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How can I start digital marketing in Nigeria?

Many of those attending our marketing trainings or  conferences are in the fairly early stages with their marketing efforts. They basically have no traffic, they have few social media followers and only a handful of email subscribers. Their blog is usually a mess (when they have it) and is barely readable. They need to know how to get started in digital marketing in Nigeria.

The buyer’s journey

Several of them, after training, suggest using some advanced techniques in their strategies, but doing so would not work for them. Although many do NOT like it, and want to skip the initial part, it is necessary to understand that the purchase journey of any client (buyers journey) is made up of three basic parts:

  • Recognition
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

If we don’t do a good job on the first, jumping to the third is almost impossible. It is pretending that an airplane takes off without hitting the runway. You need to understand it if you want to know how to get started in digital marketing.

Some of them ask why we don’t A / B test visitors to their site or segment their subscribers to send different messages to different groups. The answer is simple: because it would not make sense. How can you expect to get relevant results from a landing page A / B test, when you have no traffic? A / B tests are statistics and a statistic with a few visitors is rarely valid.

The same goes for other more advanced marketing methods, like sending different emails to specific segments of your subscriber list, or testing different headlines for your social post content. Without a good number of followers or subscribers this just won’t help. You will waste time on processes that are doomed from the start.

How to get started in digital marketing in Nigeria

The problem with marketing is often, that to do some of the most elegant and functional things; you need to have the basics well done. And to be successful with your marketing you need to understand two things:

  1. You must start from the beginning
  2. Your marketing needs to develop over time – depending on what stage you are in.

The vast majority of marketing blogs and sites give you a ton of marketing tips that sound great, but won’t help you in any way; not because they are useless but for the simple reason that they are written for another stage in the marketing process. You come across case studies of big brands and find out how they use their social networks to launch their campaigns, and you think you can do something similar. False.

In fact, right now, you are likely to face completely different problems: Get more followers for your social accounts, get more qualified traffic to your site, create a database of users through obtaining their emails and start generating SOME conversions. Once you have this under control you are ready for the next step, and you will have to make decisions to improve your marketing.

Risking advanced marketing before you have the basics is dangerous. You must understand how to get started in digital marketing.

Here are some examples of what you should do before you focus on something later in the marketing process:

  1. Audience before clients

If you don’t have a following, if you don’t have an audience … who are you planning to sell to? Aaaahhh! You sure think putting an ad on Facebook. Its not that easy. Nobody just by seeing an ad buys live. You need to have confidence in the brand you are approaching… and yes, for that to happen, you first need to have seen it, know about it… in other words, you need to have build the audience. See how I include the Facebook Ads Tool consider the three stages of the buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion .

Facebook itself is telling you that you have to start from the beginning, not from the end! Getting started in digital marketing means understanding the buyer’s journey.

Value before conversion

You can’t expect to grow an audience when you’re not providing something worth listening to. Many people wonder why their number of followers does not grow, and the answer although it hurts to the guts is: they simply do not deserve to be followed; And because of that, most of the methods they advise you to use to increase your followers will likely fail.

As long as the content you offer is worthless, no method will do. THIS IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL TRUTH that you must understand in digital marketing and that everyone ignores. If what you deliver is not valuable content , no one will care. You may think that it has a lot of value, but the truth is that whoever decides that is your market.

Before wasting time trying to get people to follow you, make sure you provide something with your blog and / or your social accounts to people who you think should follow you. Only then can you focus on other ways to get them to follow you.

YouTubers are the best example of this. They’re audience builders by delivering something first … and once they’ve established their presence, then they start creating calls to action. How many makeup tips did Yuya give before she became famous?

In another example, you can see HubSpot, who always give away lots of e-books before even asking you to do something. This ad for your CRM, again give away before ordering. A mantra to understand on the way to how to get started in digital marketing.

  1. Sleep with your client

Yes, it is sure if you have an attractive client, you thought this was the tip of the century. No. Error. It was neuromarketing guru Martin Lindstrom who said this, and he really meant that you need to know him at his most basic habits.

Every time we ask if they know your client, the answer is the same: Yes of course! But the truth is that they don’t, because they just can’t answer question 2: Name three sites your client visits frequently to get information on what they need.

If you don’t know what he does, what he looks for on the web, what his doubts are, his fears, his problems that he wants to solve, then you don’t know anything about him. If you tell me that your client is class AB, C + aged between 25 and 35, who lives in…. blah… blah… blah… you are limiting yourself to a segmentation that was done 20 years ago. This is not being clear about how to get started in digital marketing.

