Google Adwords advertising helps in increasing the viewership by customers to the business, and it helps in growing an online presence through a systematic strategy and direction.

It is through searchable web pages that the business stays ahead of the competitors as it appears as a top listing related to specific keywords.

The main idea when using Adword is to create high quality, SEO-friendly, web page, and ad extensions.

Also, online advertising is enabled to display ads by sites the users previously visited through Google Adwords remarketing.

Google Adwords as an advertising tool

Adwords has been in the market almost close to two decades and has been utilized by businesses in growing a stronger online presence and in driving revenue through Google, one of the most renown search engine in the world, at an affordable price.

It works on a system where Google prioritizes high quality and relevant ads by positioning them higher on the search engines at a low cost.

This is contrary to previous programs employed by Google where advertising structures ads were highlighted to the highest bidders. It all begins when a customer searches for something on Google.

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The advertisers capitalize on specific keywords related to particular topics.

The system then ranks every advertiser according to their relevancy, the ad quality, and the attached cost.

The position of the business is determined by calculating the maximum bid against the ad’s quality.

It is more expensive for an advertiser with a high maximum bid and an irrelevant ad to be positioned in the search engine.

This gives all the advertisers an equal chance to be highlighted despite their financial background. It creates an incentive to all advertisers to focus on relevancy and quality in their advertisements to the keywords.

What is Google Adwords Quality Score?

The overall performance of the business in ad auctions is determined through each auction result, which contributes to an overall quality score.

It gives a chance to business owners to strategize on how to improve their overall quality score.

Advertisers are also advised to better their landing page as this is the webpage where the potential customers arrive after clicking their ad.

It should cater to the customers’ needs by giving them what they are looking for.

This is by reflecting on how specific each keyword is in the results.

adwords quality score

Businesses should desist from pushing other products and services on their sites besides from what the customer is looking for as this affects the score of the landing page thus deteriorating the business’ Adword ranking.

Google AdWords Remarketing

Google Remarketing is a type of online advertising where sites display targeted ads to previous users of the site.

The users will be reminded of these ads while they are surfing on the web, or when they are on other sites such as YouTube with the aim of enticing the users to revisit the site.

Previous visitors to the site who are already familiar with the brand become potential customers and may also complete other valuable actions on the site.

This may lead to an increase in conversion rates and ROI.

You may be wondering what are good AdWords conversion rates. Wordstream established as follows:

How remarketing works.

Let us now see how this concept of remarketing works.

It utilizes a special tracking code placed to cookies on the browsers of visiting potential customers to the website.

The main criteria of remarketing are to capitalize on the users who earlier visited the website and showed an interest in the products and services.

A successful remarketing campaign requires targeting potential customers on the site and capitalizing on remarketing ads.

It is important to note that by targeting all users visiting the websites leads to an increase in the Google remarketing costs.

Thus it is essential to distinguish the target audience and narrow down to increase the ad relevance hence lowering the cost per click.

The business can decrease the Google remarketing costs by dividing their target audience into two groups.

The first slot will be customers who have already purchased from the site.

They are to be given more priorities than other users through discounts and other incentives to urge them to buy more and notify them of new products and services on the site.

The additional slot will be for users who have not purchased yet from the site.

The ads here would sensitize them on the advantages of the products and services.

Selecting target audiences.

Most remarketing strategies include analyzing data on which visitors the site would show the ads to.

This can be based on the product page the users visited.

Some of the pages ignored by the users can indicate the likelihood of the products and services not satisfying the customers.

The time the users spend on an individual product page also helps in determining the amount of interest the potential customer bear to certain products and services.

Google Adwords remarketing cost.

more traffic

They are the costs incurred in advertising to visiting users to the website.

Google AdWords remarketing cost varies according to the online marketing strategy employed by the business.

The strategy should be cost-effective as the emphasis is on relevance and quality.

For this to be achieved several measures such as inclusive targeting, conversion filtering, ad relevance and ad quality must be employed.

This leads to the netting of potential customers who are highly likely to click and convert.

The business can also create display ads that can include texts, pictures, and videos through banner ads.

Google Adwords remarketing codes.

A business needs to set up a unique code that would be placed on the cookies of the visitors to the website.

The code is generated within the Adword; the single system is placed on every page the user visits.

Once the code is placed on every page of the site, it will use the URL to build a custom combination and audience.

