If you are not familiar with the tools used on the Internet, you may think that starting a blog is very expensive and complicated. This is not the case.

But today in 2021 and beyond, things have changed and improved a lot. Nowadays it is not necessary to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a blog or a Web page.

Let’s see what are the basic costs that are required to cover to start a blog.

NOTE: I mean starting a blog with your own domain and hosting, not with platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com since these are free but not so many advantages and benefits. A PROFESSIONAL blog will always be in your own domain and hosting.

Hosting: KES 5999 per year. 
Domain:  KES 999 per year (approximately) 
WordPress installation:  KES 00.00 
Essential plugins: KES 0.00 
WordPress template: it can be premium, which would cost approximately KES 5000 to KES 70 00 or it can also be free, so it would be KES 0.00 
Optimization SEO internal:  KES 0.00 I have a free Guide Here for you.

Total:  KES 14000 to start and then KES 6999 per year (for hosting). If you buy a premium template it would go up to KES 6000- 8000

Whichever option you decide on the WordPress template, the amounts are really low, especially if you use a free one.

As you can see, creating a blog is very accessible to everyone and the benefits of having it in a domain of our property are unmatched.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how much it costs to start a blog in Kenya, it is the perfect time to take action and start as soon as possible. Before taking the first steps, it is important that you know what topic you want your blog to address or which niche market you are going to choose.

Think about the theme you are going to choose and make sure you like it a lot or feel a passion for it since you will be creating content on a regular basis and everything will be much easier if you enjoy it and do not suffer for it.

Once you’ve chosen the topic, now it’s time to create your blog. See below how to set up your blog on WordPress.

Then do not hesitate to follow the other tutorials on SEO optimization, design, etc. Everyone will help you have a better blog. I also highly recommend you continue reading the articles that are available on the blog where you will find high-quality information to improve your blog and go the right way.

I send you greetings and we keep in touch.

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