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Rank on Top of Search Engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, in 60 Days ! Includes Brand X Case study, An International Appliance Company.

brand x case study

Includes a case study of an International Brand in E-commerce. See how we scaled the business to beat many established brand in less than 6 Months.

Content creation

We go into how to create the best copy that will stand out from the rest of the internet and also close your clients. We also teach you how to optimize the content for all search engines.

Link building

We go into how to create the best links to build your website authority. This is how to get links in 2020 and beyond that impact the rankings of your site in a short time.

Keyword research

We go into indepth Keyword Research Strategies to harvest the best keyphrases from competition and new ideas. Includes indepth annalysis of the best SEO tools.

Schema Markup

We go through how to implement structured dato into your website content to take advantage of position 0 in Google Search Results. It includes FAQs, Job Listings, Articles, Products etc.

Social Media Marketing

We go through how to include social media into your ranking strategy and use it as a channel of growing site authority and distributing your blog content.

Frequently asked questions

In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization denotes to any activity performed for the improvement of Search Engine rankings of websites, products, services or other content. It shows unpaid results which is also referred to as “free”, “organic”, “natural” or “earned” results.

The importance of SEO starts with the desire of the companies to gain more traffic for their websites. The ranking over search engines matter because users pay more heed to the first 5 searches on Google. Moreover, the users tend to trust Google’s refined search results because they consider these searches to be more authentic and specific.

Backlinks are also called incoming links that help users to shift from one web page to the other web pages. These links play an important part in SEO.

When Google search engine views multiple quality backlinks to a page, it considers the page to be more relevant to the search query, which helps in its indexing process and improves its organic ranking on SERPs.

From the perspective of SEO, there is a difference between backlinks and quality backlinks.

For Google search, random backlinks do not offer any help. Google assesses the quality of the backlinks present on a webpage with the relevancy found in the content of both the web pages.

The higher is the relevance between the original content and backlink content, the greater becomes the quality of the backlinks.

Google Sandbox is a filter placed on new websites as a result of which, a site does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords or phrases. Even with good content, a site is may still significantly affected by the Sandbox effect.

A site is sandboxed when it is new and does not rank for the keyword phrases that are not incredibly competitive in Google.

A Google Penalty is the negative effect on a website’s search rankings based on the updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review.

It can be an unfortunate malfunction of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.

What Readers Say

"My SEO knowledge was several years out of date. It's not something that I've followed too closely. However, I needed to get quickly and comprehensively up to date with SEO. This book certainly helped with that. "
Bonface Kanoti
"This book could be read straight through, as I did, to get up to speed on the subject. It could also be dipped into to get more information on a specific aspect of SEO. I suspect this book will be sat on my desk for the next few months as I do just that."
Felix lex
"It covers all aspects of SEO from the basics of site structure that I was familiar with from my days as a developer to how to write genuinely useful content. It also heavily stresses the ethical side of SEO, repeatedly pointing out black hat practices that may bring short term gain, but are harmful in the long run."
Jackline Mercy
"Understanding how SEO works is crucial if redesigning your website to not lose your current rankings and organic search. Once it’s done, it’s done. If you do not have someone on your team that knows how this works, it is extremely necessary to know how to do this right."
arnold Kiplimo
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