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How do I build my website for free?

Searching for numbers in phone directories and searching for information on a particular office that you are interested in has been pretty much patient and timed, but thanks to the internet we have left us far behind us.

Thus, branch offices are more accessible to their users, and users can find more easily what they are looking for and what suits them.

Are you wondering how to easily and effectively make a website and improve your business?

If you want free and fast-set standards and publish your services on the internet to attract more visitors and potential customers, you’re in the right place.

This is how to create a website free of cost.

The first step you need to achieve this goal is to choose the best platform.

Reverse ten to fifteen years of web pages were made using

  • HTML code,
  • CSS,
  • PHP,
  • and even Flash.

Such a method of preparation requires the skills needed to overcome and take time and effort. Also, a website is not my own.

However, nowadays, with the development of a platform or a CMC (Content Management System) website, everyone can create it.

Using a quality platform like WordPress without any problems and coding.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular web site development platform and takes up all the sites on the Internet.

It is often used as a blog publishing app and is backed up by PHP and MySQL.

Apart from being free yet another one of its advantages is easy and easy to use.

Using simple platforms such as WordPress without any problems and with ease, any person from beginner to business can make a professional site in record time.

Domain Registration and Hosting

The second step is domain registration and hosting.

The domain is your site’s address as youtube.com, and hosting is a service that links your web site to the Internet.

Without these things, you will not be able to post any kind of web site.

WordPress is a free platform, but in order to set up your site on the internet you have to take a domain and hosting that will cost you about 10 $ per month.

It’s like a pizza that will not ruin you, but it will make your business easier.

With professional hosting services, your site will be loaded much faster and visitors will not be leaving because of the inaccessibility of your site.

bulbs with top level domains on them such as dot com dot org and dot edu

Choosing to host is the most important decision you have to make before making a website.

Hosting is a translation of the site’s content, ie, the entire web content on the web server so that they are accessible to anyone who browses the Internet.

Hosting and domains are the only costs you will have to make a web site.

Hosting domain and hosting:

First, open the browser and you will get the domain name and hosting.

When you choose, for example, Hostgator.com hosting service will ask you to choose your domain ie page name.

Then choose “Register a new domain” or “You already have this domain”.

If you already have a domain, enter it in the appropriate window, if you want to create a new domain, enter arbitrary text and select .com or. the site, online, store and so on.

If you want, you can buy a privacy policy for a domain that costs $ 14.95 a year, so you’ll become privacy and stop spam or contact you, different people.

After that choose the hosting plan, package type, and billing cycle, if you choose fewer months you will have a smaller discount and you will pay less, and if you choose more months you will have a bigger discount and you will pay more.

Select the username and security PIN.

The third step when hosting a hosting company is to enter your account checks.

When you do this, you have the option to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Then you will be asked if you want to add additional services, but you probably will not need them if you can add them later so you can leave it out.

Accept the Terms of Service by clicking on Checkout Now! and you’re ready to sign up for hosting.

The third step is installing WordPress.

To make a website in WordPress we only have to install WordPress on our domain.

We can do this with one click. In the interface of our hosting, we simply click on the “WordPress” icon and WordPress will be installed on our domain.

screen with icons

All you have to do is click on the hosting (you are still on the HostGator page), find and click on the box where it is written to launch and quickly install.

When you do this you can turn off the HostGator card and list it below and click on WordPress and you can choose the domain name for the installation.

Choose the domain name you want to install, leave the empty “directory” field because if you choose WordPress you will install it on your webpage/anything instead of yourwebstranica.com so we will leave it blank and click Next.

screen of next icon to click to install wordpress

Now we will enter the name of the blog (eg Create a website – you can change the name later if you do not like it), Admin user (eg your name) and First and last name (yours of course) and email address.

Check the box “Automatically create a new database for this installation” and check that you agree to the terms of service agreement then click on the install.

Be sure to copy your information (username, password, and address at which your site is located).

If you go check your site will not work because the internet needs time to realize that you have a new domain name.

It takes about 2 hours for the web site to run, and it may take about 24 hours, but it is 99% at most 2 hours.

The fourth step is the login in the interface.

After a while, reload the page and it will most likely work. You will become involved by writing your wp-admin (tvojawebstranica.com/wp-admin) to your web page. Enter a username and password and press Login.

You will see this login window where you need to enter the username and password you received when installing WordPress:

wordpress login screen

After signing up, you will be welcomed into the dashboard, i.e. a site interface where you will be able to manage all aspects of the site.

wordpress dashboard

With WordPress installation, we automatically get a simple page for Twenty seventeen topics that look like this:

black pot with mini aloe vera looking plant

If you do not like a password or you want to change it.

Go to Users, click on your username, scroll down until you find the Generate Password, tap on it and enter your new password you will write somewhere in case you forget it and click Update Profile (Update profile).

Next, we need to install the theme. The theme is a design that will shape the look of your website.

Go to the dashboard, find a look-up box then click on themes.

Click on Add Topic and browse through themes or go to the popular and find the one you like best.

When you find the topic that suits you, click Install then Activate and your site will get the look of the theme.

The last thing that matters when creating a WordPress page is to install Plugins.

Plugins or plug-ins are programs that make the page functional and are written in PHP, the programming language.

Add-ons are a great thing to upgrade your page to make it more effective.

Something that needs each page is a contact form.

To add it to the page, go to Extras – Add New, type “Contact form” (or any other function that you need, for example, “Teams”) when you find the contact form as you like, click install and then activate.

You will then see a new plugin in the interface.

If you click Add New, you will see all possible formatting options.

If we want to collect the basic information (eg name, surname, email, and message) from our visitors we will snap on Short Text and enter the required information and set up the email address to which the data will arrive.

In the same way, you can find various add-ons that will improve your page.

And that’s it!

You have successfully made a web site yourself without the hassle of coding and completely free of charge (without paying attention to hosting and hosting). Congratulations and a successful business!

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