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How to Increase Traffic to Startups in 2020 [NEW*]

To increase traffic to startups online is the foundation of the success of any business today.

I know its hard. That is why I have written the combo that will win big in 2020!

Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2020

When it comes to content creation, it’s hard to name how many blogs exist on the internet.

However, there are over a billion active websites on the internet today actively engaged in creating content.

There is a lot of content made available daily.  

Therefore, this floods the internet making it harder to drive new audiences to websites.

Here are some of the avenues and means that when employed, can help promote your brand and content to audiences around the world.

Increase Sales with Google Traffic

Google is still a trusted brand and, it provides the most effective ways of driving traffic to a website.

It is also the most valuable traffic on the internet today since it is not influenced by social media, advertisements or user distractions.

Any search on Google gives genuine information, who are ready to take action.

Google organic traffic is also free. It is the listings in Google that appear right below paid search advertisements at the top of the page.

Organic search listings are like online real estate; it is very competitive and hard to rank for high traffic or generic terms.

This creates focus not only on building high- value content but also distribute long-form content. 

Once in place, the focus should be on the most effective SEO tools and marketing strategies to rank the site higher in search results.

Do You Need SEO or PPC For Your Business?

Paid Traffic Sources

There are many paid traffic opportunities whether it is:

  • pay per click advertising local
  • advertising on top media sites
  • banner ads through direct advertising. 

It gives total control over to the audience composition and monitors track performance. 

increase traffic to startups

They are cost-effective solutions and can target an audience based on their geo location and order millions of visitors or page impressions to their site.

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Using Instagram to increase web traffic.

This will later result in the increase of traffic to the business websites.

Instagram is more than just a social media platform where users interact and post stuff on a daily basis.

more traffic

Gradually over the years, it has transformed into a powerful tool to increase traffic to startups and businesses are increasing sales and improving profits.

It gives users the chance to keep the interest of the followers alive by sharing informative videos and pictures of the business.

It also offers the opportunity to maintain a close relationship with the followers through the comments and direct messages.

It creates a conducive environment for answering the questions and seeks suggestion to improve the products and services through feedback.

There are numerous ways in which Instagram can direct traffic to the website.

The higher the traffic, the higher the ratio of leads that will be generated.

An optimum number of people who visit the business website needs to be looked on a daily and regular basis.

digital marketing

There are some  Instagram tricks that can be used to boost the traffic  such as;

Making exclusive content

The content you post on the website needs to be unique and different from other places to attract more users and increase traffic to startups.

Through posting of beautiful pictures and videos, the number of followers would increase tremendously.

Caution needs to be applied to ensure that the content posted to the website is there exclusively.

When similar videos and pictures are posted to other social media accounts, then the chances of people following the Instagram account would be reduced significantly.

instagram post

So exclusivity in the content posted to the website guarantees a large following on Instagram. Although it will be time- consuming and demanding of extra effort but finally it is worth it.

Inclusion of Video URLs

Video making is the most result oriented technique present in the market when it comes to digital marketing.

Videos have the potential of speaking to large audiences owing to the visuals and riveting voice covers that convey the message to followers in the most simple way.

The best means to divert traffic from the Instagram videos towards your website is by including URLs in the videos through voice-overs and text overlays.

The URL in the video should read in characters for example,” go to www.shopfordiscounts .com for more offers” which will direct the users to the website.

Power of hashtags to increase traffic to startups

Hashtags are exciting topics which are currently talked about on social media.

Use of keywords in hashtags, help create the interest of potential customers to discover you on the social media website.

For instance, on Instagram, the most popular hashtags are usually run and made public for all users of Instagram to view.

This is a tool that can be utilized to increase fellowship on Instagram, and finally, they will be curious to check out your website.

Embed the Call to Action buttons

Call to action buttons are a tool when it comes to diverting traffic and in generating leads.

People browse the internet and to follow things which they find interesting.

They often urge followers to perform a task mentioned in the Instagram posts.  

Through action buttons like ‘TO WIN AMAZING PRIZES, CLICK HERE’ make people visit the website and finally view the products and services.  

Paid Features

Featured contents produce high results when it comes to Instagram marketing.

By paying small fees, the ads for the Instagram page can be regulated.

This increases the viewers on the Instagram page, thus increasing the traffic to the business website.

There are numerous ways of ensuring your content is on the Explore page of other peoples Instagram feed.

Professionals should be contacted to aid in the process to increase traffic for startups.

Links in the Bio

Through the bio, information about the owner of the business, likes their life, their experiences and if it is an enterprise, they can write about your product and services.

