Real estate is booming as more people are looking to invest in it. What has come to pass is that more people will be searching for real estate on search engines instead of a company site. That means that content marketing for real estate should be the number one strategy for agents.

We’ve all found out about the advantages of content marketing for different organizations, also incorporating those in the real estate industry. Be that as it may, what amount of resources have you put into making a strategy towards winning the online content marketing wars?

Many people are of the opinion that they are doing everything in their power to win this game. There are unique advantages to dialing in a decent strategy, the vast majority of which comes down to better branding, alongside quicker and a more enduring ROI for your endeavors.

I have worked with customers with an extensive variety of information about content marketing. The most exceedingly awful are the individuals who work in an industry they feel doesn’t profit from content marketing, yet the pattern demonstrates that content marketing ROI for that specific industry experiences overwhelming results. Persuading them is a test.

What’s more, this likewise remains constant in the real estate industry.

Consider this fascinating detail: 90 percent of all real estate purchasers utilize the web to look for homes. What’s more, alongside the way that content marketing conveys threefold the number of leads per dollar as paid search, you unquestionably can’t overlook content marketing for your real estate business.

Why You Need Content Marketing For Real Estate Industry

If your real estate organization isn’t in the content marketing strategy at the present time, if you don’t mind consider getting into it ASAP. Here are five great motivations to do as such:

Content marketing offers something other than here and now monetary ROI

How does expanding brand perceivability, your notoriety, activity to your site that contains property postings, customer commitment, and deals closing rate sound? All the above can prompt greater monetary returns, however, can likewise altogether develop your image to make it more future proof.

How are you going to know what individuals are saying in regards to you on the off chance that you never put anything out there for them to remark on and spread around to their contacts?

content marketing ROI

It compliments different types of marketing

Content marketing isn’t only an irregular strategy with a single advantage. It supplements your different endeavours, for example, with SEO, social media and lead generation.

Content marketing prompts better organic search rankings as content drives more visits to your site and, if it keeps them there longer, will enhance your position on search engines. From a social point of view, more individuals perusing your content will prompt more comments, followers, shares, and so on.

Content mustn’t only be written word

Numerous businesses still consider “content” as far as the composed word as it were. While a considerable measure of online users do at present enjoy written content; video and infographic content is seemingly substantially more prominent — mainly from a social share point of view. The same goes for video tutorials, for example, well-ordered how-tos.

Other extraordinary thoughts beside written blogs include digital broadcasts (podcasts) and week by week vlogs where somebody interviews specialists in your space, or gives tips and walkthroughs to get visitors engaged with your brand.

Smashing Competition (so they don’t squash you)

All the large brands and numerous little ones have an incredible online presence, because of their content marketing endeavours throughout the years. Honestly, your nearest rival is as of now doing it, likely really well.

They’re exploiting patterns, customer fears, trendy topics, extraordinary occasions and upcoming open doors where they convey to customers keeping in mind the end goal – to pick up loyalty points.

Intensifying ROI

The reality is that you can’t just turn out a couple of select bits of content today, and hope to witness a boost of your online presence.

Nor would you be able to expect to discharge a couple of pieces throughout the following couple of months and increase groundbreaking traction.

Be that as it may if you finish what has been started and continue offering enlightening, astute and additionally engaging content (all the above work best) you’ll appreciate aggravating profits for every individual investment for quite a long time to come.

As your web real estate expands, more content consumers will think back on what you’ve just discharged, more content will be shared, more individuals will get amped up for your brand. It resembles a snowball impact: That snowball begins off little when it starts to climb the mountain, however when it’s almost down, it’s sufficiently enormous to keep running over anything that gets in its way (for your situation, the competition!)

content marketing real estate agents

How To Do Content Marketing For Real Estate Business

I have shown you why you need content marketing as a real estate agent. Now let us look at how to create content for real estate marketing.

As our reality turns out to be increasingly reliant on innovation, it is getting increasingly hard to create content that is powerful and selective for your brand.

It is more typical for individuals to look online for tips and DIY techniques on the most proficient method to purchase or offer a home, which means homebuyers and roused dealers are getting less reliant on investors.

