I believe that the AMA’s (American Marketing Association) definition of marketing is as valid today as it was 30 years ago.

Marketers are still engaging in activities whose objective is trying to convince consumers to buy their products or services.

The MEANS by which marketers in the age of the internet accomplish their objectives has indeed changed, as well as the means by which we measure the success of marketing efforts.

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You might even argue that given advances in behavioral science we probably understand consumers better.

But these still fall into the general process of trying to get people to buy certain products or services.

The internet has helped simplify social media and digital marketing and create many more avenues and easier ways to have certain products reach the right audiences.

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Why you need Social Media Digital Marketing

For example, Facebook and Twitter have “Like Pages” that many users can choose to like. These pages alone can capitalize on certain fandom and interests where the social media marketing agency can directly promote their products and services to the fans/consumers.

Competitors and third parties can follow up with seeing the users and capitalize on trying to advertise through social platforms to appeal to those customers.

In the past, media marketing companies would have to look at expensive television advertising space or use mediums such as print ads, radio, etc. that unless they’re specifically geared towards their target audiences, are a bigger risk because they may not necessarily interest those particular audiences.

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Word of mouth in  social media digital marketing is much easier to share online

Another advantage to online is that word of mouth is much easier to share online, whether it’s sharing a video, an internet article, etc. Magazines you have to have with you or you may have to photocopy the content, television programs you would need to record the program or have someone with you at the time of the program or commercial airing.

Radio is even more difficult as you would have to audio record it or have the person with you to share and radio doesn’t often repeat as much as the other mediums.

Also, the internet allowing you to buy a product almost as instantly as seeing the product has greatly changed! With TV, you would either need to go to the store after or potentially get a hotline number from the commercial.

Magazines/comics/newspapers may require you to mail in a form and radio would more than likely require you to go to the score or get a phone number and you have to be ready at the time they mention it.

Social Media Marketing Plan

The fundamentals of marketing, 4P, are still applicable and relevant in today’s social media marketing plan.

To drive any product sales or services successfully, the 4Ps are still essential in every strategy.

What social media advertising has changed is the way we are able to define our target market or personas today compared to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing and social media enable us to fine segment our target and reach out to them more accurately.

In addition, social media platforms provide additional channels to reach out to the market as well and provides two-way interactions between customers and brands.

It also enables more measurable results of any campaign.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The internet has affected marketing and models in several aspects.

It enabled customers to access massive of information immediately, which makes the customers themselves to be more knowledgeable and have a stronger voice and decision making ability toward what to buy.

Also, it enables marketers to interact with customers instantly, and anywhere anytime with higher intimacy, which means, it helps markers to better transform the irregular purchasing action to regular interaction.

Furthermore, marketing on social media enables customers to spread their voice about the purchasing experience as well as their likes or not towards a brand or product.

It provides social media metrics, which can be used by social media strategists to grow brand awareness.

The impact of digital and social media marketing

The internet has changed the world in which we market and sell products and brands, and as a consequence marketers had to change the models they use to adapt to this new situation. The impact of digital and social media marketing can be summarized in a few big changes:

  • From one way conversation to two-way conversation:
    Before the digital era brands pushed their messages to the customers. With the new digital communications channels brands can no longer do that. They have to get into a conversation and also have to take into account what clients have to say about the brands and products. Customers have a voice, and they can have a large impact. By using the customers’ voice, brands can make their customers product and brand representatives in amplifying the corporate message.
  • Global market: Digital channels make it far more easy to buy products from around the globe. As a manufacturer you are in competition with suppliers from all around the world, and not from around the corner. With the help of a social media marketing agency, you can promote your products on a global size and that means that the global population can be your target audience.
  • Segment your audience: Digital marketing tools generate a lot of user data. You can use that data to target a specific audience that has affection for your product range. This gives social media marketing companies the opportunity to use social media analytics and their marketing budgets in a more efficient way and promote a specific product to a segmented target audience.
  • Measurability: Digital channels make it easier to follow up the success of a campaign. So depending on the strategic choices a company makes, a marketer can determine what works and what not. This cycle of testing and evaluating gives the marketer the tools to always reach more output by fine-tuning its approach.
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Build a Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Marketing plan

The internet has shifted the perspective of media marketing. Instead of a top-down approach with a company creating a message and sending it out into the world, the internet allows an interactive approach with messages coming from the ‘top’ but also from the customer base.

This principle is very obvious when you consider the building block of the 4Ps and how these days we can add a fifth P to that. A P for People, the human element: people participate in the brand story in a digital way.

Marketing Through Social Media

The internet has also allowed marketing through social media to segment way more precisely and provide social media metrics almost everything (online). This has created a lot of opportunities and causes marketing on social media to be more efficient. It asks for flexible digital campaigns and continuous improvement though.

We no longer talk about Product but Customer (because the customer has many choices so we need to adapt our product to him, we need to talk more about customer needs in order to make a product design.

We no longer talk about promotion but communication as the internet allowed social media management companies and customers to interact with each other.

In this way, it’s a way of communicating with the brand not just receiving what we send to them as we used to do with TV.

Place is no more and we talk about convenience because a lot of customers have internet (social sites) and have the choice to buy the product from several places.

Social media marketing tools ensure that a brand is accessible to them and be near them and especially being there for their best buying methods.

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