Links to the website can be posted through this space.

They can also copy the website URL and paste it into the bio section of the Instagram page.

This will be the first thing the followers will see thus increasing the ratio of people visiting the website.

Increase Traffic To Ecommerce Blog 

When running an e-commerce shop, blogs are vital tools in driving traffic through:

  • Creation of new content and sharing through email subscribers.
  • Post articles on Facebook.
  • Rank for trending keywords and phrases.
  • Host Pinterest friendly images.

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Each post draws traffic from a specific place, then the content and formatting can adhere to the blogging practices for that particular magnet.

Some of the ideas can be picked randomly from a wide variety of sources that would perform well on the channel that can drive traffic to your blog.

Some of the channels include:

  • Pinterest.

This is a channel to promote products, especially inspirational and how-to content.

It should think more about the content that goes beyond just pinning your product listings.

The focus should be more on creating a branded content that instructs and inspires.

Also, the use of a Pinterest-friendly image to go with it will be useful to increase traffic to startups.

  • Search traffic.

They are blog posts that generate traffic from the search after the target audience identified.

It focuses more on product research that aims at answering the questions raised by the person probably looking to buy something.

Lifestyle questions are searches for target audience performed to support the use of the products and services.

  • Facebook.

Facebook page is a source to post a steady stream of product links, especially when releasing new products and promotions fast enough.

Some e-commerce companies struggle with promoting their products on Facebook, especially if their inventory doesn’t change frequently.

It creates an opportunity to drive traffic to your website from Facebook by sharing useful information the target audience will appreciate.

You can also boost posts to increase traffic for startups from new audiences.

  • Crowdsourcing websites

They are online forums where the user asks questions and other users answer.

Most of the known crowdsourcing sites have a significant traffic coming from a crowdsourcing website.

They apply it to ask for product recommendations, so if a product dominates a category, users might recommend the product in answers.

answering questions to drive traffic

To be on the safe side, it is important to occasionally answer questions that refer to a link to a blog post that further explains the solution of a crowdfunding question.

Also use it for answers as a form of blogging in and of itself, branding yourself s a founder and lifestyle expert on all things related to the product and to the company.

There is no need to update the e-commerce blog with company news; it should focus on driving new traffic and cultivating relationships with customers.

How do I increase traffic to startups with Twitter?

Due to the growing audience of Twitter consumers, small business should take advantage.

Strong twitter followers increase chances of having the content shared and enjoyed.

Building a business’ Twitter presence and connecting with followers spread the word about the business fast.

Captivating the right Twitter users helps in spreading the business to potential new clients through:


Tweets with hashtags tend to get twice as much engagement thus will increase traffic for startups.

They also help in gaining more followers thus improving the reputation of the business, and it helps customers find information faster.

Avatar background and bio.

An avatar background assists people to know who and what they are following. It is a way of displaying to the customers and the potential followers what you are and what your business is all about. It is vital to design a twitter background that reflects the ideas and a picture of yourself or the company logo or colors.

Don’t set tweets to private.

When the account is shielded from the general public, the followers will decrease as compared to when it is publicly accessible. Most people prefer getting around a business before deciding whether they want to follow.

Links to Twitter page.

Linking to the twitter page from the website, other social media platforms like Facebook and Google plus will help with adding more followers. The higher the links to the twitter profile the higher the chances of people checking out the business and following it.

Timely tweets.

Peak times on Twitter are the best time to tweet about the business when everybody is hooked on Twitter. This will help in maximizing the retweet potential. Especially, when people have left their offices and are on their way home.

Tweet about passion.

Quality content coupled with an easy way to find it never fails, so it’s better to hashtag them. If others enjoy the content, they will add the business.

Tracking of results.

Through the twitter counter, can see how many new users you are adding per day through Qwitter you will receive emails of how many users unfollowed you after a tweet.

The tweets need to be concise, conversational, and unique. Twitter offers an opportunity to connect online, build relationships and close deals.

When it comes to long-term traffic potential of marketing strategies, content marketing, will usually offer a good return on the investment.

They lend themselves to compounding returns over time and have virtually no risk as long as they are executed correctly.

The main disadvantages of these strategies to increase traffic for startups are that they take a long time to set up and start returning positive outlook.

It is advised that “fast” traffic is not always the better traffic, and it does not mean a good return on the investment.

Advertising is defeated by content writing and SEO most of the times.

It is best to keep up these short-term methods in balance with the long-term strategies to reap the benefits of both.

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