If you are looking for alternatives to generate income in 2021, you might consider making money with Airbnb by hosting or owning.

The good thing about making money with Airbnb is that it is an option that does not require major investments.

 Well, surely, you already have the space inside the house.

You have an unoccupied room or an available house with which you can generate income as an Airbnb host.

If you do not know well how it works, or how you can earn money with Airbnb in Kenya, in this guide, step by step, we will explain:

  • how the platform works,
  • how to create your profile,
  • publish the space you are interested in using
  • and some practical tips for you to start to make money from your home.

Earn money with Airbnb, an idea to generate income from home:

Thanks to the versatility of Airbnb, you can publish there different types of properties ranging from;

  • rooms
  • houses
  • apartments full or inhabited
  • treehouses,
  • igloos and more.

Airbnb currently has a presence in more than 191 countries. Every day more than 100,000 daily reservations of different properties are made in more than 81 thousand cities in the world.

There are over 230,000 Airbnb listings across Africa, with South Africa constituting the bulk of the business, followed by Morocco, Kenya, and Egypt.

In the case of Kenya, Data from Airbnb shows that Kenya had more than 6,500 listings at the end of 2018.

There is no doubt that it is possible to earn money with Airbnb by renting those spaces that you do not use in your home.

How safe and reliable is Airbnb?

One of the most common questions or doubts of people who are considering making money with Airbnb is how safe and reliable it can be to offer your spaces or properties to strangers.

The first thing you should know is that, on Airbnb, you choose who is staying at your property. 

So you are not obligated to share it with anyone. 

In addition, you can rely on the evaluations they have made of the guests to make a decision.

Additionally, with time and technological advances, this platform is becoming more robust and secure. So much so, that in Nairobi alone, more than 2, 000 people are hosts and earn money with Airbnb.

Finally, and for greater tranquility of the hosts, it is that at the time of publishing your space on Airbnb it offers a guarantee to the host of 800,000 ksh, which gives you the peace of mind of receiving guests since you have insurance.

So, there is no doubt that you can earn money with Airbnb in a safe and reliable way, since you have the backing of a very recognized platform worldwide, and it is you who makes the final decision.

“Airbnb allows you to do local tourism. It puts dollars in the pockets of lower and middle-class Africans. This local tourism is particularly appealing to younger, more adventurous travelers seeking to avoid the conformity of traditional tourism packages,” Airbnb Southern Africa manager Velma Corcoran said.

As for the payment, the rates vary according to what the service includes and the type of room. In all countries, the amounts are set in dollars and paid by credit card or Paypal.

Advantages of becoming an Airbnb host:

earn money with airbnb in kenya

The good thing about this platform is that you can earn money with Airbnb without the need to make large investments or have to leave your home. 

Something extremely important in the search for your financial freedom.

As we mentioned in the reliability part, when you list your space, you will be generating income in a simple and safe way, since you will be able to completely control the availability, rules, and prices.

Among the rules, you can define certain requirements for guests such as entry and exit times, access within the property, and any other conditions that you consider important for travelers in your home.

Other advantages? 

Both the registration and the announcement is free, what is charged is a host service commission for each reservation (it is a small amount, 3%) to cover the management.

Finally, Airbnb provides tools that make it easier to satisfy the demand in your area and makes you get the money through the method that they agree upon, once the client arrives at the room.

Step by step to earn money with Airbnb as a Host:

steps to earn money airbnb

Below we will explain step by step how to publish your ad and start making money with Airbnb.

1. Get your account:

To become a host, the first thing you should do is register. 

To do this you have to enter the following link and register:

As for the registration information you can do it with your Facebook account, Gmail or with your email. Airbnb will send an email to validate the address, you must click to verify your account.

2. Build your profile:

An Airbnb host has to complete the profile, as it will indicate to future guests that you are someone serious and professional.

In this field, you add basic data such as name, gender, date of birth, educational level and labor information.

Also add a photo or video to your profile, including greetings. Let the image clearly show your face because that gives customers confidence.

3. Offers verification information:

We insist on trust as a point of honor, because just as you want serious and respectful people in your property, the one who stays looks for the same.

In your Airbnb account, there is a section called “Verification information”, in which you will place as many ways as you can so that the company and the traveler know that they will stay in a safe and secure place.

