Imagine you have just launched your product into the market and it is doing reasonably better than you expected.

The high results in your sales have brought about an increase in revenue.

You have also successfully managed to build a strong bond of trust between you, your product and your customers.

But somethings come to your mind, how are you going to maintain this healthy relationship that you have created between your customers?

  • What email marketing strategies will I implement?
  • How is an email more efficient than an advertisement?
  • Why should your business keep an email list?

These are some of the email marketing strategies that I have tackled in this article.

Email Marketing definition

With email marketing, all worries are catered for.

It is the most effective medium of online marketing since it outperforms other forms like content marketing, SEO, and PPC.

Email marketing backed up with strategies ensure that your customers keep on renewing their contracts and continue converting.

So at the end of the day, you keep your customers and also increase your overall revenue. Most people still have email addresses even after the invasion of tweets and status updates.

It is also a respectful form of marketing that does not annoy most viewers by popping up unexpectedly.

email marketing strategies

Email marketing is the most cost-effective medium for promoting your products while creating a relationship with your customer.

Your emails can be structured to communicate personally to the customer where you can get honest feedback about your products.

At the end of the day, it is easier for you to accomplish your business goals.

How does Email Marketing work?

There are billions of emails sent on a daily basis. It also happens to be a most trusted form of marketing due to its deliverance of results and marketing ROI.

Email marketing is also quite specific since the business can divide their customers into target groups.

It reduces the work of advertisements and other forms of online marketing thus reducing the high production costs.

An email list can also to segment the customers based on factors like customers’ likes and dislikes, their spending habits and other criteria.

You can then send the emails to your specifically targeted.

Getresponse has demonstrated how email marketing funnel works.

email marketing funnel

The emails will contain a personalized, detailed description of your products.

They have a broad reach hence can be delivered to many potential customers.

You also have the opportunity to handle your email program.

The risks that can be incurred are usually minimal, and the costs are relatively low.

Benefits of Email Marketing.

Email marketing has many benefits both to the business and the customers.

Unlike other forms of marketing that fall on uninterested viewers, with email marketing, you have the control to whom you want to see the products and services through segmentation.

This can be based on status, demographics and market interest areas.

It makes it easy to share your products and services through the click of a button at your place of comfort.

Your subscribers can also spread your brand’s offers and deals to their friends.

At an instant share by your loyal customers, your brand gains more publicity.

Also, the success or failure of an email marketing campaign can be measured at the end of the day.

It measures the exact and precise metrics earned through the rate of deliveries, clicks, open standards and subscriber retention.

measuring email marketing success

The data gained here can be tabulated to reflect customer’s behavior and preferences.

Your business is likely looking for a marketing campaign that won’t feed much into your budget.

Then email marketing is the best form to employ since it has a high return on investment.

It is simple in nature, and it does not bear considerable costs to your business.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

It is part and parcel of your overall marketing campaign and the goals of your business.

Email marketing strategy helps in promoting your products with the use of an email channel.

It takes into consideration of your customer base and target groups.

Email marketing strategy pays good attention to their likes and preferences and also the benefits they are looking for in your products and services.

Email Marketing Strategies

Personalization of messages.

Here you can take advantage and strike a friendship with your customers.

You can use it to boost your overall customer experience.

Most businesses don’t personalize their messages to their customers hence creating a gap to utilize this to stand out from your competition.

  • You can address the customer by their name.

Using this feature in your email service provider will help in improving your campaign performance.

Apart from using their name, you can also:

  • Be upfront when asking the right information.

The communication should be backed up with the name of the company, and your location.

  • Using a genuine reply-to email address.

You should create authenticity in your messaging. It creates a good environment where you can engage with your customer and get responses regarding your campaign.

Using a genuine reply address will improve the relationship, and your business ends up appearing more personal.

  • Using genuine email signature.

This entails using real contact information within the email.

This gives your customers the opportunity to contact you online.

This increases your personalization with your customers and strengthens the relationship between the business and them.


By segmenting your database, your email campaign becomes more targeted and specific to your audience.

You can highlight all your email subscribers who reside close to your premises and send them an invite through their email addresses.

This will help a lot in saving time and resources compared to sending all members of your business emails who are from different parts of the country.

It reduces the cases where some subscribers might feel offended and annoyed by the mail.

By segmenting your database and email list you are assured of better open rates, return on investment, leads, transactions and more customers.

This has been tested before where two campaigns were hand listed.

In one campaign the emails were sent to the non-segmented list, while the second one was sent to the segmented list.

The first non- segmented email received a lower open and click-through rate compared to the segmented email.