In what manner can a real estate agent battle this issue? You got it; with the correct content marketing strategy.

Regardless of how equipped with data the online space becomes, there will dependably be space for agents. Why? Since nothing contrasts to the counsel a real estate agent and experience can give.

We’ve officially settled that the web is becoming busy with content advertisers, which is the reason it is critical for real estate agents to construct a strategy that separates them from their competition. So where do you begin? Just step up and put pen to paper as we get to the ideas.

Compose An eBook.

Writing an eBook is an excellent method to build credibility and draw in new customers at a moderately cheap cost. As a published creator, prospective clients will consider you more critical and view you as a specialist in your industry. Your eBook does not need to be a protracted masterpiece.

Giving helpful advice given your experience will be sufficient to tempt customers, mainly if you promote your eBook as a free download. In case you’re searching for an approach to creating additional income, an eBook will be your closest companion.

Offer the record on Amazon and get a royalty of 70 per cent for each duplicate sold (which is a far higher eminence than you would obtain through a customary distributor). Can’t make sense of what topic to expound on?

Do a review with potential thoughts and ask your subscribers, followers on social media, email subscribers, or loved ones to reply. Only make sure the topic is something you are exceedingly comfortable with to ensure that your readers will look at you as the source of information.

A free eBook will come in handy in the process of acquiring client information for email marketing purposes. You will trade such useful info for emails and phone numbers of people viewing your website content.

Grow Your Social Media Platforms.

Since we are in a digital world, networking online is ending up more well known than face to face organising occasions. (A contemplative person’s fantasy!) If you need to enhance and lift your brand, being on maybe a couple social channels isn’t sufficient.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are every one of the absolute requirement for investors and real estate agents hoping to advertise adequately. Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, and Tumblr are stages for those who utilise social media as their primary marketing strategy.

You can employ your social media networks to advance your services, flaunt your properties, and in particular, to connect with your followers.

Be sure to prioritise answering questions by people who are looking for straightforward advice. While this procedure might be tedious, imminent customers will, in the end, see you as a reliable and dependable expert. If they, or any other person they know, is ever needing a real estate agent, your name will be the first that rings a bell.

Enhance Your Blog For SEO.

Using real estate SEO will expand your real estate site’s perceivability on organic search results. This implies if you enhance your website SEO, customers are likely to see more of your site.

Consider real estate SEO like the domino impact: when a site is positioned higher on a search engine page, it will get more clicks, which means more visitors, which means more leads for your business.

You should merely give Google, and other web search tools, what they need and they will compensate you with the best rank.

Do this by picking keywords that are identified with your business and exceptionally focused on, i.e. “houses for sale in Nairobi” (for your site) or “real estate investment marketing ideas” (for your blog).

Make certain to put your picked keywords in your post’s title, tags, alt tags, URL, heading, and all through the content.

Counting your keywords in those pivotal spots will enable Google to discover your page effortlessly, and along these lines rank it higher, without it being obvious that you are actualising SEO.

Dispatch an Email Marketing Campaign (With a Twist).

Rather than propelling your run email marketing effort, make yours cleverly. Most marketing messages incorporate designs and visual cues trying to offer a service or declare another item.

Rather than following this conventional style, think about writing a blog post inside your email. Think about your email as a blog post with a starting, centre, and end.

Buyers will feel more associated with your brand because narrating refine a business.

Tell the story of your latest recovery with an immediate invitation to take action toward the finish of the email that takes users to the posting site.

Discuss the high points and low points of your venture and offer guidance to those merely beginning.

Providing a home in a commended neighbourhood?

Recount the narrative of the town’s foundation again making sure to incorporate an invitation to take action toward the finish of the email. Users will be so enamoured by your story, they won’t see they are perusing marketing content!

Actualize these content marketing thoughts to your general marketing strategy and your telephone will ring free with leads in a matter of seconds.

How Real Estate Agents should use Social Media to drive leads.

Twenty to thirty-year-olds presently make up 66 per cent of the market for first-time homebuyers, and 99 per cent of those searching for homes utilise the web to explore properties.

