10 Page Website Optimization $99.99

COVID-19 has resulted in the closer of Millions of businesses. To help people take their business online, we have made an affordable package for this from only $99.99.

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Welcome to the most creative digital marketing space you will encounter on the Internet. Despite what you might have heard, online marketing is all about strategy.


I was going to write about why I am your best bet in succeeding in your online business, but I thought I should give you something better. (What you need to succeed Online) I will deconstruct what I have learnt in 8 years in just under 3 minutes!


From the experience, I have gathered over the years in helping brands succeed online, you need pretty much 3 things (TAT).



Your customers need to trust your brand before they make a decision to buy. So how do customers trust that your service or product is the best? 


Let them experience it before they buy.

Are you the best in your industry? Stand out from the competition and show your customers that you have full authority. 


Create content that stands out and helps the users.

If you have a strategy that takes care of the two above. Then traffic will not be a problem. Do you know that you can get FREE traffic from GOOGLE and other search engines?


Here Search Engine Optimization comes in handy.

At GETSALES you will get the services of the best SEO expert in Kenya. Many people claim to be so but have very little to show for it. 

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