Since not long ago, voice search is already happening. This trend makes voice consultations take more prominence when it comes to defining a search engine rankings strategy.

Part of the blame for this trend is smartphones, as studies estimate that around 60% of users routinely use voice search on their phones, with 38% of those who use it for voice calls, search for places or to navigate.

How does this big change affect user searches?

All the bets indicate that query by voice will be a very important factor to take into account for search engines in the coming years. For that reason, if you cannot beat your enemy, join him.

The main search engines have changed their way of processing the content, the old formula in which a certain number of times a keyword was included is no longer enough

Now the naturalness and satisfaction of the user’s desire are sought, that is, offering one or several answers to a query instead of offering the query itself.

The semantic richness of the content plays an important role as well as the context, since while the written searches are usually characterized by the omission of prepositions, omission of articles, single words and empty words, voice searches contain all the elements of a phrase, thus, semantics becoming important.

This practice is becoming more common. Google “rewards” all those contents that can offer users a solution to a query.

This tendency is practically directed towards voice searches since queries made by a user through voice assistants are usually direct questions that are resolved with direct answers.

As you can see in the example, position 0, directly offers the preview of a response with a series of tips through the Knowledge Graph, while below it appears a grid of possible solutions to the problem posed by the user.

showing Google's related search terms

How will voice search affect SEO strategies?

Undoubtedly, the search by voice is a trend that will impact the way in which users seek information, in fact, there are already fast food shops that are able to place orders through this type of search.

All these advantages and that this new way of searching will have, we must have them present in SEO strategies or if we want to have constant growth.

Some of the advantages we have are:

1. Keywords will continue to be important

As mentioned above, the tendency of Google is to give priority to content that offers semantic richness, but that does not mean that you have to stop optimizing a site using standard techniques. 

We will still need to write deep content in which you can include many variations of a concept and also optimize the page for certain queries that reinforce the themes of the page.

showing Google's related searches

With what is speculated, is that the keywords longtail (even more) will play an important role

The optimal number of words for a voice query is not yet known, however, and by deduction, since it is a voice search, users will not hesitate to make longer, specific and descriptive queries, using up to 10 word long keywords.

The structure of the content of the web will have a fundamental role, since depending on how it is structured it will be possible to answer the queries of the relevant searches.

The Knowledge Graph is an advantage over your competitors, so it is important to treat the content by answering the possible questions that could arise. 

With this I do not mean that we should only focus on that, as I said, it is also important not to neglect the use of potential keywords that can offer semantic variety to enrich the contents.

2. Local strategy

This search system is a great advantage for local businesses.

 As commented, search engines offer direct answers to certain questions that pose a problem, for that reason the direct search to be a resource that is used in our day to day, can help users on issues related to geolocation.

 Let’s take an example, if a tourist is in Alicante and does not know what to do, the first thing he will do is take the phone and perform the following search:

showing local search term results

. A map of your current location even appears.

It is a very useful tool for businesses in the area. 

It must be remembered that the bulk of voice searches is done from Smartphones, which are always offering information about their position, so it is an advantage for all those physical and local businesses that are around a user who starts a search geographic location. 

The possibility of conversion increases as users have a preference for local ads information.

3. Know what kind of questions your users ask

The most commonly used words to start a voice search are usually questions that begin with: what, who, how, when and why

The increase in this type of queries is the natural evolution of simplified searches. 

In some way, for users, it is more comfortable to ask the complete question by voice than to write a generic keyword that may show results that the user does not want.

 For example, if I want to find information about Steve Jobs, I will search by voice “who is Steve Jobs?” Instead of just writing his name.

very curious study of Search Engine Watch showed some time ago the beginnings of frequently asked questions in the search engines. It is said that the search “Who is …?” Is one of the most performed in the voice search.

Looking for a product or service. It is important to keep them in mind because they can make the difference of appearing in the knowledge graph or the grid of questions to even appear on the first page of results.

It is advisable to raise the content strategy taking into account this advantage. The tools that we use most in our strategies are:

  • To generate questions: AnswerThePublic, Bloomberry
  • Search for longtail keywords: Ubersuggest,,
  • Mix of questions and keywords longtail: Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

The future is voice searches

Increasingly are the devices that integrate this tool as an advantage to give value to users and as we have seen, more than half of them already use it as usual. 

It is a matter of time that it becomes the main form of a search for users. 

It is a convenient tool available to almost everyone that offers direct answers to specific questions that facilitate the task.

Advances in this search technique will bring us nothing but comforts and advantages, such as voice search through emotions, in which according to the tone of voice with which you make the query, the device can know your mood and what exactly do you need? 

The search by voice is already a fact and it is convenient to keep it in mind. It is necessary to be prepared and can help you design an SEO strategy adapted to your needs.

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