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3 Top Chief Executives with Effective Strategic Leadership

  1. Steve Jobs-Apple Inc

Being the renowned founder of the now successful Apple Inc is a clear indicator of how his leadership traits.He did innovations of great products that led consumers to scramble for them.

He adopted the organic growth strategy and influenced his colleagues to put in their all. He qualifies to be a strategic leader since he a great ability of making decisions that involved critical analysis.

Steve Jobs demonstrated transformation leadership. He was the type of leader who made contact with other employees in order to exchange something valued.

Employees who worked under Mr. Jobs argued that he used praise, intimidation, and coercion in order to gain control. As demonstrated in numerous articles, Mr. Jobs is often described as being charismatic. He used this characteristic to gain control of his subordinates.

During his time at Apple, Mr. Jobs demonstrated very many trait theories. His personality contributed to make him one of the best leaders in the world. He was very honest in his undertakings and demonstrated assertiveness.

His decision making skills were absolutely the best. This is validated by his choice of the innovative products that he wanted his company to provide to customers.

Additionally, many employees who worked under him argued that he allowed them to provide input before making a strategic decision. In broader terms, he was a democratic leader.

Effective Strategic Leadership

2. Meg Whitman-eBay

Meg Whitman is the CEO of eBay. She nurtured her leadership qualities by being a good listener and learning from many companies. Miss Whitman began her career in brand management at Proctor and Gamble.

From then, she started working for very many companies and was always the ‘new employee’. By doing this, she came to believe that customers are the greatest asset of any firm. Building on this belief, Miss Whiteman has made eBay a very profitable company.

Meg Whiteman believed that collaborating with employees is the best way of realising the best out of them. She really hated the ‘controlling’ type of managers.

In eBay, Miss Whiteman has built relationships with her employees. No employee has ever complained that their CEO is controlling. Additionally, Miss Whiteman trusts all people she encounters because she believes people are good. She is a supportive leader because at many times she emotionally supports her employees. She treats them with respect and utmost care.

Effective Strategic Leadership

3. Bill Gates-Microsoft

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, demonstrates transformation leadership just like Steve Jobs. He usually trusts his subordinates, motivates the employees, teach the staff, gives power of thought, listens, plans and demonstrates ability to implement the plans, and admits mistakes.

Bill gates fits very well in Fielder Model. The main tenet of this model is that effective leadership is as a result of interaction between the style of the leader and the characteristics of the environment in which the leader works.

Bill Gates leadership style can be categorised as autocratic.

He wants to be in control and often checks up and manages what the employees are doing. Additionally, he has a delegate style of leadership. This is validated by the fact that Mr. Gates usually recruits and retains the best talent.

When looking for new managers, Mr. Gates looks at the candidates’ ability to ask probing questions, ability to gain knowledge quickly, and good understanding of software structures.

After finding the best managers, he delegates duties and responsibilities to them because he believes they can do what he aspires.

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