How do I know my client?

Today you have to do Buyer Personas , another of the steps that everyone is lazy to carry out and they choose to skip it, saying that they do know the customer and that they do not need that. What happens is that they generate content, products and communications that do not resonate with anyone and therefore do not sell anything. The last straw is finding those who intend to segment with Facebook without having done the Buyer Persona. It’s giving a 9-year-old a lug wrench and saying, change the tires on the car.

When building an audience you need to know WHO your audience is, otherwise all your efforts are for naught. You need to gather as much information as possible about them.

Even businesses as diversified in geography and languages ​​as PoliLingua, an international company, with a full range of transcription services for any language combination, with native linguists in more than 140 language combinations, must develop buyer personas. How to do it in such diversified cases? The answer is thinking globally, adapting for local.

In order not to go further with theory, here is an article to build your Buyer Persona.  It is basic but believe me that when you fill it out, you will never see your customers in the same way. A basic step on the way of how to get started in digital marketing.

  1. Size does not matter

Before you can expect someone to share your content on social media, you need an audience. That has become clear. This audience may be small. It doesn’t matter! What matters is that it is qualified. What does this mean? That your followers must match your buyer persona.

Let’s say it’s an accounting business. Why do we want people who don’t care about accounting to follow us? People who don’t use it? People from another country? All that traffic is irrelevant! You need your own audience, no matter how small. Sure, specialized businesses have small audiences, don’t you believe me? How about an audience for reinforcements for asbestos pipes? … Do you think they have thousands of followers? Of course not! But they need to have them … they need to have only those who can be their customers.

Build audience

If no one knows your content is there, no one will share it. There are two ways to solve this problem: Either you create a few followers (= an audience), or you find other ways to reach that audience. You can write on the site of others by linking content to your site, you can pay Facebook for recognition and reach ads, you can create and give away an e-book that attracts qualified traffic to your site, or you can invite bloggers with larger audiences to write occasionally on your site and start making you known. There are many ways, creativity is the limit.

  1. Audience before social networks, web and newsletter

The importance of creating top-notch content on a site is that you will have to share on social networks… your content (and therefore your site) will appear in Google… and it will generate subscribers who want to receive e-mails from your site. If you don’t have that content, you can’t expect to have followers talking about you on social media, you can’t expect to see traffic coming from there; You won’t be able to wait for it to arrive via Google either because you won’t appear in it… much less can you expect people to subscribe to your newsletter… and therefore… there won’t be conversions either.

Without content, there is no audience, without audience there are no clients, without clients there is no wool. End.

When we say content you DO NOT have to think of texts in a boring blog. You can think of blog articles, of course (and they are the best things to attract traffic) but you can also think of infographics, videos, photo sets, how to’s, e’books, statistics, etc. There are many ways to create content . The informative texts about your brand, product or service that you have on your site ARE NOT CONTENT.

Content is the message you deliver to your brand. Take a look at this video if you want to understand it better.

  1. The only insurance for your audience is e-mail

If you have managed to have an audience of 10,000 followers on social networks, we congratulate you, but … How do you get a message to everyone? It is impossible! No social network will give you the contact information or allow you to reach everyone from an organic post. The only way you are guaranteed to do that is for you to build the database from your site. That is, generate 1a content, make them go to your site and get them to subscribe to it to continue receiving that content through your newsletter .

There are many free and paid software that allow you to place boxes to collect data. We use OptinMonster (paid) – you could see one of its many ways of collecting data when you entered this site – but there is also SumoMe which is freemium. Both tools are WordPress compatible and can be assembled in minutes.

These tools collect emails, but do not send newsletters; For this, you must rely on others such as Doppler , which we already talked about at the beginning, which is extraordinary for that function and they have fantastic customer service. Other tools are Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.


This is just a small guide on how to get started in digital marketing. Marketing is a process and not a one-time event. You have to take one step after the other. If you start a step further in your journey without getting the necessary preceding steps, you are heading for a great disappointment; And if the metrics tell you something unexpected, sometimes you need to step back and rethink if perhaps something done in the marketing process before the measurement was not done correctly.

Do you want to add something? We would love to hear from you; leave us a comment, or let us knock on your email door each week to help you become a better marketer with some inspiration.

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