I have been doing online business since the end of 2011. Yes, that is first when I believed it was possible to do one.

I used to feel physically sick on the journey to my first 9-5 job. I was in college balancing between academics and working.

If you understand where I come from, you will realize that I needed that job more than the education. I needed the money to stay in school and a roof over my head.

The atmosphere was so toxic & the disruption & drama with some of the employers created a horrible environment. 😫

The money was ok maybe even not bad, but I’d reached a point where I couldn’t really earn much more in the job I was in.

Being told that I couldn’t take a vacation because if I did someone else could take up my position -was heartbreaking! 💔💔💔

I wanted OUT!

Earning Money Online in Kenya

But the problem was… as a man in my early 20s it was gonna be hard to meet my bills as I was just starting out to live the independent life.

I was still in school so I needed to continue financing a course that I was already losing interest in.

The cost of going back to begin another course in another college or university, and then having to start all over again… and even if I got that far, I’d never been able to afford the pay cut!

So I resigned myself to this demanding job… I tried to be positive “well you know, the money’s ok & there are people out there much worse off than me”

But the reality was crushing me, the idea that this was IT! I was NEVER going to earn much more money than this.

I would only be allowed to take a certain number of days of holiday per year, and I would have to ask permission to do so. THIS WAS IT! Until retirement age at 70! 🥺

Profitable Internet Business Ideas


My employer used to get work from clients all around the world and would push us to deliver at very strict deadlines. One day I came across the exact payments he was paid and I was astonished. We were pretty much his slaves

That is the day I made up my mind to start my own business and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I was going to set up a site and wait for the same clients to visit my site.

I was going to compete, my employer. Genius idea!😂

One week, two weeks, 3 months, they never came!

Then one day I came across a course on content marketing– business model & it CLICKED! 😯

It made TOTAL SENSE to me. I implemented what I learned on my site and with a few more months of hard work my site started picking up.

I was quick to realize that many people did not know that if they could implement this strategy in their business they would also reap a lot too. That is when I started GETSALES to help local businesses scale their business online.

Of course, a local business owner would happily pay ksh. 30000 – ksh. 100, 000+ if you could generate them positive ROI and a bunch of new customers. 💰

If you could get just 5 clients paying you ksh. 100, 000 per month that’s 500k in revenue – per month! – more than I’ve ever earned in my life. 💵💵💵

Even better – the overheads are minimal – a laptop & some software. You could work from anywhere in the world! 🌍

I was sold 10000% 😀

How can I make money online in Kenya?

I immersed myself in as much training paid & free as I could. Joined all the best Facebook groups etc

I watched all the interviews with the experts and I dreamed and fantasized about my new life of both financial and personal freedom and that ONE DAY it would be ME being interviewed as an expert… 💪🏻

I invested in some high-level training which was amazing but I kinda went on MY OWN JOURNEY, I was always told and actually thought myself that local businesses literally meant local businesses – in my town.

But then my mindset changed – and my philosophy was – we live in the digital age… what’s stopping me working with businesses in other countries? Once I’d considered this – the realization came to me that this offered limitless opportunities! There are literally MILLIONS of businesses worldwide. 🚀

So I started experimenting in business FB groups on my phone on my way to work… not long after I got my first client – in the states and then another somewhere else..

I then figured out how to run FB ads and search engine optimization for myself – to get clients. Now I’d just wake up in the morning and see what sales call I had that day. 📆

It was hard work doing a 9-5 & trying to get an Agency off the ground. 18 hour days. But I never gave up. I had no choice. I HAD TO DO THIS. 💥

With each client I’d make sure to really drive home my referral scheme – that with each new client they referred me, they would get a discount off their next months campaign…

What happened next was crazy…..

As each clients campaign would near the end… they’d literally go out of their way to send me referrals because they wanted to get that discount. 💷

And then the next batch of clients would do the same… and so on… and so on…

Handing my notice in was the most incredible feeling in the world… I felt like I’d won the World Cup! 🏆

It just felt so amazing! Like the biggest weight in the universe being lifted off my shoulders. 😌

The next thing you know its me being interviewed, it felt surreal remembering back to when that was just a dream… 🌌

Fast forward to today & I’ve got a nice little team around me….we’re hitting consistent $40k months!

I hope you’ve found this motivational and inspirational. I love to help people. Whether it’s my clients or fellow agency owners. ❤️❤️❤️

If I can do it, you can do it too!


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