In any case, these 30-something-and-under purchasers are accomplishing more than Googling a couple of keywords to discover their fantasy homes. House seekers are presently including property-related hashtags, and social media feeds in their inquiries, and that is just a hint of a more significant challenge.

The second-biggest internet searcher on the planet, YouTube, is additionally being utilised to investigate houses and communities. 86 per cent of home customers say they would employ video to take in more about a particular network they are thinking about.

In this innovation-driven age, it’s urgent for home dealers and agents to stay dynamic via social media keeping in mind the end goal to sustain enthusiasm for recently listed properties. Real estate voyeurism will just keep on expanding its channels over the web.

digital marketing technique

How does a home dealer utilise social media like Instagram or Snapchat to move real estate?

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Envision having the capacity to indicate nitty gritty posting data to each lovebird couple in their 30s inside a 20-mile range.

While this would be difficult to execute face to face, Facebook’s capacity to target posts and promotions in your centre socioeconomics are significant. 69 per cent of real estate agents utilise Facebook because it works.

Notwithstanding when Facebook doesn’t deliver direct sales, it has top-notch analytics that will enable you to comprehend what turned out badly.

You can create a video or write posts about what sold you on the home at first. Offer photographs of your week after week staple chill spot or your puppy playing in the yard.

Utilize the impressive graphics Facebook offers you to illustrate what living in that house is really similar to. Odds are, it might resound with a purchaser.

So here are the Facebook Real-Estate Marketing Recap

  • Begin a Facebook Business Page. Keep it isolated from your personal account.
  • Join a neighbourhood Facebook Group and contribute accommodating content for local residents.
  • Use hashtags sparingly – 1 or 2 is sufficient. More hashtags will really lessen your visibility in the newsfeed.
  • Strong visuals and video content in your posts will pull in higher commitment.
  • Upload videos specifically to Facebook as opposed to inserting or connecting to Youtube. Facebook wants to advance local content so your posts will rank higher in the newsfeed.

What types of Real Estate Posts should you share on Facebook?

Facebook has additionally turned into a critical part of the online marketing strategy for some organisations.

From Fortune 500 organisations to neighbourhood real estate experts, adding Facebook to your marketing design is never again a choice; it’s an absolute requirement do.

All things considered, it’s imperative to have a strategy set up that will help sling your online presence.

The fact of the matter is the principles for what you ought to and ought not to do via social media appear to change every day. What was genuine even a half year back changes when Facebook’s advertisement analysis change or Google measurements vary. So what kinds of posts would it be advisable for you to share on your real estate Facebook page?

I can answer this inquiry for you with these 5 points for real estate posts that you ought to share on Facebook yet aren’t. Regardless, you ought to submit these data about Facebook presenting on memory:

CTRs increment by over 125% when photographs are included – more than videos and links (See exemptions underneath).

  • Facebook likes pop at around 8 pm (EST), shares top at 6 pm (EST), and end of the week posts get a more significant number of preferences than posts on weekdays.
  • Written content gets more remarks.
  • Photographs and videos get more shares.
  • Pictures get more likes.
  • Unbiased posts get fewer likes (neither positive nor negative posts).
social media statistics

Let us dive into the best content marketing ideas for real estate on Facebook.

#1: Mix Up Your Content Posts

You need to blend it up and share more content on Facebook that pinnacles the enthusiasm of your followers, not merely pitching your most recent posting.

While at the same time posting fantastic photographs of your properties can assist you with getting more offers and likes, you ought to likewise make content that is intriguing to your statistic that will build a buzz, create mindfulness about the network and real estate advertising, and request criticism and association.

Consider the kinds of content you click on and react to via social media and after that make an interpretation of that to your real estate business.

Possibly you hold a week after week challenge where followers can transfer their most recent DIY home upgrade projects to have participated in an illustration for a gift voucher.

Maybe you share data about the neighbourhood Farmer’s Market or up and coming HOA meeting. Consider outside merely about your postings to stir up your content for progress.

