Get a Free SEO Audit in 3 Minutes

It is thanks to the SEO audit (if it is well done) that you will be able to know all the axes of improvements, whether purely technical or strategic.

The purpose of an SEO audit?

This is to improve the positioning of each page of your site on a variety of keywords with the aim of generating more qualified traffic.


More Targeted Traffic = more leads.

But above all:

More Leads = more customers.

Why do an SEO Audit?

It’s simple.

Small comparison:

A house needs solid foundations to last in time, do you agree?

Otherwise, it may collapse over time and perhaps collapse like a house of cards (I exaggerate a little).

We all agree that when you notice that a house has bad foundations, you immediately criticize the quality of the work done by the mason.

Where am I coming from?

For a site, it’s the same.

If the foundations of a site are sloppy, then we can say that it is a poor site … no?

In fact not really for us at first sight.

On the other hand:

For search engines, a site with many technical, structural, semantic weaknesses that do not meet the criteria imposed by their algorithms, will be considered as a site of poor quality.


Not correcting all the weaknesses of your site, is tantamount to making a false start in your SEO campaign.

Why not show Google and others that your site is already well optimized and has a solid foundation?

Too many people focus solely on:

  • writing blog articles galore
  • creating backlinks


Because it’s more fun than doing an SEO audit.


Their site does not even meet the basic requirements of search engines because they have never done SEO auditing.

Huge mistake.

Do not make the same mistake …

If you want to go on a good foundation, do a complete SEO audit of your site.