NEWMATIC is Singapore’s own brand of built-in kitchen appliances. Our home appliances are designed to be trendy, durable & energy saving.



page one rankings

Newmatic wanted to get more visibility in the organic search results of Google and Yahoo. For many years they were not able to feature in the first page for the important keywords related to their business. These main keywords were are follows;
1. Kitchen Designs in Kenya
2. Kitchen Sinks in Kenya
3. Gas Hobs Kenya
4. Kitchen Cabinets Kenya

To make Newmatic Kitchen Appliances appear on the top results for the above keywords, GETSALES had to offer a powerful search engine optimization solution.

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How We increased Newmatics Rankings and Traffic by 1600%.

In the first month we focused on fixing SEO onpage SEO issues. the second month we embarked on thorough keyword research and content creation. From the third month, we embarked on link building strategy that propelled the traffic 100 fold.

Site audits ought to propose why a site is not ranking properly for the optimized keywords, at that point recommend.

Settling specialized SEO issues like title labels, accelerating a site, enhancing poor inbound connections are critical issues to determine. However, adding fitting catchphrases to title labels and other specialized SEO fixes are to a great extent an activity in upgrading for positioning signs, something that John Mueller has named “here and now considering.”

Newmatic website seo audit concentrated on inspecting what Google is doing when it positions sites at that point applying those bits of knowledge to a site review keeping in mind the end goal to expand sales and leads.

Specialized SEO Site Audit

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Most SEO reviews tend to concentrate on specialized parts of good site production and coding.

Normal territories of focus are:

  • URL structure
  • Analysis of sidetracks
  • Page headings (H1)
  • Title tags

These critical components are usually alluded to as technical SEO. Specialized SEO helps manufacture the establishment of a sound site.

Keywords is an important part of a website’s SEO Audit. Keyword Research for Newmatic was geared towards;

importance of direct conversions.
prompting a sale.
Awareness building.

Here’s a case of how to utilize keywords to analyze dull sales and leads age.

Distinguish Keywords Ability to Convert

A few keywords such as ‘gas hobs kenya’ are superfluous to the objective of changing over a website visitor to a sale or lead. 

I will not emphasise enough why choosing the right keywords is important. Sometimes it is important to go for broader keywords that will be able to draw in a larger audience.

  • We avoided footer links to control or power our site design: Footer links can be created using search engines to be less essential than the other links on the page.
  • We did our best to avoid large navigational menu: The Idea here is to make a various leveled navigational structure, with top-level categories connected first then subcategories connected from the landing page. 

  • We avoid prioritizing pages which users aren’t principally keen on or not very much interested in: This is a typical issue where pages that aren’t straightforwardly identified with sales or leads are given excessively noticeable quality. About, Shipping, and comparative sort pages are essential yet they ought not be given equivalent weight to contact, telephone, sales, and product pages.
  • We ensured we din’t clutter the homepage that has links:  We created an easy navigation from products to checkout.  It ought to be simple for site guests to finish. Sales and lead age objectives ought to have an unmistakable way from the landing page to the thankyou page.

Site Architecture Best Practices for Sales and Leads

  • Make sure that the product categories are easily accessible from the homepage.
  • Prioritize the connections that are critical to clients that will enable them to think about, learn, pick and contact.

Schema microdata is data that is imperceptible on your website page yet unmistakable to web crawlers. It is, for the most part, viewed as a comment your pursuit postings however it can do as such substantially more. Organized information can assume a part in developing leads and sales for your business.

A frequently ignored motivation behind organized information is to convey what your site is about, what administration or item you give, your work locale and other data that is at the end gone along to potential site guests when your site appears in Google’s indexed lists. Conveying what benefit your business offers and also your geographic data contributes incredibly toward developing sales and leads.

While it’s contentious to be proven wrong whether Schema microdata will enable you to rank better, it is by and large viewed as something to be thankful for to precisely impart the significance of a website page to an internet searcher calculation and also to a potential webpage guest. The core of SEO is the advancement of your page with the goal that a web index will comprehend it. Blueprint microdata is a phenomenal approach to achieve the objectives of expanding sales and leads.

Want to rank on top of google?

Just like what you have seen above, your website too could be on the first page of Google. By ranking on top of Google you will be able to be an authority in your niche, be visible and get free traffic.

what we did

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We found that the site had some on page issues that needed urgent attention. We had to redesign and make it light , especially the product images.

Digital Marketing

We started by conducting a full site audit and competitor analysis.  Most keywords were already optimized, so the specific pages needed online authority. We therefore started a link building campaign on relevant sites.

Technical SEO

We submitted schema markups so that Google could be able to crawl the site properly.

We are totally satisfied by the result & will not hesitate to recommend Getsales to any non-competiting entities.

Dave Choi

Director, Newmatic kitchen appliances

The Results

1 %
Page 1 Rankings

Not only did we increase the number of keywords Newmatic ranked for on page one, but also had the 4 main keywords on the first position. 

1 %
Organic Traffic

We increase organic traffic to search terms optimized on the website.

1 %
page speed

After we redesigned the website and moved it to a powerful server, the site load speed reduced from 19.5s to 1.2s.

The strategy was to make the site user friendly and ensure that it follows Google's best practices .

Services Used


Responsive and light website design and development


Optimize the site to adhere to Google's best practices

1 Months
1 $

Do not wait 5 YRS to see ROI on your online business