This includes social media accounts, email, and phone numbers. In the “Verify” button, you must scan and load your driver’s license, passport or documentation issued by your Government.

4. Offers references:

In the “References” section you can upload the email from family and friends to Airbnb to send them and previously written mail, and so you will have their references until you start receiving guests who give their own opinions.

Just as you are looking for people who stay to give you peace of mind, the same goes for the guest who is looking for safe and trustworthy places.

5. Set payment methods:

At this point, you define your payment preferences. It is essential to define the method and enter the information without errors since we do not want payments to be delayed due to incorrectly entered information.

6.  Advertise your space and share it: 

The last step, and most importantly, to start making money with Airbnb as a host is to publish your space ad.

This point is basically to describe the space to lease. To do this you must click on “Publish your Ad” , which is located in the upper right corner of the page.

What information should you share there?

Choose the type of home there, the number of people you can receive and the city. It also limits the availability, which can be “always” if you are available at any time; “Sometimes”, if it is a specific date or “once” when it is for a certain time only once.

In the “Price” box set what you will charge per night and the type of currency, you will accept. To decide the rate, put yourself in the client’s shoes and think how much you would pay for your property.

The amount you set could mean that the tourist chooses another lease or goes for yours, but affects the rating at the end of the business.

In the promotion of space, you need to be honest with what you have for people. When you load all the information, publish your lease. The more real the ad, the fewer surprises there will be, so don’t forget to detail:


There is a section for this in which you write a title to your ad and below summarize the additional features. Try to be creative to engage future customers.


They are an opening of what the visitor will find. The photographs have to be attractive, so select them carefully. In each image, you can add a foot with a very brief explanation.

List the services: 

Common, extras, special and security are the categories. When checking the boxes in each of these, honesty must prevail, because whoever pays expects the services you promoted to be real.


Travelers want to know exactly where they will stay in an unknown country or city; Then enter the full address so that people feel located.

Characteristics of the space: 

It is here that you specify the number of rooms, bathrooms, and beds; You also verify the type of property and again the number of guests.


It is a serious company, so you must read and accept its policies so you know what you must do as a host.

How to calculate the money you can earn?

calculate how much money airbnb earn

As its slogan expresses, Airbnb invites you to earn money with the space you don’t use. It is a way to generate income in a few days, but how much could be achieved per week or month?

The earnings are different depending on the time; either Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Saints Day, summer, winter, the area, the property, etc.

The online system integrates an official calculator, but its estimates may not be as accurate because it does not detail aspects such as market or season demand.

On the other hand, there are other tools that value properties, so it is feasible to calculate the amounts that you would receive per day and week.

Eliot & me is a simple application that takes care of the computations. In it, you enter the city, even the street of the accommodation so that the result is more real. You also specify the rooms, bathrooms and renters cap.

The platform performs operations based on the company’s historical, supply, demand, and trends.

The product is the average publication prices in that area per day, week and month in the entire previous year; It also presents the suggested rates.

For example, a complete apartment in Kilimani Nairobi, with the capacity to accommodate four people in two rooms and with an available bathroom, is worth $ 129 per day and $ 780 per week, from September 30 of this year to January 7 of 2020.

Final recommendations to start earning money with Airbnb:

airbnb host steps make money

As you may have noticed, Airbnb offers you a very interesting alternative to start making money online.

Even in just a few weeks, you can generate income to travel the world, to dedicate yourself to a personal project, save for your future, among other options.

There are more than 2 million properties around the world, so imagine everything you can achieve with this extra income thanks to renting a space that you were not using, under your conditions and meeting people around the world.

Finally, remember that if you want this to become a profitable business you should receive good ratings and opinions from guests. To achieve this, we leave you some final recommendations:

– Call your customers before they arrive at your property so they know that you are attentive to their arrival.

– Have the place in optimal and clean conditions ; wash the bathrooms, take out the trash, check the towels, sheets, toilet paper, soaps, etc.

– When they arrive, welcome them personally and share a little with them. They walk the place together and remain at your disposal for what they need.

– Always check your email and messaging on the phone, to know if they are already installed they need to contact you.

– Be sure to comment on Airbnb about your guests and review the opinions you received. This is a quality of service meter and works to correct errors, as well as being evidence for future tourists in your home.

The only thing left to start making money with Airbnb is that you create your host account, so what are you waiting for?

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