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How long will it take to see the SEO results?

Depending on who you ask, if we ask any expert the results of a search engine ranking strategy can be immediate or take a long time to be effective. 

Who is right? 

showing ranking position after 3 days of publishing

Is it possible to develop an action plan that works in just a few days, or does it take time to start seeing the results? 

We will answer these questions with the help of web rankings.

For the above result, there are many factors involved.

  1. That is a long-tail keyword, meaning I will have more chances for ranking for it compared to shorter keywords, which already have alot of competition.
  2. The page has unique content related to the query. You can see that the other results are not answering the question. They will have a harder time trying to outrank me or that keyword.
  3. The page is anchored on a site with alot of authority. Getsales boasts of a lot of authority in the marketing niche worldwide.

Can you appear in the top positions in hours?

The dream of any webmaster is to launch a website and in just a few hours be on the first page of a search engine. 

And there are those who say that they can get it without problems. Is this true?

To be honest, you have to admit that yes. 

It is possible to develop a strategy that elevates a web page to the top positions of a search engine as if by magic. 

This leads some businesses to demand from the managers of any SEO company that they have hired or that they are thinking about hiring, that they are able to position them in record time, and if not, they consider that they are not doing their job well.


What those who position pages in a couple of days do not say is that the effects of these strategies are temporary because they use elements that ultimately get penalized and rankings drop. 

That is why this SEO is done in test pages for experiments or simply with the aim of making money for advertising in a few weeks until the rankings finally collapse.


It is true that appearing in the top positions of a search engine as soon as possible is what everyone expects. 

But it is not enough to be up, especially for serious projects that seek to stay in those positions with the passage of time. 

That’s where the differences between quality SEO and the one that simply focuses on positioning a page without paying attention to stability.

For quality SEO to work, it takes up to 6 months developing a plan that consolidates the results, from the care of web design to make accessible the products you want to sell, to the contents of a blog on the same site where you can become a reference within the niche around which the entire web revolves.

Also, keep in mind that if things are not done right from the beginning, it will be much harder to get results. 

It is possible that an express ranking strategy results in a penalty, and before getting a good position in the search engines it will be necessary to make changes.

Sometimes very deep and it takes much longer.

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