More people are finding the benefits of selling through copy-writing online.

As a fact, 50% of the new startups that start in Kenya every year are a fully operational online business. We live in the age of digital farms.

I know a guy who orders from Mama Mboga online. (# pun intended)

The first thing that millennials do when they wake up is to go online.

Instagram and Facebook will trend with #morningthings all morning till midday.

This is a wonderful time to engage them with posts that relate to them. Generation X is not left behind as they have also bought into the millennial craze and joined the hashtag bandwagon.

What is Copy-writing

One important skill you should have to sell online is copy-writing. Copy-writing is whereby you sell through the written word.

It is a major part of content marketing. The idea is that you trigger your clients by providing a written solution to a problem that ails them.

Social media is full of posts that sound frustrating and harassing to most viewers.

Bombarding your clients with offers every time will not work and may intimidate them instead.

Therefore, copy-writing features the opposite perspective where the client will find you as a problem solver and not a stop sign by the side of the road.

There is no difference between the irritating sale posts and banners at the side of the road.


Building Relationships through Content Marketing and Copy-Writing

Content marketing is a way to build a relationship with your client. Not every time is the client looking to buy, sometimes he is just out to learn something or looking to a related solution.

What I have learnt from the consumer psychology is that they love free things.

Giving free information that will be valuable to your consumers will work towards growing customer loyalty.

Most of people marketing in social sites make the mistake of joining groups to post their products without giving any value.

That will frustrate your marketing campaign especially in Facebook and Whats-app Groups.

Facebook Marketing

This is a part of marketing that targets towards building the brand authority.

Consumers judge a brand according to the solution that it offers.

Copy-writing gives the opportunity to make the consumer understand you and know more about the brand by delivering frequent content that is relevant to them.

Take for example the info-graphic below: The coffee roasting chart gives a description of the coffee flavours at each roasting point.


The message portrayed is very clear and has no ‘Sale’ marks all over it.

This is more helpful to the consumer than writing a post about your coffee prices.

People are likely to share to other people great content that they find interesting and helpful to them. Writing great content will thus increase traffic to your website or online page that you would want people to go to.

Great content will make people subscribe to your blog.

And that’s exactly what you want.

You need your readers to provide you with their contact information so that you may be able to reach them whenever you have a product to promote or a new post on your blog.

Subscribers are one step closer to becoming buyers as opposed to the followers on social media who are still far up the marketing funnels. They are the ones who will offer substantive information on your post and know what the customers’ needs are.

How to come up with Content to write about

It would be very useless to write blog posts that no one is interested in.

As mentioned above the whole idea of writing content is to provide value to the readers and attract them to your site and convert them to customers.

Therefore, brands should conduct research on the issues that are related to their brands, which the readers would be interested in.


Conduct Research

One easy way is to conduct research from competitors and see what they are talking about. The customers are the same, therefore the competitors are likely to be solving the same problems that they are facing.

To beat competition, ensure that you solve the problem way better than they have solved it and make it more appealing. The reader is interested in great content and that which will keep him on the page.

While conducting research pay attention on the keywords that you will use at the title tags and SEO strategy for that post. Content marketing contributes to the overall domain authority of the site.

Therefore, the topics chosen should be revolving around the keywords that you are trying to rank for in search results.

Consumers use search engines to seek answers. Google has an algorithm that it uses to give results in the search page according to the value of the result.

The keywords should be related to the services that your site is offering.

Adwords Keyword planner is a free tool that is very helpful to get Audience insights.

Facebook offers the same guide even if you do not intend to use paid ads as part of the overall marketing strategy.

Respond to comments

Another way is to respond to the comments left by visitors and try engaging them on the concerns taught they have. This way you will be guided on what type of content the visitor is looking forward to read next time.

There are online forums where many people post their queries on issues that affect the. One such place is Quora.


Millions of people rely on such sites to have their questions answered by experts and professionals.

By answering questions, your brands gains authority and increases more traffic to your site.

You will also know what questions have a lot queries and maximise on providing enough content to cover such areas.


Offer Surveys

Readers are more likely to tell you everything that you need to know by requesting them to take part in a short survey.

This should not be less or more than five questions.

The questions should be framed towards extracting information that will assist in better serving your audiences.

One great tool that I use to conduct research is SurveyMonkey.

How Often To Write Content Online

Content marketing needs to be as often as possible because you need to engage your audiences.

You need to keep your brand in the sight of consumers to remain in their mind and achieve loyalty.

Having a blog post every week is a good start.

Google loves fresh content and it has shown that sights that continuously post content for their audiences tend to rank higher than sites that take a while.

Google understands that the site with fresh content is more reliable and important to the searchers than the others.

This is another secret why copy-writing is a must to online businesses.

Writing great content is a skill that is acquired after sometime of practice. 

online marketing insights
Data From Search Metrics

You do not need to tire yourself to produce content for your blog.

There are writers available who are willing to produce fresh original content for you every week at reasonable rates.

All you need to do is plan on the topics that you want writing about and have a schedule for releasing them.

There are Content management systems that are designed to post the content to the audiences at the scheduled time.

It is possible to have content planned for a whole year and leave you to concentrate on things that matter-growing your business.

Remember you will use this strategy in Email marketing strategy.

Writing emails that have a low bounce rate and a high click rate requires using words to make a sale.

Like I mentioned before, Copy-writing the key to turning your visitors to subscribers and loyal customers.

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