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How to Become a Digital Marketer in Nigeria

Become a web marketer: 8 ways to get started in digital marketing

The digital marketing in Nigeria is a broad field, relatively new and evolving. It is, however, totally possible to get started, regardless of your background. Whether you are a student, looking for a job, entrepreneur, retraining or just curious, you can  become a web marketer in Nigeria by following these tips that allowed me to get started in digital marketing.

Plus a good dose of motivation , passion and desire to learn 😉

I got passionate about digital marketing during trying out online businesses to make ends meet in college. Having no previous experience in marketing, I started reading books, specialized blogs and looking for answers to my questions on the Internet.

It taught me a lot and reinforced my passion for digital marketing.

During the following year, I embarked on several projects to continue my introduction to digital marketing. Because the best way to become a web marketer is to practice, test, experiment, be creative.

Few training courses allow you to fully understand digital marketing, a fairly new and constantly evolving subject. If I had to give a single piece of advice to learn about digital marketing, it would be to launch your own projects in order to experiment with the multiple tools of the digital marketer.

Between theory and practice, here are 8 tested and proven ways to learn about digital marketing.

8 tips with which you too can become a web marketer.

Becoming a web marketer: theory …

Theory, we all need it a little, and above all, it’s a good way to put a first foot in the middle, to learn the jargon and the codes.




To get started with Digital Marketing in Nigeria, you can start by taking general courses and then more specialized courses, at our online school. There are many very interesting Open Online Courses on web marketing. Sign up for free on online course platforms such as Coursera or Udemy, which offer a plethora of online marketing courses (mostly in English).

To get started, you can also take Google’s Digital training . She is certifying and gives a good overview of digital marketing. Certainly not enough to be operational, but it is a first step!

Finally, the Google Partners program offers very good resources on Google Adwords and Google Analytics, two essential tools for web marketers.

News sites and webzines

I can only advise you to follow the technological and digital news in order to follow the trends, new practices and tools of the sector. Digital marketing and more broadly digital is evolving rapidly. You must therefore stay on top of the news if you want to become a web marketer.

Read blogs

The web marketing blogs are essential to your digital marketing training. To become a good web marketer, you will need to read it regularly to keep up to date with the latest trends. The reason reading blogs is so crucial? Because they are written by specialists , digital marketing professionals who often speak from experience.

Also, some excellent resources are in English. For example, I advise you to follow the blogs of a few influencers in digital marketing: the Buffer blog (especially for everything social media), the Hubspot blog  (inbound marketing) or even Quicksprout (created by Neil Patel ).

Follow influencers

Follow influencers on social media

Following influencers and digital marketing experts  will definitely benefit you! Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and you’ll learn about the way they work, the tips they share, their experience and their plans.

List of the 50 digital marketing influencers in 2020.


The books are very good resources to deepen specific aspects of digital marketing . They can also inspire you with new trends and working methods in digital marketing. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday are two books that I highly recommend whether you want to work in a start-up or a larger company. .

… to practice (learning by doing)

In web marketing, as in many other fields, theory is not enough! Practice, learning by doing, is essential to build a good foundation and become a web marketer.

Professional experience in a company

Develop your business experience to become a web marketer

Sooner or later, gaining professional experience in a company is a must . Quite simply because we cannot learn everything alone. As soon as you have acquired the basics of digital marketing, go for it and get an internship or a contract in a company! Small or large business, whatever, above all make sure you are well supervised. You are at a stage where you need a mentor , someone who can guide you, give you the keys to understanding the world of digital marketing, to whom you can ask all your questions and who makes you work on cases concrete and rewarding.

Once you have acquired a bit of professional expertise, feel free to offer your services as a freelancer to other companies. You will gain experience and practice, and be paid 🙂

What does the job of digital consultant consist of? 

The digital consultant, also called a digital strategy consultant , is an expert who advises and supports companies wishing to adapt to the digital revolution or reinvent their web strategy . In a hyper-connected society, he is an essential expert who helps professional structures to rethink their functioning by integrating new technologies and the web into their action processes. 

When a company turns to him, the digital consultant first takes stock of the situation: company projects, marketing vision, relationship with competitors, tools used, etc. In order to have a perfect overview of the functioning of the company, he must communicate with all the actors who work there, from the intern to the entrepreneur who is at his head. 

While taking into account the needs of his customers, the digital consultant then develops a digital strategy to allow them to evolve and can offer them various deployments: creation or renewal of the website, web marketing or community management tactics, natural referencing and paid referencing, etc. 

In general, the digital consultant works within a web marketing consulting agency . He can also work on his own under the status of freelance. 

The qualities and skills essential to exercise this profession

To become a digital consultant, it is necessary to have an excellent foundation in web marketing . However, with this profession, you should not remain on your gains. Indeed, this web expert must constantly monitor the digital world in order to be up to date on developments in the sector and to subsequently be able to propose relevant strategies to VSEs, SMEs, large companies or even associations that call on to his services. 

In addition, the digital transformation consultant must also have a good sense of contact and have an educational spirit . Indeed, if he is an expert in his field, he must also know how to popularize certain concepts in order to explain them to clients who do not always master the concepts of web marketing.

A true manager , he must be organized in order to manage the implementation of a digital strategy that he has proposed to companies. 

Create your own website

Finally, to fully follow my initial “test & learn” advice, create your own website , as I did here, in order to be able to test different acquisition and retention marketing levers . In addition, you will improve your IT and web / WordPress development skills 😃

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