#2: Engaging Posts

You would prefer not to be so individual on your Facebook business account that you are exhausting your companions list with photos of your supper, however, you would like to lock in.

Truth be told, Infographics discovered that words like “I” and “me” do get more likes on Facebook while on most other social media platforms, the inverse is valid.

Tread the line by posting content that you know your followers will discover helpful or fascinating. Here are a few proposals:

Add photographs or videos to posts at whatever point conceivable.

Make custom photographs with memes.

Post a fun or fascinating surveying question requesting follower’s opinions.

Give some significant hints and traps for property holders, merchants, and purchasers.

Share “did you know” data as an industry insider.

Posting consistently is futile except if you are posting with a reason and making your content important to those on your friend’s list. Likewise, recall that word choices matters. Utilize a portion of the keywords from your site in your Facebook posts on increasing click-through rates. On Facebook, connecting with your followers is more imperative than offering your services.

facebook ads real estate

#3: Posts That are Content-Rich

Rather than building your content around drawing in comments, likes, and shares grow your Facebook page around your content. At the end of the day, centre around the nature of the content that you post on Facebook. In the event that you are striving to make your posts connecting with, fun, and intriguing, the preferences and offers will come.

Your site ought to be an incredible source of content about purchasing, selling and putting resources into your specific market; you can share this content to give bits of knowledge into the market.

As indicated by the research by Infographics, longer posts get more post shares however very short or very long posts get more likes. Consider what your objective is from each post; do you need more likes or more shares? In the event that it is a posting, you certainly need more shares. In the event that it is instructive or fun, you certainly need more likes.

#4: Posts That Encourage Comments

Since posts with written content regularly get more remarks, you need to ensure that the majority of your posts contain content. You would be shocked at what number of operators utilise Facebook just to post photos of their listings without giving any setting in regards to what they’re posting about. Your page is fundamentally a billboard by then and will just irritate your followers.

You need to make posts that attract remarks. A portion of our prior proposals like surveying your followers using polls or requesting input are approaches to increase remarking on your Facebook page.

Another strategy, which we ask you to use with the mind, is the utilization of antagonism. Most social media marketing experts concur that touch of cynicism can go far towards connecting with your group of followers.

#5: Posts That are Human-Friendly

The objective is to post like a man, not a business. This is the place numerous real estate agents get confounded and get excessively individual in an exertion, making it impossible to be friendly. The worst thing you need to do is to overshare on your business Facebook page.

This group of followers isn’t occupied with your separation or your child issues.

You need to be friendly however you need to remember that regardless you need to stay professional dependably. Then again, you would prefer not to be professional to the point that you wind up utilising difficult real estate language that your followers don’t get it.

Discuss your postings on your business account the way that you would discuss something cool or intriguing with companions on your own record, i.e.:

“You need to look at this wonderful deck on this house I simply listed yesterday!”

YouTube Real Estate Marketing

First and foremost, to get going with your video efforts on YouTube, you need your own channel.


  1. Sign up for a Google Account or sign-in using your existing one.
  2. Go to Youtube and create a channel. If it’s the first time you are creating your channel you will be promoted to give it a name. (you can change this later.
  3. Start uploading videos on your channel. Use playlists to segment your videos.

Among content kinds, 52 per cent of marketing experts guarantee that video content has the best degree of profitability.

Posting an area guide or home voyage of your own could draw in views from the inquisitive people (which will support your online brand and notoriety), notwithstanding making the posting less demanding for purchasers to find when they explore the zone.

Most significant markets presently have qualified videography firms represent considerable authority in inside, outside and ramble film of arranged homes, helping agents draw in potential purchasers before they can agree to come for a walk through.

At the point when 300 hours of video are posted to YouTube consistently, it’s fundamental to make content that separates you from whatever remains of the real estate swarm.

What are the types of Video ideas for Real Estate Agents

  1. Go LIVE when having Open Houses

Facebook Live has turned into the live-gushing video benefit that enables clients to rapidly and effectively utilise their cell phone cameras to share what’s new with them at any given minute.

