jimmy ombom

My name is Jimmy Ombom and I am a Director at Getsales Africa. I formed this website to help African businesses take advantage of online platforms to scale their businesses and be able to sell globally.  This why I together with other highly skilled internet marketers have developed courses that will help you succeed in your business.

Africans and their businesses are quite unique and we cannot continue implementing foreign solutions to our unique businesses. You do not need to be an IT expert to take up these courses. They are designed to have a one on one consultation feel. Many people who have tried our courses are already reporting massive results.

Caterpillar SEO: Rank Your Website on Google in 60 Days

Just as the name suggests, this SEO strategy is a rich green design that keeps your website ranking high with quality content. In SEO content is king. SEO 2021 and beyond is all about making the website easily accessible to crawlers and having the best content for the users. 10 years ago, SEOs made content for the search engine other than making content for the people who use the engines. Google has over the years developed very smart algorithms that are able to give the best content to the users. This course takes you from the beginning to having a successful online business.