Are you looking for new Business Ideas in South Africa? Do you want to start saving money and your current salary is not enough? Maybe it’s time to look for part-time jobs that allow you to earn money on weekends.

Most of the time with this corona pandemic you may be looking to do something online like network marketing. Believe it or not, there are many job opportunities, or viable small business ideas in South Africa to make money on weekends. Note that you will need to optimize your website for you to get free traffic to your business.

Business Ideas in South Africa can even be from your own home and do not require a high academic level. In addition, they can generate good income to pay significant expenses and are very interesting.

What business can I start with r1000 in South Africa?

Many people who work from Monday to Friday, and who also meet a schedule on weekends, usually look for someone to take care of small jobs.

This would be your chance to have a job for the weekends. It all depends on your ability to develop them and what they offer.


Within untapped business opportunities in South Africa to do only on weekends, you can find from

  • mowing a lawn,
  • taking care of children,
  • washing cars
  • or painting houses. 

There is also another way to make money on weekends and they are freelance tasks.

This is the current thing, work from home and generate good money. But usually, these activities require more than two days, as it is considered a stable job. 

Some of these are the development of

  • web pages,
  • text editors,
  • web editors,
  • Community Manager, among others.

If you want to know what offers currently exist for part-time jobs for weekends, we invite you to know the following list. Read each of these Business Ideas in South Africa carefully and evaluate if you are good or not for them.

1. Earn extra money driving with Uber:

If you are looking for ways to generate extra income during your weekends, you can register as a driver in Uber, and start driving with Uber during your free time.

Basically, you need to download the application, follow the registration process as a driver and once approved, start driving with Uber.

The good thing about this alternative is that;

  • you can do it on your own terms, that is,
  • drive the hours you want,
  • at the time that best suits your needs
  • and you can choose in which areas of your city to work.

2. Customer service operators or Call center:

It is a place where they must meet the requirements and requests of calling users. In this low cost business idea in South Africa, they train you enough to deal with the different clients and the answers you must give.

It is not a difficult job, and because it is a turn that regular workers do not want to take, they look for young people who only do it twice a week. All companies that offer a service to the public have these offices, look for sure there is an opportunity for you.

3. Virtual assistant:

showing a virtual assistant  pursuing her business ideas in South Africa

The modality of a virtual assistant consists of organizing the life of a very busy person or working remotely for a business. You may never have contact with this face to face, but you will have to have everything organized up to date. This is one of the good work from home business opportunities in South Africa.

This function is very interesting for those who want to learn how people manage their time while facing the challenges of a job.

It is a work option for weekends where you can learn a lot, you just need an internet connection and earn money.

4. Seller:

Selling is difficult to work, but with practice, everything is achieved. In this job offer, you can develop your best skills as a mediator between the person and the store. Offering a product and its benefits and achieve a successful sale.

Many stores look for vendors on weekends, as it is when there is more mobility of people. Selling is something we do every day. From our image to our hiring, and if you leave us a monetary reward, everything will be better.

We have created a guide where we explain how to sell a product without sales experience, which can help you complement your training. Find the best South Africa Selling Guide Here.

5. Cashier shops:

Stores require a young and lively staff that carries the enormous responsibility of maintaining a cash register. It is a very delicate activity since you would be controlling an income of money in the store.

For this, you must be very agile and be 100% attentive. Try to be aware of the transactions you make and not charge more or less for the products.

One point in your favor, if you decide to work as a seller, is that you receive discounts for working in the store. If you are young, look for a store that matches your style and which you know very well about their products.

6. Conduct surveys on weekends:

paid surveys guide

Many advertising and marketing companies search daily for information that allows them to create advertisements and advertising campaigns. All from the opinion of the users, they interview.

This is where a job arises that you can develop during the weekends, which consists of filling paid surveys, and that thanks to the rise of the internet, you can perform them from the comfort of your home.

These pages are not exclusive, that is, you can subscribe at all and increase your chances of making money. The most important thing is that you subscribe in your country of residence since otherwise, the page will not work for you.


This platform goes beyond surveys, TimeBucks is a rewards site that pays you to watch videos, watch fun slideshows, install applications, follow people on Instagram, among others.

You can live anywhere in the world to earn money with Timebucks.

Link: Register in Timebucks

This is a type of work that requires time to generate income since the amount received for each survey is low. However, if you are dedicated you can generate interesting income with relatively easy work.

