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Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook Charges Ksh. 1000 to run one ad for 10 days with a Kenyan profile. That will be your cost on ads depending on the intensity and the result desired. There are additional agency fees to facilitate return on investment for your campaigns. Our social media marketing charges in Kenya start at ksh. 15000 per month.

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Our Core Facebook Ads Segments

Show Your Ads To People who have Expressed Interest

To maximize the use of your ads, we will craft an audience of people that have already expressed interest through the use of Facebook Audience Insight.

This is guided by the Following:

  1. Demographics (Age & Gender, Lifestyle, Relationship Status, Education Level and Job Title)
Facebook Ads Demographics
2. Page Likes

Here we find the pages that your target audience is already connected to, including your competition.

Facebook Page Likes Data
3. Location
Facebook Location Insight
4. Activity
Facebook Ads Activity Data

From such insight, we will design your best audience from anywhere in the world.

Tell Your Story Through Content Marketing

We create content that will push your audience to click your call to action.

Our content creation Places your ads ahead of your competition.

From thousands of test, we come up with content writing techniques that have successfully converted thousands of visitors to loyal customers.

Stop making ads that scare your visitors away.

Psychology in Marketing.

Facebook Friendly Ads.

Engaging Content.

Do you Have Your Own Content?

Yes, we will help you reach your target audience.

Convert Leads To Profits With Conversion Techniques

Is your Goal to Drive Traffic To your site?

Call to Action

This is exactly what you need. We link your page to the landing page which you have optimized for conversion.

call to action button

Facebook Pixel

This awesome Facebook tool will be inserted into your site and allow you to track all visitors to your page all over the net.

Why You Should Use Facebook Pixel
  • It will assist to send custom Ads to such people depending on the action that they took on your site. Say Bye Bye to blind Ads forever.
  • The key is that pixels allow you to make TARGETED offers to individuals based on pages they’ve visited on your website.
  • Retargeting (building audiences of people who have visited your website, retargeting throughout a sales funnel)
  • Optimization (creating higher converting Facebook campaigns focused on a specific action)

Past Performance is an indication of Future Results

There are several metrics available for managing Facebook Ads.

To help you understand the metrics that we will be using, we’ve highlighted in bold the most important and insightful report metrics.

Of course, the choice of an ad report metrics depends on the campaign’s goal and campaign objective.

  1. Performance: Results, Result Rate, Reach, FrequencyImpressions, Delivery, Social Reach, Social Impressions, People Taking Action, Positive & Negative Feedback, Amount Spent, etc.
  2. Clicks: Link clicks, Unique Link ClicksCTR, Social Clicks, etc.
  3. Engagement: Post Engagement, Post Comments, Post Shares, Page Engagement, Page Likes, Page Mentions, Event Responses, Check-Ins, Offer Claims, etc.
  4. Website Conversions: Website Leads, Website Searches, Website Adds to Cart, Website Registrations Completed, Cost per Website Conversion, Cost per Website Purchase, Website Conversion Value, Website Custom Conversions, etc.
  5. Messaging: New Messaging Conversations, Messaging Replies, Cost per New Messaging Conversation, etc.
  6. Apps: Desktop App Installs, Mobile App Actions, Mobile App Adds to Cart, Mobile App Purchases, Cost per App Install, etc.
  7. Media: Video Average Watch Time, Canvas View Time, 3-Second Video Views, 10-Second Video Views, 30-Second Video Views, Video Watches at 25%, Video Watches at 100%, etc.
  8. Apps: Desktop App Installs, Mobile App Actions, Mobile App Adds to Cart, Mobile App Purchases, Cost per App Install, etc.
  9. Offline: Offline Leads, Store Visits, Offline Purchases, Offline Adds to Cart, Cost per Offline Purchases, etc.
    Once you’ve created the ad reports you need, don’t forget to save them! You can also set any new report as the default option.