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8 Reasons your Kenyan Company need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

In recent years, the way of doing business has changed radically. 

Expressions such as digital marketing have become popular to the point that everyone knows them or thinks they know them. 

Small and medium-sized companies in Kenya, in most cases, are already beginning to understand that the best way to compete with the big brands is to develop an excellent online marketing strategy. 

However, being such a new discipline, not everyone dominates it yet. And they do not finish getting the performance they expected from their investment in a digital marketing strategy.

Whether small or large-scale, more and more people in Kenya prefer to shop online instead of visiting different stores. 

These changes in the marketing process have also resulted in a different type of consumer. 

These are people who are much more informed and compare different products of different brands before opting for one of them in particular. 

This does not mean that the advice of friends or close people ceases to have such importance or value. 

It means that now, Kenyan consumers are also attentive to what is published on the Internet and trust what it puts on social networks before consuming a product.

Another inevitable change in this new way of buying and selling goes through the means of advertising the product and communicating with users interested in it. 

Necessarily, every sales strategy is forced to develop a digital media plan so that the company and the product have a presence on the Internet. 

This does not mean that the more traditional advertising (such as television and radio ads, brochures or posters) cease to have space in these times.

But they are no longer sufficient by themselves when it comes to attracting attention from the public about a brand or business. 

All those small and medium companies in Kenya that are not able to appear on Google are spending their advertising fees.

They are missing a significant opportunity to promote themselves.

Having a digital marketing strategy has become essential to defend and grow in a Kenyan market. 

No matter the size of a company and the economic capacity available to you, developing an excellent online marketing plan is enough for you to witness considerable growth in your number of sales.

Advantages of having a digital marketing strategy

Without a doubt, many benefits exist when it comes to having a proper development of a digital marketing strategy, here we summarize the main ones:

# 1 It is an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to be at the same level as the big brands

In this sense, it can be said that digital marketing democratizes the promotional possibilities that companies have. 

Before the outbreak of the Internet, genuinely effective advertising in Kenya was almost exclusively reserved for the most prestigious companies.

Especially which could afford to hire a team of publicists who developed different ideas or arguments for their ads, their posters, and other traditional forms of advertising. 

For a small or medium business in Kenya, it was unthinkable that their ads could appear on the big television channels and that millions of people were exposed to their messages. 

At most, they could aspire to some local radio advertising or other cheaper forms of advertising, such as brochures.

Now, digital marketing in Kenya allows any company, regardless of their capabilities, to achieve the same impact with their advertising campaigns as the big brands can get. 

All they need is a good strategy and an original idea. 

Influencing the online level also means exposing messages and products to millions of users who are interested in them or acquiring them.

# 2 Digital marketing in Kenya is much more profitable and economical than traditional marketing

As we were saying above, years ago, large-scale advertising was limited to the use of the most influential brands. 

Now, digital marketing strategy opens the door for more modest or independent businesses to develop an appropriate communication strategy.

So that users interested in your product can find them easily. 

This is because the cost of investment in online marketing in Kenya is much less than the cost of developing a traditional marketing plan. 

For starters, it is not necessary to print brochures or posters or pay to televisions or radios for a space in their broadcast. 

Within digital marketing, there are different techniques or strategies to position your brand properly in search engines. 

From content creation to SEO  and SEM positioning, any small and medium-sized company in Kenya can choose to develop a digital marketing strategy with the possibility of being productive and profitable.

# 3 The Long Tail Theory Against Mass Advertising

The Long Tail theory (or long-tail) is a very present idea in the imaginary of the world of digital marketing strategy. 

It talks about the Internet allowing numerous businesses to specialize and, in turn, be profitable. 

That is, a store in Kenya that sells a particular product that interests very few people does not have to be bound to fail. 

You need to develop an excellent online media strategy so that all those people who may be interested in that kind of product find the online store so that this business is profitable and successful. 

It is no longer important to develop a product and a message that may interest many but to develop a good product with a good message that makes it reach who is going to be interested in buying it.

If we think of a television ad, millions of people will be exposed to that ad for weeks. But the percentage of people who may be interested in acquiring it is much smaller.