7. Home teacher:

If you master any subject in particular and want to share your knowledge, what better way to do than teaching at home. You can do, depending on what you know, young students of different ages.

This is one of those weekends home based business ideas in South Africa that are very requested and lucrative since you can charge it by the hour. 

Find who needs to improve their skills in

  • math,
  • chemistry,
  • statistics or any other subject and help.

In the same way, you can offer your class services through Skype or Hangouts, with which you can expand the circle of students you advise.

8. Creative web editor:

Showing a creative writer pursuing her business idea in South Africa

If you are a lover of writing, analysis, and interpretation, or have a creative mind and want to capture it, this work is for you. With this work, you can earn good money writing for websites.

There is also an option as a web editor, but you must have more extensive knowledge in the field.

It is a very interesting activity that brings out the skills of a writer you have, and work for the weekends that can generate very interesting income if you know the key aspects of the business.

9. Driver dispatcher:

In this opportunity, you can make deliveries of orders, packages and company products for your customers. Weekends are when there is more activity, so these companies are looking for employees only for these two days.

Most likely, they will require a vehicle and documentation in order. The rest is to explain the work modality and the implications it has. Finally, start shipping orders.

You can search your neighborhood if there are restaurants or businesses interested in your services. Aspects such as your attitude, service and first impression are key to these jobs for weekends.

10. Sell articles through social networks:

resell products

This a great home business in South Africa if you love being online. The power of social networks is enormous and selling through these platforms is the safest. You just have to create good content on your profile, in your proposals and help you with hashtags.

You could even go further and create an online store and sell your products in the digital world. 

The work for the weekends would be to

  • create the site,
  • optimize the images,
  • create the description of the products,
  • define the payment gateways and shipping methods, among other key aspects of online stores.

The fastest, most practical and easiest way to start selling online is to create your site on platforms like Shopify.

11. Playground operator:

Playgrounds open on weekends and during holiday periods. Or at least, they are moments with more visitors.

That is why it would be one of the ideal part-time jobs for weekends, to begin you must attend training and courses by the parks to operate the different mechanical attractions. You might need to seek funding for such business ideas in South Africa.

It is a very fun job that you can try to do. Ask at the amusement parks near your town and offer yourself as the next operator of amusement machines in the playground.

12. Party animator:

The parties always require an entertainer to keep guests and children active. You just have to look for what attracts you the most, whether to attend the little ones of the party or the biggest.

Each group has its own peculiarities. Find out what the current trends are for each generation and put them into practice. It is a very fun job, which requires a positive mentality, enthusiasm and a lot of charisma to interact with people.

13. Create digital products:

sell digital products

There are different types of digital products that you can create and sell on the Internet;

  •  from videos,
  • courses,
  • digital books to advice
  • and support.

The key is to create content that is accurate, informative and of great quality that helps others to carry out an activity.

You can sell your products on your website, through online course platforms such as Udemy, or by taking advantage of Affiliate Marketing so that other people recommend your courses.

14. Work in a restaurant as a waiter:

Restaurants work every day, and even more so when they are of good quality. But there are personnel who could not meet the weekend shifts, it is here that you take action.

To be a waiter is to serve the dishes to the local diners. Here you must also have well-developed customer service qualities. In addition, your memory cannot fail and you must have some speed.

To start with these part-time jobs on weekends, you can look for youth or local places of your favorite food, where not only will you feel more comfortable, but it will be easier to get the job since they know you.

15. Dj

If you like music and have the skills to mix it, entertain people and meet the musical tastes of a party, you could earn money with this part-time job. 

To develop this work you must invest in a good music console, amplifiers and everything you need. Have knowledge on the subject and know the musical trends of the moment.

You also have to adapt to the environment and place music appropriate to the occasion and attendees.

16. Caring for children during the weekend:

babysitting business without money

Caring for children is a very delicate task and demands a lot of responsibility. Caring for life is very risky, but at the same time very lucrative. If you decide to venture into this option remember how important it is to do so.

Children have a lot of energy, especially when they are at home. You can create care strategies and work with only one infant.

You can start with the children of your friends or family, in this way you will develop the experience necessary to handle other children.

It is essential to learn how to handle them, what to do in times of emergency, who to call, how to entertain them, among other things.