Examples of segmentation

Segmentation by industry where you offer products and services to businesses or to consumers.

The knowledge about the industry of your subscribers will go a long way in helping with your segmenting campaigns.

Segmentation by company size to increase response rates and also the annual revenue rates.

Segmentation by sales cycle by preparing your early stage buyers by handing them an industry research white paper instead of an aggressive sales pitch.

This will also attract other buyers who are ready to respond well to the product.

Mobile Friendly Emails

This is strategic since many marketing emails are opened on a mobile device.

Most people receive emails through their phones at the comfort of their home.

It is essential to make sure that the customer’s device is optimized to receive the emails.

You can optimize your campaigns to cater for mobile devices by implementing responsive email design.

This means that the user experience will be optimized regardless of the customer’s device.

You can also keep the subject line and the header note short.

The subject line is critical in relaying the subject matter to the reader so that they know what the topic is all about.

The font size should also be able to be viewed on different devices.

The call to action should be big, bold and easy to click.

You also test the homepage and landing pages to receive data to make practical decisions that will upgrade your marketing campaign.

How to set up Email Marketing.

Building a successful email marketing campaign starts with the first step of being invited into the customer’s world.

After being invited to their inbox, it is essential to be respectful.

The next step is building an email list.

This can be achieved by creating offers and discounts to lure in customers, or others offer product updates.

It is important to have a clear purpose for requesting an address.

The call to action should be precise to the customers about the business.

However, how much you may try to ensure that internet providers do not block your emails, it is all up to the customer to decide whether to send the mail straight to spam messages.

You should try to get whitelisted to grant you the chance of getting your emails to be delivered.

This results in being added to the customer’s address book.

Your call to action should be truthful to the customers in meeting their wide expectations.

A strong call to action results in a consistent follow-up thus increasing the impact of your marketing campaign.

You should meet all the conditions stipulated in the call to action.

Failure to meet this terms breaks the readers’ trust, and this may spell doom to the campaign.

The first follow-up email is the first step in achieving a successful marketing campaign.

You should send the first follow up mail stipulating your intentions to the subscriber’s email address.

After establishing a consistent messaging with the reader, it is time to start thinking of pitching.

You can send offers based on the buying habits of your customer. You should also consider the value you provide to the offers to your customers.

Email Auto-responders

This feature helps in breaking the silence between the business and the customers especially when you don’t have updates on products and services.

It schedules content so that they can be delivered on a regular basis, as stipulated in the first follow-up email, over a specified period of time.

This helps in the maintaining the relationship you had with the customer and also when you have an update on your products and services.

You also have to view the analytics in the web copy.

email marketing analytics

It is provided by the service provider where you get to see the open rates, click through rates and the number of unsubscribes.

The click-through rates help you know the number of relationships has been able to build.

It also helps you to re-evaluate your email marketing strategy in providing value and expectations when the numbers are low.

Low figures indicate that the readers were not satisfied and started to delete upon receipt.

Low click-through rates indicate that the content was not targeted well, this will guide you in improving your marketing campaign.

The rate of subscription should surpass the rate of opt-outs, the opposite of this raises concerns.

Email analytics play an important role in indicating areas of weakness in your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Tips

Advocacy technique.

It is customary to introduce your new customers to your advocacy program by availing them with rewards and offers to give your business exposure to new customers.

It also helps in giving your customers chances to contribute to your marketing campaign.

You can also award your new customers at redeemable points after signing up.

The advocacy technique has an expiration date after a certain period of inactivity by the customer to urge them to stay on the brand.

After sale awards.

This can be awarded to new customers after their first purchase.

This can be in the form of gift coupons or a discount code upon their next purchase.

They are customized to suit the preferences of the customer to trigger them to make another purchase.

The cost and revenue implication on the business should also be considered before sending the email.

Timely reminder

You should send this friendly reminder to customers especially when you have an event close by.

Or you can post this when you have discounts and offers for updated products and services.

It triggers them to take action thus creating demand and eventually increase your sales.

You can use a timely reminder to remind the customers of the closure and expiry of their accounts if they fail to renew.

Holiday Gift

They don’t necessarily mean sending baskets of gifts to different locations to customers.

This has severe implications for your annual finance.

They can be seasonal greetings during national holidays to customers wishing them all the best in their affairs and also remind them of updates in your products and services to your valuable customers.

Carrying out Market Survey

You can use a survey to gauge your customer’s loyalty.

It can also be helpful in giving your business insight into your customer’s preferences and services.

You can see the most purchased products and even the underperforming ones too.

You can also get reviews and suggestions that will help you in improving your customer experience.

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