One great concern for every business owner is to build a targeted Facebook Audience.

You want to get into a relationship with your customers and share with them your story.

Why you need Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook is one of the leading sales targeting media that we have currently online. It currently has over 2 billion users worldwide. Most of the users are aged between the ages of 18 and 35.

This explains the significance of having a presence on Facebook for your business.

Since its inception, Facebook has advanced its algorithm making it safe heaven to build targeted Facebook Audience, for business to customer and business to business relationship.

It is the best place to access local customers if you have a physical business. Take for an example, a restaurant would want to have a consistent relationship with people who live around it for the purpose of direct marketing.

It is much cheaper to target your audience than to run ads to a broader network if you have a tight budget, especially if you are a startup.

Startups have a lot of uncertainties, saving every penny when you can, would help you do better in business. Marketing a product amounts to about 80% of the cost incurred.

1. Creating a custom audience on Facebook

The best way to advertise on Facebook is to create a custom audience on it. There are many ways to jump start this. One of them is to login in to your Facebook account and  scroll down and hit the create button.

You will follow the instructions to the end and fill out every detail. Then, comes the hard part of bringing followers.

In this post, I will teach you another way that you can use to find followers easily.

According the Facebook structure, it is easier to find followers with an account profile than with a page profile.

That is, with an account profile it is possible to contact other people and ask them to follow you. A page profile can only allow you to invite your friends.

Whether you are a personal brand or a company, it is important to first open an account profile with the name as it appears.

You want to brand your company just as it is supposed to appear. Make sure that you choose your best company logo or personal image if you are building a personal brand.

There is an argument between selling a company brand or a personal brand on Facebook.

As we will see further, Facebook marketing is quite personal and mostly works best if it is a personal brand.

Company brands work so well on search engines since they do need a one on one interaction with the company at most times.

Customer psychology shows that followers are highly likely to interact with a person online, as it creates that feeling of direct interaction, which a company profile does not.

However, it is your choice. I chose to build my own brand since I own it. You can’t fire me from my brand, it is me. #LOL.

2. Facebook Advertising Strategy relies on Audience’ Interests

Now that you have an account profile, its time to build an audience. Most of the users in social media are there having fun and not necessarily looking to buy.

Bombarding them with ads does not pay off as most of them will end up following you or worse, blocking.

Facebook algorithm is designed to make the contents that appear at the user’s timeline helpful to them. They allow users to do away with content from others that is not appealing.

In fact, the most recent algorithm update will allow users to only see content from 50 last interactions. That means you need to only have content that is inline with users’ interests.

example post Facebook

That way, you will have a win-win situation, whereby you help your audience and also take the message out in a way that builds customer relationships.

Targeted advertising on Facebook increases interaction with your products. It is also a great way of re-marketing when your audience shares your content with other users on social media.

3. Audience Insight key to build targeted Facebook Audience

In a bid to target only interested users, you need to have a complete understanding of who your user is. Take, for example, I run a digital advertising agency. The average consumer of my product is an entrepreneur with products which he wants to sell it online.

In my mind, I know that there is a high chance that my consumer has a startup, has access to the internet obviously and is aged between the ages of 18 and 40. Most of the startups currently are started by highly ambitious millennials and generation Z who are out to achieve independence.

Therefore, that is the kind of person I want to connect with as there is a high probability that he will be interested in the products. I also have a rough idea of the interests that I will use to build conversations and interactions online.

There is a tool that you can use to find audience insights and enable you to build the right audience.

4. Conduct Facebook research to Create a custom audience

Now you can search for all those that fall within your targeted Facebook audience. In my case the first keyword that I can think about which resonates with my targeted audience is ‘startups in Kenya.’

Searching that keyword brings in a lot of results. You have to go through the recent posts and ensure that you have the exact thing that you want.

You will see the people that have reacted to the recent posts in that subject. If they resonate with what you are offering, you can request them to add you as a friend.

The advantage of visiting a recent posts is that you will be connecting to active Facebook users who will be online when you need them.

As you add them, you will be also taking note of what they are interested in, which will be very critical for your content marketing. Content marketing relies on giving frequent and relevant content that gives value to your consumers.

I think you now understand why posting products to groups online does not have many conversions.

Most Facebook groups have thousand of users, yet the post-receive 0-2 likes.

That means that most of the users are not active, they have unfollowed it or maybe the accounts are fake.

It is quality over quantity. It is better to have a following of only 800 people and half of them are active and prospects for your future products, than to have thousands who don’t really care.

Facebook ads target fans of other pages. You can use this information to target your competition online. What is better than targeting people who you already know are using that product.

You want to conduct a lot of searches depending on the keywords you choose. This may take time but it is worth the effort.

Facebook allows you to add 5000 people with an account profile.

5. Change the account to a page

You now have a targeted audience, you will need to change the account profile to a page.

The advantage of having a page over an account profile is that you are able to have audience insights for your account.

You will also have more people following your page.

Go here to convert your Facebook profile to a business Page. You will land to a page like this one.

Facebook profile to page

Remember, that during the migration it will only transfer your profile information and your friends will turn to likes. Not so bad to have 5000 targeted page followers to jump start your online campaign.

Finally, ensure that you post relevant content frequently to maintain your audience.

You can hire a social media management team to maintain your audience and help you turn them from just an audience to loyal customers.

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