

Social networks like blogs and wikis reshape how individuals view themselves and others.

Self-presentation and self-branding of an individual’s online identity also help to influence how other people think of them according to the picture portrayed.

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One acknowledges its audience and considers fans. A good example is Instagram and snap chat where individual past pictures in these social networks and works hard to have a huge following since thy consider attention a success.

Young people can get to understand themselves as individual’s trough mobile media through self-discovery, experimentation rather than the usual apprenticeship.

They get to understand their autonomy and their sense of identity as learners. They also get to develop various orientations towards information and ow to react to them, knowing the best places to acquire new knowledge.

Mobile media can influence an individual’s perspectives. For example, the surge in the number of marriages and child birth has been greatly influenced by the media.

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Individuals can be lured by online ideas and the standardized perception of good and evil. Social media is used by both genuine and radical individuals and groups to spread the agenda and lure supporters.

Mobile media are also a conceptualization of culture. They articulate the notion of society through sociology of culture.

For instance, the internet has enabled radicalised groups to set forth their agenda.

These groups as the media to harden the sentiments of potential radicals. individuals may empathise with such groups or choose to conform to their ideas especially when lured by incentives.

The internet experience alter the perspective of young individuals especially when they have too many viewpoints.

Mobile devices including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Mobile media are involved in various moments of daily life, where they can assume several roles at both individual and social levels.

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Needless to say, the manner in which people carry out themselves online and offline determine how they behave even in real life. Whatever happens in a person’s virtual interactions determines how they perceive themselves offline.

The construction of relationships through dating sites is a good example of how mobile media resources can affect an individual social life.

Mobile media has its life cycle. They pass through several stages before finally reaching their users.

From manufacture, they are commercialized then redesigned by suppliers with a symbolic embodiment to represent the social construction of the suppliers.

The identity of mobile media is then made to attract potential buyers through advertisement, media and common discourse.

Social media branding

The supplier’s concepts are inserted into the imagination of buyers, hence influencing their daily activities and lifestyle as a whole. Thus, Mobile Media has influenced Social Identity for Brands.

Mobile media also has negative impacts on the social construction process of an individual.

Internet users usually live more in the virtual world than in the real world. This ends up ruining interpersonal relationships rather than building them.

This is seen from the privatization of family life, whereby instead of family members using technology collectively, they use it independently.

This has made traditional family values and ties to end up being eroded. Mobile media has taken a toll on people’s daily lives leading to individualism.

The relationship between mobile media and the social construction of identity is indeed symbiotic. Social media offers individuals a platform for connecting with one another.

Mobile media also give us new ways of expressing ourselves hence critical in the process of identity formation.

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