Presently, you need to create Facebook ads, since it is the home of over a billion active users.

This includes students, parents, CEO’s and companies.

It explains the power that this site has in connecting its users, and why you need to run an Ad campaign in Facebook.

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In this article, I have invited Sagar Miller to help share the 2020 strategies to create Facebook Ads. Check out the video below.

Posting on Facebook alone does not guarantee success for your business.

The important aspect is to drive people to your page, or website and ensure that they make a purchase.

Recently, Facebook has reduced the reach of posts and pages, even after spending thousands of dollars on ads to get followers.

facebook page reach

Facebook Ad campaigns have been very helpful in this part, as an Ad is able to reach as much number of people, as money can buy.

This will only be possible if the ads are appealing enough to draw them to the call to action.

side ads facebook

If you have ever run an ad on Facebook, you understand how important it is to have an appealing Facebook campaign strategy.

The ideas that you will be presenting your ad, is as critical as what you tell your prospects, one on one.

Having the perfect copy running on the timelines of your prospects will determine how many of them you will convince to purchase your product, or click on your call to action button.

In this article, I have highlighted the important aspects that you need to consider to run the best Facebook ad campaigns.

These are:

  • Visualization
  • Relevance
  • Value Proposition
  • Unique Call to Action

Every dollar counts, because the return on investment needs to be as large as possible to keep your business running.

1. Visualization

As you now know, visualization is an important aspect of the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook will only allow posts and content that is highly visual to be seen. That is, a great picture will be seen by quite a lot more people than one with a lot of writing on it.

This is because Facebook has studied the behavior of its users and has identified the kind of posts that yield more activity in the timeline.

The idea is to keep the users in the application as long as possible, by showing them only the material that seems important to them.

The same applies to ads. People are more likely to be attracted to great visual ads as compared to a lot of words, which instead pushes them away.

Remember that ads on Facebook appear on the timeline like any other posts by other users.

In fact, every second post that will appear on your timeline is a sponsored Ad.

sponsored ad timeline

You need to capture the attention of your prospects immediately they are on social media. The moment the user scrolls down without paying attention to your ads, that’s it.

To achieve a successful Facebook ad campaign strategy, choose your background color carefully.

Vivid banners backgrounds have overtime generated more clicks as compared to the usual white or blue Facebook trademark combo.

2. Relevant Facebook Ads Campaigns

It is easy for brands that are starting out to find themselves in situations where they throw away money in paid ads. This is especially when they do not know how to target their audience with optimized ads.

Relevance is a key element in creating ads. Remember that you are spending money every time a user views or clicks your ad.

facebook ads and Boosted posts

You will waste a lot of money if you are showing ads to people who do not match your target audience.

Have a clear demographic of your customer, and set the settings as per their description.

If you are selling female clothes that are designed for teens and ladies in their early twenties, customize your ads to fit their preferences.

Here is an example of a successful Facebook Ad by GearBunch.

create facebook ads

As you can see, the ad is quite appealing to the demographic target. In fact, it has managed to generate a lot of free shares, which is good for your ad.

Facebook launched a feature in 2015, which is able to rate the ads that run around it and give you a relevance score.

This feature works such that if your ad copy, image and the destination of the call to action is more relevant to the audience, the higher the score.

relevance score facebook

This score will be used to give priority to your ads to show up to relevant audiences. Remember that you are not the only one, with the product that needs access to a specific audience

Therefore, your ads need to also stand out from the thousands of ads that are put up every day.

There are tools that will assist you to create awesome ads relevant to your niche.

One of the tools, that I love and has helped me over the years is Whatrunswhere.

With this tool, you will be able to peruse through ads that have successfully been used all over the internet.

You can see what your competitors are doing and be able to create Facebook ads that make you money and outdo them.

3. Create Facebook Ads with Value Proposition

This section tells your viewer why they need to click on your ad.

You need to give a very convincing reason why your viewer should stop scrolling and click on your proposition.

Remember that viewers in social media are not looking to buy, unlike those in search engines who have already shown intent.

One way to do this is to offer an irresistible gift.

free facebook ads

One thing I have learned over the years is that people really love free things.

It does not harm to give value to your audience by offering to give free gifts that will help them.

From the ad above, the viewer does not feel forced to purchase anything. In fact, he/she will feel like that you are willing to help them for free, and will quickly continue to download the ‘Free’ copy of ideas for their website.

You can be creative in many different ways to entice your audience. It is, however, very important to be realistic when doing this.

facebook ads

Do not offer unrealistic deals like saying you offer the sweetest pizza on the planet. Instead, having an irresistible discount on online orders would be good.

4. Create Facebook Ads with Unique Call to Action

Yes, you have to guide your audience on what to do with your ads.

  • Actions like ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Shop Now’ are important if you want your viewer to purchase a product.
  • ‘Sign Up’ if you want to grow your email list. Remember that the money is on the email list. Once you have this, you have constant personal communication with your viewer.
  • ‘Watch Video’ will get your viewers to view your video content.

Sometimes the CTA button could distract the viewer from the product. You can have a button on the image and have another ad running with one without.

This way you will be able to test which one converts more and go with the one that generates better results.

If you decide to have a button on your image, ensure that it stands out from your banner color.

Use the RGB color wheel to figure this out, and choose a color opposite from the banner color.

Now you have the main ingredients that you needs to create Facebook ads.

Always keep the following in mind as you create a successful Facebook ad campaign:

  • The headline should always be short and to the point.
  • Use a vivid background color for the ads. Use the RGB color wheel to test this.
  • Do not use text on the Facebook Ad Image. You have a lot of space in other areas to put text on the Ad.
  • Place the value of the product on sale in the main section of the Ad.
  • Ensure that the CTA buttons, work and guide the viewer to the outcome that you desire.

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