Many wonder what ad approval times are on the Facebook Ads and Adwords advertising platforms.

So we are going to make a brief summary of the main times and the factors that you should take into account for each of them.

Facebook Ads

When an ad is presented on Facebook Ads, it has two ad review systems: a manual and an automatic system. 

Generally, the automatic system is faster and more immediate but the manual system takes longer since it is done by a real person. 

What is the time that in theory, or according to regulation, an ad should be approved? 

An announcement can be approved between a range of a few minutes (or hours) up to 4 days, but generally what is handled is 24 to 48 hours.

Now, the good thing about Facebook is that this approval time is not counting holidays or weekends.

 For example, if you post on a Saturday or Sunday, the approval time is more or less (from an account that has no violations or any problem with Facebook) from a few minutes to a few hours, which is normal. 

But keep in mind that this can be extended to 24 or 48 hours.

Generally, on weekends or low staff, Facebook relies on the automatic system and if you are an advertiser with a good reputation and with approved ads, let’s say the system is more flexible and possibly approve the ads. 

If there is an incident, when the manual system is activated, there is a possibility that when performing the review, the publication may be cancelled or paralyzed. 

But generally on Facebook it is immediate and does not take holidays or non-working days into account.

Google Adwords (Google Ads)

Here is a problem because it takes Google Adwords to approve an ad; Adwords tells you that at least it is 24 business hours for approval, that this happens in minutes is very rare. 

You have to take into account that Adwords times can also be long, from 1 to 4 days, taking into account that they are skilful. 

For example, if you submit an announcement on Saturday, keep in mind that the weekend will be lost days and from Monday is when the process will begin. 

So the problem here with Adwords is that the ads take longer to approve since they do not have the same review effectiveness as Facebook, then you have to take into account the impact that only business days are considered and therefore, it will take longer

What you need to know

As a personal advice, I recommend that you always do your campaigns in advance. 

An ad campaign cannot present it immediately. 

There are many customers who want campaigns to be done immediately. This may not be the case because it is going to go wrong right from the start.

 You have to take time in advance, as it is being published on Facebook since you have to keep in mind that we are talking about an advertising account with a good history.

If we refer to an account with problems or observations, Facebook can delay your ads and may not even approve them. 

So the important thing is that you always plan and schedule your campaigns a few days in advance so that it comes out at a certain time, this being the ideal procedure.

And keep in mind that if you have a good track record on Facebook, your ads will be approved more quickly; but if you have problems, times will extend. 

And in Adwords, unfortunately, there are two factors to take into account, in addition to the delay of what corresponds to the approval, there is also a delay in the statistics.

Although on Facebook once you launch the campaign you can see the statistics in real-time, in Google Ads it usually is not so.

It takes longer for these statistics to be seen as they are updated every 24 hours. Then you have to take these aspects into account as they can make the campaign a bit more difficult.

Generally in Facebook Ads, you can make campaigns that last 1 day or even a few hours, without any problem.

In Adwords, you can do it but you must plan it well in advance and it has certain limits. In Facebook Ads, it is easier to leave for hours while in Adwords it is more targeted to specific days. 

Keep in mind that in Facebook Ads it will always be simpler in contrast to Google Ads that will be a bit more complex.

However, each ad network is important and the fundamental thing is that you adapt to that way of working and adapt to the guidelines and norms.

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