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[Updated] Best Digital Marketing Technique To Use in 2020

I met an interesting client a few days ago. We had scheduled our first consulting hour for the best digital marketing technique for his business.

Just like many people, he thought that having a website is enough to do business online.

Building a website is like setting up an office on an island.

Nobody will know who or where you are if there are no signs and infrastructure leading to your office.

In fact, you will be the only visitor to your place.

Having a website is just the beginning of your online journey.

Online marketing techniques are designed to make people aware of your business and find you when they need you first.

Online Marketing in Kenya

In Kenya, there are two ways to increase traffic to your website.

One is through Google search engines, and the other social media (Facebook).

These are the two most used apps online.

internet users in Kenya

Having a strategy that harnesses the power of the two is very powerful.

Generating Traffic with Google Digital Marketing Technique

SEO will help your site top Google page one for keywords and phrases that sell your products.

Let’s say you own a Real Estate business in Westlands.

Ranking top for a keyword such as ‘house for sale in Westlands’ will generate you a lot of traffic. That keyword is typed over 20 times daily.

google trends

Check out below the search engine results from Google for that Keyword.

online marketing in kenya

From the results, you can see that there are many websites already competing for that keyword, who have bought ads from Google.

That is enough evidence to prove that the keyword generates a lot of traffic.

Who is willing to pay for google ads yet does not get something in return? Google ads are not cheap, especially for competitive keywords.

The good thing about Google is that people searching in it have already expressed interest and are looking for more information or where to find your product.

Therefore you need to optimize your site for keywords that they are searching for.

To do this, you will use Google trends to find ideas of the phrases typed in by your prospects.

google trends kenya

Google trends is a free tool from Google that gives you such valuable insights. You can optimize your search to specific locations.

Google Serps can also give you ideas on what other related terms are typed.

online marketing kenya

Then you will create a blog post on the topics answering questions and providing the best information as possible.

You need to be very thorough and engaging as possible when writing your posts. If you are not a good writer, you can outsource your content.

After creating your content, you optimize the pages to appear on search engines. That will require the help of an SEO to ensure good results.

Having great content that genuinely helps your prospects will lay your business on a firm foundation in the digital world.

digital marketing technique

Facebook Online Marketing Technique to Generate Leads

Facebook is the next place to generate a lot of traffic. I know most of you already have a page and group on that platform.
Are you generating a lot of traffic? No.

Facebook’s algorithm does not favor self-promotion at all.

To make it worse, what you guys are doing is spamming people by sending ads in their inboxes, pages, and groups.

Facebook wants people to connect with family and friends.

facebook marketing technique

Therefore, it discourages such action by showing less of such content to its users.

The best way to drive traffic from social media is to create content that is friendly to people.

This is what is referred to as content marketing.

You create relevant content and promote it through the Facebook ads platform.

To do this;

  • You have to craft an engaging content (it could be a video, image or written words).
  • Create a compelling call to action that will send your visitors directly to your site landing page.
  • The next step is to identify the audience that you need to see it.
  • Ensure that you have your Facebook pixel on to allow remarketing.
  • Setup the targeting interest and run your ad.

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Remarketing will keep your target audience back to your site when they are browsing elsewhere on the web and on Facebook.

This is the best way to use the power of content marketing to increase traffic to your website or blog.

Now, you have traffic coming to your blog. How do you convert that traffic to paying clients?

The first step is collecting their info.

You will need to use persuasive methods to have them leave your contacts with you.

One way that has produced wonderful results is giving out something of value for a contact info.

It could be a free access to your best guides or strategies. Just ensure that it is irresistible.

Determine which is important between an email and phone number. Asking for both seems kinda demanding too much from them.

Optimize your landing pages with triggers that will persuade them to give you your contacts.

After collecting their email addresses, you can use email marketing autoresponders to remarket your products and services.

This is an opportunity for you to keep in touch with them and providing more value to them.

I have written a thorough post on email marketing techniques that will blow your mind. Click Here.

In content marketing, giving value is very important. You need to show that you are interested in helping your prospects rather than just wanting them to buy.

This online marketing technique that utilizes the power of Facebook and google will win big in 2020.

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