The idea of ​​the Long Tail theory is to be able to develop a digital marketing strategy that allows ads to arrive and that the business and products are known only by the percentage of people who may be interested in acquiring it. 

If advertising of business in Kenya is reaching people who have never considered or will consider buying that product or service, it can be said that this advertising strategy is losing money to the company.

The Internet has broken the space gap, and one can buy products from any country in the world or region. 

This is something that small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly taking advantage of, and it is one of the ideas on which digital marketing in Kenya is founded.

# 4 The possibility of working with continuously updated data

One of the most important advantages of online marketing in Kenya is that the Internet has both free and paid mechanisms, that allow you to verify the profitability of the advertising campaigns that are being developed. 

If we think of a large firm that launches a traditional campaign, it will not immediately have information on who consumes its ads, at what times and what they think. 

Besides, if the campaign fails, it will take longer to know how to find the error and correct it. With digital marketing that doesn’t happen. 

The continuous flow of data offered by different platforms allows us to indicate who is receiving the message that is released and what results it provides. 

In turn, the interaction with the public that occurs in social networks will already offer clues about how the online marketing plan that has been used is working.

That is why the concept of current affairs, of renewal, of continuous revision, is so present in digital marketing, because it is a very characteristic advantage compared to traditional advertising and because it facilitates much more than a strategy or media plan, suitable.

# 5 The best way to maintain good communication between the brand and users

Inevitably, every digital marketing strategy also involves developing a good social media plan. 

That is, maintain feedback between the part oriented towards marketing and the use of social networks by the company. 

The advantage of this way of working is that it allows you to develop a brand image that is much more transparent and closer than that of a large company that only uses traditional marketing methods. 

Answering the questions, thanking the good comments and encouraging participation in social networks is also a necessary part of digital marketing, and the older one gets the company to look much closer by the public and much more human.

Here lies a matter of trust. 

Today the consumer is looking for brands that he can trust and knows that they will offer excellent products and that they will respond to their requests. 

Maintaining two-way communication and consistent with the digital marketing strategy is the best way to build trust. 

At older, it seeks to produce an engagement effect. 

That is, users are encouraged to participate in conversations and communicate with the company, which will produce a better loyalty effect so that when they have to re-acquire a similar product, they will first think of that brand.

# 6 The existence of measurement criteria

As we said above, traditional advertising has almost no certainty of the success of its campaigns. 

This way of doing digital marketing strategy does not have a safe-conduct through which to observe the direct effect that the messages that the company has launched in its advertisements have had. 

However, in the world of digital marketing, there are specific criteria that make it much easier to verify the success of an online marketing campaign. 

The ROI criterion  ( return on investment or return on investment) is a very simple formula that allows you to calculate quickly and in the period, you want the income generated by a specific advertising campaign on social media.

The main advantage is that it allows a campaign to be cut if it is observed that this is not being as effective as expected, or if it is a disproportionate expense.

# 7 Investing in digital marketing is investing in conversions

A conversion is when an announcement or message translates into action by a party who received it. 

An action that can be, for example, a sale, a recommendation or a comment on the company’s blog. In this sense, online marketing in the form of advertising that most directly calls for action. 

What is sought precisely when investing in communication and digital advertising is to generate results. 

These results will depend on the objectives that have been previously set for that digital marketing strategy. 

Increase prestige and knowledge, higher sales, etc. This range of possibilities means that a brand can invest money exactly in what it needs to improve.

Unlike traditional advertising, online marketing seeks to generate results at the same time when your ads and messages are displayed by users. 

Its intention is to produce immediate action in these. So, act faster than any other kind of marketing.

# 8 An interconnected world

The vast majority of people go with their cell phones everywhere and check their social networks daily. 

They also enter search engines every so often to look at products in which they are interested, and they do so from wherever they are and at any time of the day. 

This flexibility allows digital marketing to have the ability to quickly reach users who are interested in the product offered by the brand and to arrive whatever the situation.

And to you, what do you think about the different ways of doing digital marketing strategy in a company? Tell us!

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