17. Sale by product catalog:

Selling products by catalog is a perfect weekend job. It is about offering merchandise from companies through a catalog. If the brand is good, the products are sold alone, if it is something new, you may have to create strategies.

Being a relatively simple job, where you earn money for every sale you make, you can expand it a week. Only on weekends is when you spend more time.

These jobs for the weekends require that you develop a customer base that becomes a fan of the brand, and that their only way of acquiring it is through you.

18. Clean basements, house or gardens:

cleaning services profitable business

Although it can be exhausting, this business idea in South Africa can generate an attractive income. Offer the service in the community where you live and start making money on weekends.

This work could take you a whole day, depending on the house. Safe between each cleaning you will gain experience and you will be able to work faster.

There are not many who dare to do this work. Thus, it is likely that you do not have much competition. You can clean nearby homes so you don’t have to spend too much on gas.

The key to creating an interesting and profitable business opportunity is to get cleaning contracts and outsource them. That is, hire other people to take care of the cleaning, and you focus on getting jobs and managing the business.

19. Sale of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables in your home:

Food is a very successful business idea in South Africa because it is a natural need of the human being. If you are looking for a weekend income, selling vegetables, vegetables or fruits is ideal.

This business is very profitable and requires considerable effort. But it all depends on where you get your provider and the logistics you prepare. Dare to be a successful vegetable seller.

To begin, you can visit your city’s supply center, where they sell wholesale fruits and vegetables and start selling those that you feel have the greatest turnover.

You can start with your neighbors and promote your business throughout the neighborhood. The two key aspects of this work for weekends are price competitiveness and the ease of receiving products at the door of the house.

20. Website designer:

This home business in South Africa for weekends requires advanced knowledge in programming and web design.

If you want to design web pages but still do not know how, you can dedicate part of your time on weekends to invest in your knowledge in this area. Here is a series of Links to learn about web programming :

Once you learn how to create pages and do web development, you can offer your services to small businesses, companies or people who have the need to have a digital presence.

21. Sing or play in a musical group:

If you have the skills to sing or are part of a musical group, exploit that talent. Bars, events and nightclubs always look for shows of this type.

If you want to do something you like and for which you are simply good, dare to sing or play in public.

While you make yourself known, the payment may not be very good, but you will be exposing yourself to potential clients or people who will be interested in hiring you. And why not, with people who want to make you grow as an artist.

22. Food delivery services:

part-time home service

The “delivery” service or delivery of food at home is a good opportunity to earn quick money. During the weekends, many people prefer to stay at home and receive food at their doorstep.

In addition to receiving payment for your services, you will also earn extra money for customer tips.

For this type of part-time work, you need to have a means of transport and documentation in order to start delivering food to homes.

23. If you know about pastries, the parties wait for your products:

A party on weekends is common throughout the world, and a cake or famous cupcakes are always necessary. If your thing is pastry, this excellent option will leave you a good income.

Also, if all goes well, maybe you can set up a profitable franchise and end up being your own boss. You can develop other culinary qualities and offer them at banquets or special events.

24. Community Manager

Social networks are one of the strongest evidence of the alternatives you have to make money online.

Regardless of whether you are building your personal brand, creating a business or growing your company, social networks play a fundamental role. This is why the work of Community Manager is so important.

As with the other part-time jobs for weekends, you can offer your services to businesses or businesses that are close to you or that you know. Surely they will have this need and you can meet it.

You can also offer your services through freelancers platforms and access clients around the world.

25. Organize home video game tournaments:

Video games have been a source of distraction and entertainment for many young people and even adults. However, lately, these have become a very profitable business idea in South Africa in which people live from playing in their homes.

So not only could you organize tournaments in your home, or in some reserved space, where people subscribe and can compete on-premise, but you can develop your career as a gamer.

26. Remote or remote worker:

How to start your Freelance project

Working remotely or remotely is a very common activity these days. This is a job where you must not meet working hours and is not face-to-face. What matters here is to do the work in the stipulated time. This goes to the list of small home business opportunities in South Africa.

Although it is similar to the virtual assistant, the difference is that you have some activities that you must deliver on certain deadlines and you usually work for a single company.

This business is known as Freelance and its offer modalities vary. It all depends on what they offer and what you know how to do. These work from home business opportunities in South Africa require extensive knowledge, as this will help earn more money.

