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Understanding Digital Marketing for an Online Fashion Store

Generally, digital marketing refers to the promotion of brands or products using various forms of electronic media and differs from conventional or traditional marketing since it uses of methods and channels that enable organizations to analyze and understand their markets in real time.

Since the consumers have access to information any place and any time, it is increasingly important to influence their perceptions of the product or brand through digital platforms. These platforms enable for more personalized and relevant communications, which are tailored to the preferences and needs of the consumer.

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Queen Zaria is a company that sells mastectomy bras to women who have had breast cancer-related surgeries, as well as provide a platform for them to network and support each other. As such, digital marketing provides the company with an appropriate platform to communicate with its consumers.

Website Review for Online Fashion store

Queen Zaria runs a website that seeks to provide information on their products, programs, and stories from women who have had mastectomies related to breast cancer.

The website’s header reads ‘Empowering Women’, with this theme adhered to across the entire site with various links to various women who use their products and selected posts by women speaking about why they prefer Queen Zaria and what the brand has done for their self-esteem.

The website is generally very easy to use, especially since it does not have many links. Indeed, the main links lead to blogs and contacts with the rest arranged attractively to engage the user.

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The website has an attractive visual appeal and is ad free, meaning that the user is directly engaged with information on the stories. Moreover, the website has a fast loading speed and does not require extra software or plug-ins, which makes navigation easier.

Furthermore, the website has a highly visible shopping basket logo that directs users to a link which provides different payment methods and assures them of secure shopping.

However, the website does not contain a search section for users.

Application of Digital Marketing in a Fashion Store

The market for Queen Zara’s lingerie for women who have undergone mastectomies can be divided based on four segments, one of which is the geographical segment.

In this case, the products are marketed to consumers within New Zealand and especially in urban areas where the organization has brick and mortar stores. Moreover, the consumers are likely to visit hospitals located in these areas, thus the rationale for marketing to this geographical segment.

Another segment is based on demographics, in which the market is segmented based on variables like gender, age, income, family size, or occupation.

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The market for Queen Zara’s lingerie is mainly middle aged to elderly women, who are the most likely to undergo mastectomies and require mastectomy bras and lingerie; while this segment is also likely to be employed.

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The third segment is based on behavioral segmentation, under which the market is segmented based on:

  • their usage,
  • behavior,
  • and patterns of decision making.

The lingerie will be marketed to working and image-conscious women who want to feel comfortable in public and also feel attractive. Finally, the psycho-graphic segment will mainly include women who have undergone mastectomy and want to feel feminine, modern, and elegant.

Discussion of Queen Zaria Online Strategy

Facebook offers several advantages which Queen Zaria may leverage, including the ability to customize the Facebook page design in order to engage with new users by capturing the attention with interesting visuals and messages about recovering from a mastectomy.

In addition, this platform offers increased information accessibility especially if Queen Zaria regularly updates its page with interactive and context-specific life stories.

However, while Facebook is useful for businesses like Queen Zaria and their customer alike, there are several segments for which the social media platform may not be appropriate.

This is particularly for middle-aged women who are not comfortable with sharing their mastectomy with the rest of the world, especially if the surgery has harmed their self-esteem.

Although Facebook generally sounds friendly, this platform may be used by others as a venue to troll others and write offensive comments.

Therefore, asking satisfied consumers to post pictures of them-selves could take a turn for the worse if a fellow Facebook user makes offensive comments about their appearance or the changes they have undergone.

Moreover, such offensive comments may put off other users who would have wanted to share and it is also likely that some users could associate their memory of one woman’s humiliation with the business.

Recommendations for Fashion Online Store

Since Queen Zaria already has an online store with a link on its homepage, it is important for the organization to link social media platforms like YouTube on their online store and also use this platform to advertise their product on sites for breast cancer hospitals.

YouTube provides the organization with several advertising options such as static advertising and ads associated with the videos.

While this platform does not give the organization control over their target markets or audience, there is evidence that it converts more users than most social media platforms into customers.

Moreover, providing visual evidence of the community that Queen Zara has created for breast cancer survivors will attract more users from the hospital websites to the organization’s homepage.

They can achieve this by providing a link to their website on the YouTube pages. Moreover, Queen Zaria may also use links to Instagram videos of women telling their story with breast cancer on their online store and hospital websites.

This platform is particularly useful because it has a high usage by women especially those who attend events, which makes it an appropriate tool for persons looking to improve their self-esteem.

In Summary

As an organization that markets lingerie to women with breast cancer-related mastectomies, Queen Zara uses its website to market both its lingerie and its community of users who support each other through their challenges.

Although they currently use Facebook as their main social media platform for digital marketing, this platform is not appropriate for women who are uncomfortable with sharing their photos.

Therefore, they should use YouTube video that are more private and provide for more intimacy in the support group.

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