The main advantage of possessing a Google Analytics account is the capability of setting up a remarketing list based on the goals and not just the pages visited.

Membership duration

The owner of the business needs to stipulate on the period a cookie is stored on the users’ browser.

The goals and strategies of the business should be considered when selecting the duration membership.

In case of an e-commerce business site, the membership should be extended to a specific period when the customer makes another order or purchase.

The ads should not frequently appear on the browser’s site as this may annoy the users who might eventually block the cookies.

Also through frequent capping, the business gains control on how the users are to view the ads for a specified period.

The main idea is to pick something that makes sense to the goals of the business.

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

The great thing about these tools is that they give business owners ability to target users already interested in the products and services.

Retargeting has many approaches, but it mostly refers to online ad placement which targets users who have interacted with the site in specific ways.

A cookie is sent to their browser; the owner uses this information to retarget them with ads based on their interactions once the users leave the site.

The ads are placed on Google Display Network allowing the ads to occur on sites that the potential customer’ use regularly.


  • Ad testing.

Strong branding works well; the business should treat remarketing similarly to how they treat other ads.

They should keep in mind their target audience.

The users are made familiar with the brand, so the business needs to go the extra mile in making the users return to the website.

  • Custom combination testing.

Businesses find different results when combining interest-categories with previous site users.

So it’s best for businesses to keep testing and to discover what works best for the account, they should experiment with different combinations of cookie lengths.

  • Bid testing.

Customers view the way business is worth monitoring in a remarketing campaign. It is essential to follow bids to control the cost-effectiveness and the return on the investment.

Most remarketing campaigns have found to be successful when they are focused more on the brand even though the results from other campaigns may vary.

This is because customers are more trustworthy to sites which they are more familiar with and have experience with.

This also helps in cases where the potential customers refer other customers to the business’ website.

Some customers fail to notice the discounts on the sites when they visit the page due to unfamiliarity.

It is essential to create a landing site to direct the users back to the place in case the business is offering discounts and offers on products and services.

It is hard to do placement exclusions for remarketing.

Placement exclusions occur when the business owner downloads the placement report and decides to block the sites which are poorly performing.

It gives the business owner the opportunity to see the actively performing pages of products and services.

Since the site will be prone to more people with intentions rather than purchasing, the site should be more tolerant of the remarketing placement performance.


Retargeting Tips For Google Adwords Users

Utilization of Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing does not cater for only businesses in the retail sector.

The business owner can also make fantastic deals ads that cater to other sectors such as job recruitments, car sales, and even education.

Also, the business owner can adjust the dynamic marketing code to provide for different business sectors through a custom feed.

Once the feed has been uploaded, the owner can start creating ads using the templates within Adword.

It can be a source of accessing other opportunities has it has the potential to gain higher conversion rates.

YouTube as a remarketing platform.

The business should develop video content displaying their products and services and upload it to YouTube.

YouTube has a large viewer audience, and the company can get a direct response from the customers concerning the products and services.

This also acts as a great addition to the marketing plan.

Users can also be monitored through the short segments that appear before streaming a video.

If a user skips the video, it will show the disinterest or failure in creating an exciting impression.

Linking of Adwords account to Google Play account.

Google Play account helps in creating select remarketing thus app engagement campaigns targeting people who used the app.

It can be a strategy to show ads to people who have not seen the app recently as it offers them the privilege of coming back and using the app.

It also gives the user the chance to view the version of the app the customers are currently using.

Use of Google Analytics

This can give access to owners such as IP address targeting.

The lists are imported into the Adword audience list in the shared library.

From here Google allows the extension of the audience to reach people who show similar traits as those on the list.

Use of Audience Data from other Companies.

The business can share audiences to Google Industry manager associated with the account.

Through an agreement, an alliance can be formed, and remarketing lists can be shared within the Adword account.

For security purposes, the business needs to update the privacy policy to inform the users about their data being used.

Also through custom intent audiences, advertisers of any skill level can leave the predefined audience categories.

Remarketing is a useful targeting medium on the Google Display Network by using catered the tailoring the ad and bids to the highly specific audience as it guarantees a profitable return on the investment.

The best strategy is to start small in the Adword campaign.

This creates time to learn the system and figure out what works best.

It equips learners with ways they can benefit from the business without necessarily hiring marketers and advertising firms.

It is essential to establish a target audience first, then focus on this target audience to grow the business.

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