27. You like dogs, why don’t you take care of them?

This work for the weekends is very interesting since you can exercise, be surrounded by pets if you like them and create an interesting business as you have more dogs to walk and take care of.

You can have several “business lines”, such as the pet-sitting service, the walk through the neighborhood, among others.

As the business grows, you could hire other people who take out other dogs while you focus on growing and managing the service.

28. Earn money by watching advertising:

This is one of those online business idea in South Africa that has become very popular for quite some time. Advertising in the world leaves large dividends to everyone and the internet gives you an excellent opportunity.

All you have to do in this home business in South Africa is look for a website that offers this opportunity, and you must click on the different advertising offers that require you. Each click is an amount in cents, but by adding you could generate several bills a month.

29. Prune gardens for your neighbors:

Pruning gardens on weekends is a job that many do not like to do. However, if you really want to generate extra income, this type of part-time jobs that become recurring could be of great help.

Pruning gardens is a task that requires knowledge and experience since it is not simply about cutting and cleaning.

So if you want to develop this work during the weekends you must learn, train yourself and make sure that the service you offer if it meets the quality standards.

30. Create a blog and share niche content:

how to write an article for your blog that people read

Blogs are information spaces where people search for interesting data through the web. The important thing here is that they can reach your blog and raise their popularity.

After this, you create a space for the inclusion of advertising and charge to show it. This is very common, it takes a lot of effort and maybe a weekend is little. But for starters it’s fine.

If you want to start this online business, we leave you a guide where we explain step by step, how to create a blog from scratch.

31. Offer the service of cleaning pools:

Many luxurious homes have swimming pools, including condominiums or residential areas. They are always looking for someone who is responsible for maintenance.

Usually, they supply all the implements, if not, take this work seriously and acquire the equipment on your own. It is a simple task and the investment is small, you just have to decide to do it.

The good thing about this kind of business idea in South Africa is that if you are good at doing it, you can achieve recurrence, that is, you have a series of jobs scheduled for the coming months.

If you manage to have several cleaning contracts, you can outsource the work to other people and dedicate yourself to offering the service to other condominiums or residential units that have swimming pools or wet spaces.

32. Event planner:

When an event is born, it is necessary to have someone who gives form and life to the show. An event planner is responsible for creating all program programming.

If you feel you have what it takes to take care of this work, then start offering your services as an event planner. Remember in those events you must be from the beginning until the end.

33. Develop an application:

online web development courses

Web or mobile applications are currently in high demand. You just have to start looking for a need.

The most important thing is that you have knowledge about how to develop the application. Once you have the idea and the need, you could look for customers interested in it, or business partners that help you sell it.

This work for the weekends is demanding since it requires technical knowledge, a lot of recursions to solve problems, and not neglecting the commercial part, where it is kept in mind that needs must be solved.

34. Childcare at night:

This business idea in South Africa is something new and very popular since it gives parents the possibility of sleeping at night or going out and enjoying time alone, while you take care of babies. It’s a great job where you help a family and earn good money for that.

You will be his mother during the nights and in the mornings you can go to rest. While it is a demanding job, in case you need to earn extra money urgently, you might consider offering your services to family or friends.

35. Offer the moving service:

moving jobs part time

Weekends are the perfect time for families to move or make changes to their home. This could be a good job for you since you need to help load boxes, move things, pack and store in the car.

During the removals, extra help will always be necessary, which could be rewarded with some money. The other option you have is to contact moving agencies and offer your help available during the weekends.

36. Looking for temporary work in companies:

There are companies that only need some people for temporary jobs. All you have to do is register and indicate the availability you have. They will make an evaluation and begin the proposals. In this case only weekends.

Here are some pages to find jobs on weekends, it is important that you have your profile updated, with your skills, knowledge, and specialties on the agenda.

Extra income with part-time jobs for weekends:

As you can see it is a wide range of options that you have to choose from. Each one requires a particular effort and more or less specialized knowledge.

Among the recommendations we can give you, is to do what you like, what makes you happy. This is a very tiny selection of options that you can decide on. If you investigate further, the possibilities multiply.

Do not limit yourself to anything, look for business ideas in South Africa that best suit you, that you can do on weekends and start generating more money.

Good Luck on your start up business ideas in South Africa. Let me know which one you have decided to pursue.

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