The best part about it is

a) the recordings are intended to be offhand and not highly produced, so it’s alright to have an “unstable cam” impact,

and b) you can edit live streams afterwards, download them and offer them to YouTube.

Along these lines, utilise the instrument to give a look into your open houses or hotshot a few neighbourhoods in your nearby market — anything that can refine your image and provide some type of significant worth to your social fans and supporters.

  1. Questions and Answer Sessions With Local People, Buyers and Sellers.

Locate some charming people in your nearby market who wouldn’t fret talking with you on camera for 10 or 20 minutes.

Then edit down that recording of your dialogues (which can cover anything you figure your group of followers will find intriguing, similar to the most recent home deals and valuable information to turn out) and present those clasps on your YouTube channel.

These recordings can be profoundly captivating when the other individual has a vast network with whom they can help advance the video and have one of a kind bits of knowledge to share, so find energetic, educated individuals to question.

3. Tribute Videos with Customers who are most satisfied

The best sort of social verification — that is, content that gives precisely how awesome of a real estate specialist you are — is the tribute.

While at the same time it’s optimal to have a lot of composed tributes to post on your site.

It’s likewise a smart plan to take a seat with your latest clients for video testimonials and motivate them to wax beautifully about the numerous advantages of contracting and working with you and how you helped them accomplish their purchasing or selling dreams.

To put it plainly, the real estate video marketing potential outcomes are apparently unending for your image.

All you require is a touch of creative ability, in some cases to explore how other best specialists and intermediaries have developed (and even advanced) their finely edited videos, and the time and vitality to start making your own unique magnum opuses you can distribute to YouTube and, thus grow your followers.

Hardware and Softwares to Create Video Content

Plenty of real estate agents surmise that they have to spend vast amounts of cash on purchasing proficient hardware and contribute heaps of time with video editing programming.

In all actuality, you require almost no time and push to begin with video marketing.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the historical backdrop of both YouTube and the as of late propelled Facebook video you will see that most essential channels began with a straightforward camcorder. Some of them merely utilized iMovie or Camtasia studio to edit their recordings.

Once your channel develops and you begin seeing some footing, you can procure a video manager to edit your channel. The crucial thing to comprehend is the reason you are doing video marketing in any case.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Utilize your cell phone for live recordings
  • Shoot recordings on your cell phone for open houses/posting visits and so on.
  • If you are a MAC client, utilise iMovie.
  • If you are on PC purchase a product called Camtasia Studio which is exceedingly simple to utilise.
  • Contract a designer to make your introduction and outros. Primarily include these branding clips at the outset and end of recordings.

Instagram Real Estate Marketing Ideas

What separates Instagram from other social media systems? It’s the capacity to get moment feedback on property and neighbourhood photographs.

It is incredible for exploring different avenues regarding diverse hashtags, subtitles or photography styles. You’ll know immediately regardless of whether that Mayfair-separated kitchen backsplash picture is resounding with your followers.

Presently, Instagram is viewed as the quickest developing social media platform, with 800 million month to month clients.

Try to maximize your hashtags (you can have up to 30) to take advantage of that consistently growing network. Also, welcome individuals to participate in a discussion by incorporating inquiries in the photograph inscriptions—it’s extraordinary for remaining significant in a network soaked with content.

Instagram Real  Estate Marketing Recap

  1. Make and offer carousel posts with the best pictures you have. You can share up to 10 photographs in a carousel post. They’re to a great degree famous with Instagram clients since they recount a story that can be immediately expended even on a mobile screen.
  1. Utilize convincing subtitles that compactly outline the picture. Striking, infectious, and sharp subtitles will stand out in the Instagram feed.
  1. Make short, authentic video recordings to share on Insta-stories. Promote actions taken behind the scenes and hilarious collaborations to customize your brand. Show prospects what it resembles to work with you.
  1. Promote your open-house utilizing Instagram Live to reach out with prospects in real-time. Utilize area hashtags to build views. Make sure to spare the video and offer it as an Insta-story. On the off chance that you don’t, you won’t have the capacity to recover it after the occasion.
  1. Connect with different Instagrammers and react quickly to the remarks you get. This will develop your effective reach by drawing in more followers.

