It is unknown to many the amount of resources and advice that Google itself offers for those who are starting in online marketing, especially in the aspect that affects the operation of your search engine.

Among these resources, Google offers tips for choosing a good SEO specialist for your project. 

Today we will analyze these guidelines and tips and give you our point of view. We are not 100% in agreement with Google.

What is an SEO specialist in Google?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimizer. 

An SEO specialist is a professional with extensive experience in managing web positioning campaigns (SEO), either acting as a freelance or within an agency’s team structure.

It is a highly specialized profile, with many years of training and experience, and making a good choice will be critical for your project to generate quality traffic through organic positioning or SEO.

Among many other issues, an SEO specialist should take care of:

  • Review the content and structure of the website.
  • Offer technical assistance to the development of websites; for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript and much more.
  • Develop quality content to nurture the website’s blog.
  • Manage and direct SEO campaigns in accordance with the general strategy of online business development of the business.
  • Do extensive research on keywords (Keyword Research).
  • Training and continuous training in SEO for the entire Digital Marketing team.
  • Bring experience in geographical areas and specific markets (local SEO).

Can I be an SEO specialist myself?

When financial resources are scarce, it may be a good idea to start the SEO work yourself. This is recommended by Google. 

In fact, there are thousands of free and open resources on the Internet to learn about SEO. 

Google itself puts at our disposal a series of videos and guidelines for Google webmasters that can be a good starting point.

The main problem at this point is that, since you have no money, you will need time, a lot of time, to organize and assimilate the amount of information that you will find around a subject that, in addition, is relatively technical.

And above all, SEO is learned by doing. If you are going to try it for yourself, get a good theoretical and conceptual basis, but immediately, start doing. 

Buy an additional domain to your business (in case you do any “mockery”) and start experimenting. 

Apply the techniques you have learned, try new ones, and check what works and what doesn’t. 

Only then will you be able to improve and evolve as SEO, from your own experience and not from what others tell you.

Perhaps in this journey, you realize what it means to be and work as an SEO specialist, and values ​​that it is not feasible to do yourself, if not for profitability and results, it will be more interesting to hire and outsource this service.

How to choose an SEO specialist?

How to choose an SEO specialist?

You can be in two different circumstances.

  • You haven’t created your website yet.
  • You have already created your website but you are going to make an important update.

In both cases, it will be essential to have the support of an SEO specialist to implement the changes and improvements that it will suggest. 

Keep in mind therefore that you will need design, layout or programming resources to implement the changes that the SEO specialist indicates. 

If you don’t have them, don’t hire the SEO specialist!

When deciding between different SEO specialists, some good questions you can ask to decide are:

  • Can you show results in other previous works?
  • How many years of experience and experience do you have doing SEO?
  • Have you worked on projects similar to my business or sector?
  • What kind of techniques do you use?
  • What do you measure to evaluate the performance of your work, and how long can I expect results?
  • How will communication and transparency be regarding the work you do?

Likewise, you should expect some key questions from the SEO specialist to show that he really has experience and professionalism in his work. For example:

  • What is the unique sale proposition of your business? What makes it different from others?
  • Who do you compete against?
  • Who is your ideal customer, why buy you?
  • What is your portfolio of products and services?
  • What other marketing tools are you using?

If after collecting all this information, you still have doubts, you can ask the professional to perform a small preliminary audit of your website. In some cases, SEO professionals will ask for financial compensation for this audit. It is normal, however small, it implies a series of hours of work that the professional must invoice, but in any case, it will be an acceptable investment to ensure that you are putting your project in good hands.

Tips and precautions to choose an SEO specialist

As we said before, there are a number of guidelines and good practices for the development of SEO techniques. 

Sometimes, professionals, in order to advance the achievement of the results, can apply Black SEO techniques. 

These techniques may promptly offer good results, but in the long term, they end in penalties that in many cases are insurmountable. 

That is, Google can definitely penalize your website and domain and get you out of the results index, losing all the visibility and results you could have achieved.

In general, you should be suspicious of alleged SEO specialists who perform these practices:

  • They come to you with messages of the type: “We have discovered that your website is not included in the main search engines” …
  • They assure you of the first position in the search engine. No one can do this, mainly because they do not control 2 of the 3 factors that influence the positioning of a website: Google’s algorithm, and competition.
  • They tell you that they are going to use “secret techniques” that nobody knows, but that gives magnificent results. It smells like Black SEO from afar.
  • They ask you to put a link on your website, to yours.

Web positioning (SEO) is a service that can provide you with many joys in the form of large volumes of visits and qualified traffic to your site, which will end up generating quality customers and sales for your business.

Making the right choice of a good SEO specialist will be a crucial mission to achieve success. Choose your travel companion well if you want to reach a good port.

If you need more information or talk to a true SEO specialist, we will be happy to hear from you. 😉

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