Snapchat Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Snapchat may not offer much in the analytics point, but rather with 178 million everyday clients and tallying, it can at present have a major effect with regards to offering your home.

Every video and picture you send with the application vanishes, implying that there’s solitary a little window to make content that catches the homebuyer’s eye.

Taking short day-in-the-life video recordings inside the house is an awesome place to begin. It will help house seekers imagine what living in the space resembles while flaunting the property’s enhancements.

As you begin making social media posts about a property, make sure to follow the brilliant rule: Create content that you would need to read. Excitement is infectious, regardless of whether it’s originating from a photograph subtitle on Instagram.

You never know when a potential homebuyer might look through your feed.

Email Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Email marketing is among the best procedures for sustaining real estate leads, and it stands out amongst the most economical too.

Advertisers studied by Econsultancy for its Email Marketing Census 2016, for instance, announced for the second time in a year that email marketing delivered the most astounding rate of return (by a full edge) of any marketing strategy, by and large, a gobsmacking 4,300%.

All the more shocking was those advertisers’ assessment that their endeavours would have been considerably more grounded if they could collect the information to more successfully portion their campaigns and better improve them for cell phones.

To Succeed, You Need to Understand Your Audience

On the off chance that you send an email about another $1 million inclining to prospective purchasers who make $50,000 in a year, they’ll deduce you don’t know their identity and likely couldn’t care less.

That is not going to induce trust in your organisation. On the off chance that they open that email on their cell phones and experience difficulty understanding it since it’s not mobile-friendly, that trust will dissolve significantly more.

To pick up footing with email marketing, you have to do it right, and that implies understanding who your forthcoming customers are and how they carry on. Here are the four best ways to do that, and which can enable you to build closings to develop your business:

Customize Your Emails

The more your emails address forthcoming customers as people, the more active you’ll be. Surely, you need to address them by their names. However, personalisation is significantly more than that. You have to recognise what sort of property they’re searching for, and where.

That implies you would prefer not to send solicitations for an open house to individuals who don’t live sufficiently close enough to attend it.

If somebody needs a farm style home, you would prefer not to send them postings for two-story homes in suburbs. If that somebody goes to your site and looks for homes in the $250,000-$300,000 territories, you ought to send them data about postings in that range, or near it.

Dealing with that level of division isn’t something you can do physically. To viably customise your emails, you’ll require a vigorous CRM tool which will automate it for you.

Streamline for Mobile

Today, the lion’s offer of online searches are directed on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, and individuals spend over 60% of their web hours on these gadgets as per an ongoing report from comScore.

If your emails aren’t optimised for mobile, you will disappoint (and estrange) your customers with links that don’t work and content that is too little to read—which is the reason responsive designs will improve the unique clicks among portable clients by over 15%.

To increase email conversions and manufacture validity for you and your office, utilise a portable responsive email format to make it simple for imminent customers to read and engage with your emails.

Breath life into Properties with Video

It just bodes well that presenting customers properties utilising video enables you to do things you couldn’t in any way, do with photographs (even incredible pictures).

With video, you can, for instance, take them on a mobile voyage of a new item, or let them see rooms from each possible point. A video will breathe life into your property postings, which is one reason utilising video increases click-through rates by around 300%.

Measure Results for Continuous Improvement

You can’t enhance your email marketing strategy if you don’t realise what works, and what doesn’t.

Make sure to utilise a big examination bundle (like Google Analytics) to screen critical measurements, e.g. conversions, bounce rates and clicks. At the point when emails are failing, these metrics will reveal to you why so you can change them.


Successful utilisation of email, alongside other marketing techniques, is only one way you can expand closings and develop your real estate business. Social media should be used to build your brand engage with users. For the best results, the engagement should be personal to make visitors comfortable with your brand.

Most home investors, begin their search for lucrative homes in search engines. This explains the importance of having a good content marketing strategy to capture them at the early stages by providing solutions in search engines. With these techniques, you will dominate your real estate industry.

If you need any help with setting up this strategy, reach out to us!

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